Break the spell

Finding SoulutionsPosted by Natalie Tue, November 08, 2016 09:52:24
We all have patterns that play out again and again. These patterns have been installed in our childhood (but don´t forget that we choose these parents for good reasons). There is no use in blaming the parents endlessly. Observe the pattern, but don´t stay in the helpless child position. Just the opposite, your trapped inner child needs you as the loving and responsible adult, to:

1. Observe the pattern.
2. Break the pattern.

We experience the manipulative mother or the distanced father, or whatever you experienced, again and again in our relationships. It may play out as a boss, you can never please or as a picky mother in law.

So we have to find out the pattern. What happens again and again in your life? Do you always have helpless people around you, that need to be saved by you? Do you try to convince someone that you are lovable and worthy? Do you have people around, that want you to fulfill their needs without taking care of you? People that belittle you? Or you, thinking you´ve got to be somehow better than the others and belitteling them?

There are no accidents. To find out the pattern, you might take a sheet of paper and write down 5 relationships you have been stuggeling with. What do they have in common? Not necessarily partnerships, but in partnerships these patterns are mostly quite intense.
It is very important to find and adress that pattern. If you have found it, it´s mostly very plain to see that you experienced that in your childhood. Or you try it the other way aroung: look at your childhood and than look around where you experience a replay.

The second step is to become aware while a situation is playing out what is happening. Your helpless friend calls you the 3rd evening in a row, cause her drunk husband beats her. Is that your mother you wanna rescue? You can´t, it´s not up to you.
Is your boss wanting you the 5th time this month to work extra-hours? Is this your father or mother, that has never been satisfied and you still try to prove what a good girl or boy you are? Don´t! Someone unable to see your worth, can´t be convinced. Point.

Well now comes the hardest part. You have to change this behaviour. On your inside and on the outside. The inside is more important. If you still think you are not worthy you may ask your boss for more money as often as you want. It´s not the words, it´s your attitude. You have to feel that you are worthy.
You may show how worthy you are and refuse the extra-work, cause you love yourself and having a nice evening you appreciate a lot. You are responsible to take care for you, not to prove anything to anyone.

Or the helpless friend. The only help you may offer is selfhelp. Give her the adress of a shelter, call the police or find a couch for her for the night. But make very clear that if she goes back to that guy you won´t talk to her no more. And not only say it, mean it and do it. May be really, really hard to hang up the phone when she calls next time. If she chooses toxic relationships, that´s fine for her, but she has no right to poison your life. Friends help each other, but they don´t become co-dependent. Goes for relationships also. If this friend hasn´t enough love for herself and for you to stop this madness, nothing you say or do can save her. Sometimes people have to go to a very dark place before they start to search for light. There is no use in lengthen that path or in sharing hell.

I know how hard this might feel. I know it very well. But the spell is broken, when you break the pattern.
A really good trick is to do something totally unusual. Repetionmode needs repetition, so every change in the own behaviour is really mighty. In case you would normally cuddle in with ice-cream after a break-up, or to write him a tear-filled loveletter to convince him to come back, do something unuasual. Go and paint a wall at 3 o´clock in the morning. Skip with a rope. Have a walk with the neighbors dog. Climb a mountain. Paint a picture. Jump backwards in your garden. Do whatever you wouldn´t do normally.

You will have a few repetitions afterwards. Nothing to worry about, that´s just the waves coming to the shore long after the seaquake is over. Stay on your path, all is well. If you couldn´t change your behaviour, don´t pick on you. The universe will give you endless situations until you make it one day. The most important part is to strengthen yourself on the inside. And you don´t do that through fighting, but with love for yourself. If you truly love yourself, you´ll take care for your trapped inner child and you will free it one day. Until that day give him/her as much love as you have.

Shine your light!


