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Mothers Day

Mothers Day and Valentines Day are the two events that are making the florists businesses profitable. One is dedicated to the motherly love, the other to the romantic love.

Honestly they are a shame. If you need a day to honor love, while you don´t express appreciation and love the rest of the year, to buy flowers and sweets doesn´t do it.

As a woman I ask to be honored all year long. As someone who is giving the nurturing, motherly love all year long, to so many people around me, I ask to be respected every single day of the year.

To me it is the expression of a great imbalance and pain in the collective. We (ab)use the feminine and disrespect it. And that´s not a gender-bashing. Has nothing to do with the genitals you are born with. Every human has male and female aspects inside of them. I know a lot of women that do not respect the feminine and see it as less. Even a lot of those, that are feminists or in the goddess-movement are really expressing a distorted energy towards the feminine. Who tries to be ” a better man” or “better than men” is not really stepping into the own femininity. What has a lot to do with the way our society is working, the focus on power and domination. Everyone thinks s/he has to be right, better, superior and being co-operative, caring and loving is seen as nice, but weak. Men might suffer from that distorted point of view too. Not only is it still difficult to express what is seen as feminine as a man, so they have to oppress a part of themselves. But they are also the first to be sended to war, to be sacrificed for the values of a distorted society.

Mothers Day has an american origin, where it´s a national holiday since 1914, the year when World War I started. That´s deeply ironic as one of the roots is a Mothers-Peace-Movement that Julia Ward Howe has founded with the goal that the sons of the mothers will no longer be sended to war. We didn´t stop war, but instead started selling products. One can not buy or sell love, although we try it endlessly.

Yesterday some cows visited my friend and co-worker Muriel Shickman. Cows are a typical symbol for the abuse of this energy. I start to understand why more and more people can not process milk in their body. We want to be nurtured all of our lifes, while we are grown-up long ago. And we do not even pay respect towards these animals, that give us their milk.

We do also not respect Gaia, which until this very day nurtures all of us. Today I went to the nearby park where the Roses bloom. In the evening young people meet there and drink.  They may do as they want, but again and again they throw around their trash, break bottels and leave a mess. Today when I came along, they had left a huge pile of empty boxes, laying directy in front of the empty trash can, to show they do not care. Someone will come along and take care, someone they do not pay respect to. Only the strong and relentless forces are valued. And this is what has to be changed.

And yes, we as women and mothers have enabled this behaviour. It´s not enough to blame the relentless, dominiering forces, we have to take responsibility for not taking our rightful place in society, for not standing up for our values. What I hereby do for myself 😉

Another thing, that hit me today. Do not just honor your mother or care for your kids, but do it everywhere your heart feels called to.

Shine your lovelight <3


Why Selflove has to be the Top-priority for Lightworkers

Someone asked lately in a Facebook-group, why so many Lightworkers are living on their own, having went away from their families. There is a desperate hunger for a loving relationship within so many of my kind. I totally understand that, Love is for a lightworker what is honey for bees. But a lot of bees die, because they become ill on this planet. You may run for sweet sugar and find out it is aspartame, as a loving, clearvoyant friend called it.

Well, I´m very truthful and I really want to enable my clients and readers and so I have to tell them some facts, they may not like, but really need to know to get the bigger picure and to spare themselves pain.