You cannot loose love…death isn´t real

Insights & PerspectivesPosted by Natalie Sun, October 30, 2016 11:39:27

From a higher perspective death doesn´t exist at all. But on a physical level we are nevertheless missing the hug, the smile, the voice and whatever we loved about that person, that crossed the veil.

I have „lost“ relatives quite early in my life. My mothers sister had taken care for me from my 3rd year on and she died when I was 7 years old. The night she passed over I had a dream in which we were riding on a cart, together with other people, having a great party with lots of laughter while sitting on a white coffin. As a little one I´ve still had access to our souls truth.
But on a physical level this night was the starting point to very ugly experiences, cause the humans around me couldn´t deal with their feelings of grief, loss, fear, guilt etc.
It´s been not the death I had to witness that´s been harming me, it´s been the ones alive, cause they had been way more dead than my Auntie.

When we aren´t able to end things properly in our lifes we cause turmoil and imbalance. In fact our loved ones behind the veil are way more lively than most humans are.

I´ve been blessed as I have met my passed over family members in my dreams from time to time, so I knew they are still there somehow. Meanwhile I don´t have to sleep to feel their presence. It is even a bit ironic, that while I was sleeping I had to sleep to meet them and since I am more aware I am aware of their presence, cause I am more present.

Trouble is that when we suffer a lot with grief and sorrow our frequency is too low to make contact. So we need to let go to reconnect with them.

Death really, really doesn´t exist. All parting is temporary. My daughter in this lifetime has been my little sister 230 years ago. And all we didn´t clean up 230 years before has been laying on our plates in this lifetime. So take care of your relationships, they don´t end. But the bigger truth behind all personal entanglement on the earthly realm is always pure love, bringing the souls together again and again until they are living the truth of their love here on earth.

I have had an interesting experience a few month ago, that still makes me grin.
I´ve been visiting a church that I didn´t wanted to enter for some reason. When I finally entered it, it hit me like a hammer: I was standing at the exactly same place like a few hundred years ago at the day of my wedding. And I´ve been feeling terrible as I didn´t wanted to marry this guy. I couldn´t remember why I disliked the marriage or any details about it, just the feelings I have had…being very small and alone and feeling burdened and full of fear, that made it hard to even breath.

Well a few minutes later I´ve experienced a second shock, as I was standing at my husbands and my own pastlifes grave. I´ve been dying 6 month past him in that life…but 2016 my former husband was standing right next to me, both of us very alive, although I am quite sure he didn´t recognize anything of that at all. Ain´t it too funny? The universe has a gorgeous sense of humor. Our life is a divine comedy and death a very illusionary state.

Love your departed ones, but try to let go and keep on living, as you´ll stay connected and will meet again – that´s guaranteed.

Shine your light!

No more abandonment and rejection

Insights & PerspectivesPosted by Natalie Sun, October 30, 2016 07:04:06

Abandonment is an issue many of us had to deal with and it had been my own core-wound. As I know how painful it may be, I am dedicating this little article to all that are experiencing abandonment and rejection in any form. Know that you are dearly loved – always!

First of all we´ve got to make clear that another person might be abandoning you, but it is the own interpretation of not being wanted and accepted, that is bringing up feelings like unworthiness, depression, grief and heartbreak. Your own feelings about the actions of the other person are harming you.

Seen from a higher perspective these experiences and feelings will lead you to their opposite, to fulfillment, joy and unconditional love. And it is not „the other,“ but you owning the key for this paradise.

See, it is the human self of the other involved person, that is acting this way. When we take a closer look, s/he isn´t abandoning you, but the feeling within themselves that you are representing for them. And no, this feeling has in most cases nothing to do with who you really are, but how they percieve you and the situation.

If there ever existed an unwanted child it´s been me. Until this very day my mother can´t stand my face, voice or presence in any form. The reason for that has nothing to do with my true self and not even with my human persona. One of her reasons is guilt. For her this guilt is an inner reality and she doesn´t want to look at it. With every act of denial and rejection her guilt is even growing, but all of that has nothing to do with who I am. I don´t even believe something like guilt is existing. I wrote a whole chapter about it in my last book. Responsibility is a truth, but guilt isn´t real. But to my mother her inner feeling is reality, while I could stand next to her filled with love´n light, but that won´t change her perception and actions. As I found out, my inner light made it even more uncomfortable for her to be with me than it used to be while I accepted my role in this drama.

I describe this to make it obvious that it is not you being rejected or abandoned, it is the other person, cutting herself off from their feeling, that they for some reason associate with you. It has normally nothing to do with you at all. Read it again and understand it. It is not your faulth!

You wouldn´t feel abandoned if this person wouldn´t mean a lot to you and you might say your pain also comes from the feeling that the other person doesn´t allow your love. You might say it is painful to not being allowed to be with that person and to express your love.

That is not so.

First of all: Noone is able to forbid love. You might love the other one as long as you want. Heartache isn´t occuring because of the abandonment, but because of you trying to close your heart. So it is you hurting yourself. Don´t do that. Never stop yourself from loving. And in such a situation your most love has to go to yourself. When you are able to love you are a blessing to this world. You are created out of lovelight and you´re having access to your inner lovelight, no matter what the outer circumstances may be. Give your love to yourself, you really deserve it.

Abandonment was my best teacher for unconditional love, but it took me quite a while and many, many tears until I was able to learn it. I share this to make it easier for you.

My own turning point came in a strange relationship to a guy some years ago. It felt almost schizophrenic as it was obvious that we had a really strong inner connection, but we brought forth the worst in both of us. Every time I would come close somehow, he acted out really rejecting and cruel. So we had an on/off relationship with a lot of arguments and turmoil. The universe always gives perfect scenarios for our lessons.
See, this guy had the worst fear of them all: He´s been afraid of love, what is more common as one might think. So it´s been the perfect dance: I represented love to him and he represented love for me – but because of our wounds we coudn´t be together, without hurting each other deeply. In this case it had to be me who finally had to close that door. Not because I stopped loving him. No, it´s been out of love, for him and for me, that I had to leave and that´s been the so(u)lution for our unsolvable problem.

The higher truth is always one of love. It is also the higher truth behind your own situation, no matter how painful it may feel like.

To assist you changing your perspective, here are some questions that might help you:

1) Do you understand that you are the beloved child of god?

2) Do you love and accept yourself fully?

If there is a no, you have found the reason for your pain. It´s not the other. It is you, not seeing your souls truth. If you can´t give a yes, you are not alone, cause not many people on this planet can answer with a yes. So, that´s your point where you have to work on, if you don´t want to experience these painful situations again and again.

To help you letting go of „the other“ here are two more questions:

1) What might it be that you are representing for the other, that s/he cannot stand?

2) Do you agree, that the other is an independent person, free to choose any perception and experience that is needed for their souls path?

You have to understand that god allows all of us to express themselves fully. If god lets them, even when they destroy themselves, it is not up to you to force anone to anything. If you feel like, it is your resistance and lack of trust in the higher purpose of all that is you have to work on.

But again the key to end your pain is in your own pocket, not in the others.

And in the end I´ve got to tell you a truth:
Abandonment is an illusion, it doesn´t exist.

We are all part of the OneLove of creation – how could one part of the eternal soup of love cut off another? The idea is even laughable.
If someone tries so, they are not in alignment with their inner truth, that is always one of love.

In the case of the guy that feared me because I represented love I made contact with his Higher Self, while leaving him in daily life behind. That´s been the reason, why I recieved a higher perspective. So I was able to let go, as I knew our love is true and real and all is well. I accidently met him again a few years later and there was nothing but love between us, but he´ll have a long path until he is able to integrate and live love fully, so we wont be together in this lifetime. He needs other lessons, that I can´t and won´t give to him.