  1.  We all have been hurt deeply and need to heal. You need alone-time for that and when you run from one distraction to the other you will just attract what mirrors your wounds. Well, that is exhausting and doesn´t help your healing.
  2. You have to learn to take good care for yourself. Lightworkers are great in caring for others. But you will only be a Masterhealer, Coach or Wayshower after you´ve learned to heal yourself. Taking care for yourself has to be your top-priority!
  3. When you listen to the outer signals all the time, you´ll not be able to install your own inner direct-line. She is the most important thing to install to become a Master.
  4. This world has ugly faces. You will only be able to deal with them, when you´ve embraced and accepted all your own shortcommings. As long as you´ve not managed to become whole, the vampires and wolfs of this world will take adventage of you. There´s no point in playing with the pigs in the mud unless you became the Lotus.
  5. You need free time and space to explore your skills and talents. My Ex agreed himself, that I´d never had written one book if I´d stayed with him, still taking care of all his stuff and being distrated by all his turmoil and distortions. There would not have been the room for all of my creative, healing and spiritual work.
  6. You´ve got to “fill your cup first”, than you´ll be the overflowing fountain of love. But you need free access to your own source before. Otherwise the fountain will run dry very soon.
  7. You did not loose family and friends, you made room for much better relationships. The most important one is the one with yourself. All that really belongs to you stays or returns.
  8. You´ve got to make inner peace, marry your own inner male and female first. Than you´ll be able to live your dream.
  9. We do not see our own blind spots. So trust your Higher Self and your Guides as they know exactly what they are doing!
  10. The more you concentrate on your own journey, while staying open for others, the quicker you´ll evolve.

I´ll be brutal honest here. Lightworkers are often Empaths and they´ve been hurt deeply, as they attract Narcissists and Psychopaths in a row. And the spritual community is like a chickenfarm for this type of person. We can not see and understand the wolf, cause it is not in our nature. I´ve attracted them myself again and again, because of my childhood-imprints, until I´ve installed my “Razorsharp Bullshit-Detector”, as a beautiful, wise and loving goddess called it. Living on my own has been the best I could do for myself.

Your loving guides want you to become your happiest, best version as soon as possible. You´ll recognize that you are healed when you no longer “need”others and when the wolfs start running away from you. Than you´ll start attracting like-minded friends of your own kind, to form again loving relationships of all kinds.

Shine your light!

Don´t allow others to contaminate your temple

Insights & PerspectivesPosted by Natalie Wed, November 23, 2016 15:26:00
Something that catched my attention lately

a) because I had health-issues myself
b) I examined others health-issues in sessions

is the fact that an emotional wound can cause quite painful physical experiences also.

As this has been the planet of madness for a long time, we all experienced quite unpleasant things. And when you experienced painful encounters maybe very intensely, or maybe very often plus you may have a genetic disposition in your family, as this is an old issue from your ancestors, you might literally get sick from someone elses mean actions and words towards you.

Seems to be very injustice, that these persons can do you harm. Yes and no.
See, hurt people hurt people. They did you wrong, cause they themselves are living in a kind of hell. And you, somehow, let them into the temple, that is your bodysystem.
When we are lightworkers, maybe very empathic, open, loving and want to help others, we might be too open for all kinds of influences.

If we see our body as the temple for our holy soul, we first have to clean him. If you´ve got an health issue you may travel to this part of your body, examine the issue and talk to your body. This is your body, cooperate with him.

We have to embody our body fully. The more we bring the light into the body, the more we unite body and soul. Than this body becomes our temple.
Others are very welcome to this temple – when they come with love and respect.

Imagine you´d be a priest/ess in a holy temple. For sure that´s easy to imagine. Most of us have been in other lifetimes. How would you welcome someone to the temple? Very open and loving. And when they don´t behave? What if they come in drunk, making noise, bringing in dirt, yell at the priest/ess, try to sell their stuff?

Well, you will remind them where they are, tell them that you like to have them here, but that this is a holy place. If they don´t listen? You tell them to leave. If they still don´t behave? Kick them out!

People are at very different points in their journey. You won´t reach everyone with nice words (but much more than one might imagine). But some are just looking for trouble, some are just full of poison and hatred. They need to play that out before they are ready for the next step. Well they don´t have to act it out in your life, having an impact on your body. Don´t allow it.

Be open like a membran – with semipermiability, letting the wanted stuff in and the unwanted out. We´ve got to learn that ablity.

Well sometimes stuff that hurts us is coming from people that are very close and dear to us, the closer they are the bigger might be the impact on our emotional and physical body. As described above it might help to talk to yourself, to find out what is the issue and to heal it.