You might try to connect your own Higher Self, maybe in a guided meditation, to find out what is the real lesson behind the outer experiences. If you did so and have been able to let go, you might than ask your Higher Self to make contact to the Higher Self of the other, to get the bigger picture.

That is what I am doing when cases like my mother show up in my life. See, no Higher Self of another person would ever abandon another. They are made out of pure Love. That is the reason why I said abandonment doesn´t exist at all, no matter how painful it feels like, it is not true from the higher perspective.

Even the Higher Self of persons abandoning and hurting you, are in love with you.

Allow that. Make peace and give love to the other and recieve love from the other. The eternal love is with you, every breath you take, every step you make. You are never without it. Can you allow it to be with you?

Feel loved, dear ones.

Shine your light!

Free yourself from the perception of injustice

Insights & PerspectivesPosted by Natalie Tue, October 25, 2016 13:46:01

The best advice I can give someone who percieves being treated in an injustice way is to not even waste a minute longer than necessary to leave this vibration behind.
There might be practical things to be fixed, for example while a divorce or when you have to leave a job, but when that is done…turn around and don´t look back.
On an emotional level it might be you have to face you´ve been too nice, maybe you´ve had inner alarm-signals and didn´t listen to them. So there might be lessons to learn, take them willingly but than let go totally. Don´t pick on yourself, we all experience stuff like that. That´s life. Move on and be as happy as can be.

It is worse enough if someone has been able to harm you somehow, but never ever give away your own power and cling on that issue. If you do so, it is not the other harming you, it is you turning against yourself.
Never allow the unconscious actions of others to steal away your own freedom, peace and joy!

Very often people tell me, that they don´t wanna let the other come away with it. But you only imprison yourself. Don´t do that.
The other won´t escape anyway. He might lie, cheat, steal and fool the whole world, but his/her own soul won´t let this person escape. Everybody has a Higher Self and an inner knowing of truth and integrety. A person has to turn their back on that to harm another part of the one creation with intend. Can anything be worse than this person fooling himself?

From an energetically standpoint you don´t wanna be tuned into the vibration of this person longer as you´ve already been, believe me. For some reason you have already been a vibrational match. Might be worth a closer investigation, especially when stuff like that happens very often to you. There might be a blind spot. For example people that are very helpful and nice are attracting needy, greedy personalities and have to learn to listen to their inner voice.

I´ve experienced an interesting situation a while ago, when someone asked me for money and my inner feeling said it is high likely this someone is trying to fool me somehow. What he said felt true and wrong at the same time. So I asked my Higher Self what to do and recieved an interesting advice.
My Higher Self answered that this person is not really fooling me as he thinks he really needs the money, so I shall give it with pure intend and generosity.
I was a bit puzzled and asked: Should I really give this to someone who isn´t quite honest as I feel he is hiding something?
My Higher Self answered that I just have to make sure my intend is a loving and kind one and that I shall try to stay fully aware of the situation and connected to my heart. The other is getting a chance here to heal his issue of lack and I´ve got all that he needs to learn. He´ll heal his lack in a smooth or a hard way and that is up to him what he´ll choose.
I shall give the opportunity, the rest isn´t my business.

This personal example might help you to see that nothing that is happening to you is happening to a victim. The situation above is normally taking place without contact to the Higher Self and than the person giving the money might see herself as a victim.
But this is never true.
Your Higher Self and the Higher Self of the other involved person did agree to go into this situation to give both a lesson. Make sure you take yours as easy and loving as possible and than move on.

Leave the vibration of injustice, cause from a standpoint of the Law of Attraction you would only stay in the same classroom and recieve the same lesson again and again. Raise your vibration and attract nicer experiences.
Heaven knows it all, sees it all and loves you!

Shine your light!

Use curiosity to solve your issues

(T)HeArt of CreationPosted by Natalie Tue, October 11, 2016 21:36:37
When an issue really bothers us, we tend to get stuck. Our mind is clinging on the issue like a mad dog at a bone. If you are in that position it´s just not easy to find a solution, not to mention a real soulution
From an energetical standpoint it is absolutely clear that we have to let go of the vibration of the problem. But although we know that, our mind might nevertheless keep runing in circles like a cat hunting the own tail.
Might look funny from the outside, but it´s really no fun when you are the poor human, trying to figure out how to find a job, how to pay the rent etc.

Here comes a real good mindtrick. Stop asking how. Instead give your problem to god, the angels, your higher self or whoever belongs to your assistance-team. They will lead your way. You just couldn´t find it, cause you´ve been seeing yourself as one desperate human on his own. But you´ve got all heavenly forces at your back and they´ve got the higher perspective. They´ll find a way and lead you. Just ask them. They love to assist you. They are all soulutioners.
And you might just relax and stay open. Be curious. “I really wonder how heaven is gonna solve that mess…”

Don´t you dare to start making assumptions. I can assure you heaven will take a path you would never ever been able to figure out. It´s absolutelly useless to think about it.
While heaven is working for you, do something totally different. Clean your house or go to a party, just make sure you stay in a good mood and that you stay open and curious like a child before Christmas. Your intend and good energy will bring in beautiful chances and options for you.
Wishing you amazing heavenly assistance and soulutions.

Shine your light!

Attracting money

(T)HeArt of CreationPosted by Natalie Fri, October 07, 2016 17:55:17
Money is a form of energy. Like with any other flow of energy there might occur blockages that make it hard to let the money-energy pass through easily.
There are existing lots of different reasons for a blockage, but all of them are grounded in a misconception, a false belief.

Here are 5 of the most common blockages, when it comes to money.

1. Believing that there is not enough
The believe in lack is one of the most damaging beliefs in this world and he´s the cause for so many injustice and needy, greedy behaviours. But it´s not true. There is always enough, we just make a bad use out of all we´ve got, cause we believe in lack. A circle of despair.

2. Believing that money is somehow dirty.
As a lot of people make their money with stuff that lacks integrety, we relate their actions with money. But money is neutral itself and can be used by a saint or a murderer. People are afraid they might loose integrety when becoming rich. As I´ve been both, rich and poor, in my life and have always been working with money, all I can tell you is, that having a lot of money or no money has the same effect: It brings your core to the forefront. If you can´t pay your rent your inner demon shows up the same way it does when you win the lottery. Sooner or later we all have to face our demons. It´s up to you in which way you´ll face your shadows. But money itself has nothing to do with it.

3. Believing that money doesn´t fit with the spiritual path.
That comes from lifetimes as a nun or monk. In the old times we had incarnations where we tried to overcome matter and the physics, but this time it´s the other way around. We don´t wanna escape this planet, we wanna bring the light to the earthly realm.
As an author I´m writing sometimes about the new form of economy and it´s about bringing the laws of nature to the money-sector, to create participation. Money could be used spiritual, nurturing and would increase a healthy growth. The fact that it is been misused has to do with the intend behind it, with the idea of lack and the hunger for power and domination, but money itself is just a form of energy-exchange.

4. Selfworth-Issues
Everyone struggeling with money has an issue with his/her selfworth. When I tell that to people, they normally deny it. But they only deny it, cause they don´t know that they have that issue. It´s a shadow-aspect. If they would know it, it wouldn´t be a shadow-aspect.
Somehow who´s been ill all his life, can´t know how it feels to be healthy.
What is a selfworth-issue? The believe to be somehow not good enough. We´ve been trained to believe in that for thousands of years. So who doesn´t have that issue once in a while?! I´ve got it sometimes. Although I know that I am a beloved daughter of god/dess, other humans treating me mean still lets me struggle with my worth.