Make yourself aware, that the one trying to attac you did so because s/he has been forgetful in that moment. We all are once in a while. If they are very often forgetful, remind you that you are the temple and don´t let them. Everyone that is hateful, angry, rejecting or tries to bring you down in any form, feels this way about him/herself. It is true that they are doing that literally to themselves. Imagine in what a hell they might live. Well, and than decide to not share that hell, cause that won´t help them, but injure you. Instead bringing in awareness that you are the sacred temple and keep your temple clean.

Shine your light!

Break the spell

Finding SoulutionsPosted by Natalie Tue, November 08, 2016 09:52:24
We all have patterns that play out again and again. These patterns have been installed in our childhood (but don´t forget that we choose these parents for good reasons). There is no use in blaming the parents endlessly. Observe the pattern, but don´t stay in the helpless child position. Just the opposite, your trapped inner child needs you as the loving and responsible adult, to:

1. Observe the pattern.
2. Break the pattern.

We experience the manipulative mother or the distanced father, or whatever you experienced, again and again in our relationships. It may play out as a boss, you can never please or as a picky mother in law.

So we have to find out the pattern. What happens again and again in your life? Do you always have helpless people around you, that need to be saved by you? Do you try to convince someone that you are lovable and worthy? Do you have people around, that want you to fulfill their needs without taking care of you? People that belittle you? Or you, thinking you´ve got to be somehow better than the others and belitteling them?

There are no accidents. To find out the pattern, you might take a sheet of paper and write down 5 relationships you have been stuggeling with. What do they have in common? Not necessarily partnerships, but in partnerships these patterns are mostly quite intense.
It is very important to find and adress that pattern. If you have found it, it´s mostly very plain to see that you experienced that in your childhood. Or you try it the other way aroung: look at your childhood and than look around where you experience a replay.

The second step is to become aware while a situation is playing out what is happening. Your helpless friend calls you the 3rd evening in a row, cause her drunk husband beats her. Is that your mother you wanna rescue? You can´t, it´s not up to you.
Is your boss wanting you the 5th time this month to work extra-hours? Is this your father or mother, that has never been satisfied and you still try to prove what a good girl or boy you are? Don´t! Someone unable to see your worth, can´t be convinced. Point.

Well now comes the hardest part. You have to change this behaviour. On your inside and on the outside. The inside is more important. If you still think you are not worthy you may ask your boss for more money as often as you want. It´s not the words, it´s your attitude. You have to feel that you are worthy.
You may show how worthy you are and refuse the extra-work, cause you love yourself and having a nice evening you appreciate a lot. You are responsible to take care for you, not to prove anything to anyone.

Or the helpless friend. The only help you may offer is selfhelp. Give her the adress of a shelter, call the police or find a couch for her for the night. But make very clear that if she goes back to that guy you won´t talk to her no more. And not only say it, mean it and do it. May be really, really hard to hang up the phone when she calls next time. If she chooses toxic relationships, that´s fine for her, but she has no right to poison your life. Friends help each other, but they don´t become co-dependent. Goes for relationships also. If this friend hasn´t enough love for herself and for you to stop this madness, nothing you say or do can save her. Sometimes people have to go to a very dark place before they start to search for light. There is no use in lengthen that path or in sharing hell.

I know how hard this might feel. I know it very well. But the spell is broken, when you break the pattern.
A really good trick is to do something totally unusual. Repetionmode needs repetition, so every change in the own behaviour is really mighty. In case you would normally cuddle in with ice-cream after a break-up, or to write him a tear-filled loveletter to convince him to come back, do something unuasual. Go and paint a wall at 3 o´clock in the morning. Skip with a rope. Have a walk with the neighbors dog. Climb a mountain. Paint a picture. Jump backwards in your garden. Do whatever you wouldn´t do normally.

You will have a few repetitions afterwards. Nothing to worry about, that´s just the waves coming to the shore long after the seaquake is over. Stay on your path, all is well. If you couldn´t change your behaviour, don´t pick on you. The universe will give you endless situations until you make it one day. The most important part is to strengthen yourself on the inside. And you don´t do that through fighting, but with love for yourself. If you truly love yourself, you´ll take care for your trapped inner child and you will free it one day. Until that day give him/her as much love as you have.

Shine your light!