5. Ideas about a better world
When we are very idealistic, we dream of a world with no money or a much better form of economy. Some people don´t want to have part in the old form of economy. That is a little bit related to No. 2, money that is dirty.
I totally agree that we need other forms of economy. We need more justice, appreciation, equality and more respect for nature.
But to me it is a reason, why I´d love to have a lot of money. I´d love to change the system from the ground up, from the inside out.
When a body has to be healed, I don´t have to create a new blood-system. I´ve got to nurture this body better,bring in better nutrients, make sure the circulation is working and that Toxins are leaving the body. The same goes with economy.

Whatever the reason might be, we all struggle once in a while with money. But it´s almost not possible to participate in the modern life without using money. And if it isn´t Dollar and Euro, it would be shells or something else people would use for exchange. There´ll be trading, no matter what the future brings. So it´s better to be well-grounded in that area. Makes life easier.

Disliking money doesn´t make sense. It won´t come, when it is disliked or you feel unworthy.
Money is like a lover. Make yourself attractive, believe that you are beautiful, invite him friendly, be relaxed and at ease and he´ll come.

Shine your light!

One Love

Insights & PerspectivesPosted by Natalie Thu, October 06, 2016 10:12:09

When we love someone we think this love is created and is belonging to this person.
It is not!

Of course this someone is very special and the special „taste“ of love, you´ve experienced with this person, is unique. I´ve never ever loved two persons in the same way.
When two persons meet it is like very special spices coming together. They fit or they don´t. And if they fit, they´ll create a special flavour. But the other is always awakening your own love. He isn´t your love.

So if the other leaves, dead or alive, this special kind of loving goes away, but not Love. And not even this special kind of loving goes really, as we all meet again in the big spicy soup one day.
And believe me they also return in physical form sooner or later. I´ve met some past lovers in this lifetime. Noone gets lost. That´s the good and the bad news 😉

But what will always stay with you is Love itself. If heartbreak occurs, the problem is not the other going away, but your attitude if you stay in misery and pain.
The heartbreak is occuring because of wrong conclusions. Ideas like that we will never love again are causing the pain.
In fact the feeling of an aching heart is your heart not wanting to get closed, as this is against its nature. It´s you closing your heart, not the other leaving, what is so painful.

If you think you´ll never love that much again that might even become a self-fulfilling prophecy, as the next special someone coming along will only recieve a little bit of love, sneaking out of your armoured heart. But your heart is all about amour, not about armour.
A little bit of love won´t create a huge love story. So you´ll end up with persons that are also loving just a little bit.
I know most humans love that way. But it´ll never be my way. Love is too beautiful to live the small, traders mind, version. Traders mind means: I give a little bit if you give a little bit, so we are not alone.

Don´t do that. Love fully, even if that seems risky. Be aware that no love ever leaves you. It´s not possible. Hold their best as a pleasant memory and give from the beauty of your rich heart to the others that embody the One Love, that lives in all that is.

Shine your light!

Becoming spiritually invincible

Insights & PerspectivesPosted by Natalie Tue, October 04, 2016 17:16:10

The more we center ourselves, the more life is working for us, not against us.
The more you accept reality as it is, instead of going into opposition to it, the easier you´ll navigate through life.
And no, I won´t tell you there won´t occur obstacles and encounters any more. They will still show up, but you will feel and act about them in a totally changed way.

2016 has offered me a few experiences that would have literally hit me to the ground a few years ago. I would have felt miserable, unworthy, not loved and maybe would have went into deep depression.
But I didn´t. That stuff can´t harm me no more, but makes me wiser and stronger. I need time for my processes and might have some symptoms showing up, but I feel very calm, happy and blessed.

I welcome every hit I recieve, not happy, as I´d prefer other, but willingly. I love flowers and hugs more than betrayal and abandonment, but I know nothing can harm me. So I allow my enemies and haters to strenghten me. Their human self might want to hurt or fight me. But it´s just not possible.

I use all life serves me as a spiritual training, teaching me to love, to fully accept myself and to see clearly through the surface of humans and situations. I see their human self, I have compassion for their fear and pain, causing their dark actions and I see their soul-self, sharing the one love we are all part of. It remains untouched by the human games of distortion. My enemies are my co-workers, so how could they harm me?!

You decide who you are. You are the one giving meaning to situations. You choose your point of view. Decide to be a freakin´awesome god/dess!

Shine your light!

Why it is so hard to let go

Insights & PerspectivesPosted by Natalie Tue, October 04, 2016 11:03:40
Sometimes it is very clear, seen from the outside, that a person clings on something or someone, that isn´t good for this person.
Why do we do this? Why can´t we let go?

There are 3 reasons I witnessed quite often:

1. There is a hidden advantage for us that we don´t wanna loose.
Find out what this might be and try to get whatever it is in another, more healthy, way.

2. We are afraid of the unknown. Very often people prefer staying in a known hell over an unknown paradise.
Life is all about change. You´ve got to leave all persons and circumstances anyway, so if you love yourself you´ll do it in a loving way, before the universe makes circumstances change in a rough manner.

3. We hope for a miracle to change it.
I´ve experienced quite a few miracles. They all occured when I gave intend to change, asked for help and moved my ass in the direction I wanted to go. Heaven helps the ones brave enough to face reality and willing to become a co-worker with the divine forces.

Don´t pick on yourself when you are not ready to let go now. But prepare your escape anyway, one day you´ll free yourself and learn to fly.

Shine your light!

Love is the only strenght

Insights & PerspectivesPosted by Natalie Sat, October 01, 2016 10:36:36

Only a fearful person is looking for control and power. The ones looking for power are creating and believing in an illusion of strenght. They do so because they have a deep, deep (hidden) fear to be weak, vulnerable and inferior. Never forget this when you look at a dictator and manipulator. He´s a fearful little bunny in his core. You need to be really, really strong to be open, vulnerable and loving.

A person looking for power isn´t able to trust in a higher law, but thinks she has to control all in her surrounding. And that is nothing but insanity. No human will ever be able to do so. A butterfly in China might use his wings, create a storm and the whole controlled life is blown by the wind.

The human looking for power must have experienced itself as somehow vulnerable to uncontrollable forces. Might have been a parent getting really angry or experienced trauma through war or disasters. They experienced stuff that seemed to be „wrong“ somehow. Now this person wants to make sure everything is working properly, how it should be.
Just: No human out of a human perspective can know for sure how things should be!

The real „sin“ of Adam and Eve has been that they thought they have the knowledge, just like god, to know right from wrong. That is how they´ve lost paradise – through a judgemental mind. Not god sent them away, they´ve lost connection.
And their judgement about how to live and how to worship god correctly made them rise Kain and Abel.
Powerstruggle. Control over the environment, even by killing. But don´t oversee the fact that the „bad boy“ has been told a long time he isn´t doing right. His parents tried to control his behaviour and he suffered by not being accepted, that is how Kain went into darkness. If these parents wouldn´t have been eating the forbidden fruit, they would have innocently accepted that they´ve got two very different boys and no control and „being right“ would have seemed necessary. The idea of being wrong is bringing in the longing for making sure everything is under control.

All power is an illusion. We cling on it to feel safe. But the soul don´t even wants to be safe. The soul wants experiences and growth, so it will never create anything that stays the same all the time. And every change is making us fearful and unsure, cause we don´t trust in our soul and her intend to work for us. And as we don´t trust, we don´t let things unfold naturally, but insist to have things going our way. So the soul has to witness our crazy games trying to bring us still to the right place for the next step.
Truth is: Every single one of us has amazing, breathtaking potentials, but almost no one dares to reach out for them by going with the flow.

Yesterday I had to witness a close person recreating her loop of pain for the millionandfirst time. She still clings on power, as she could never accept for herself being wrong somehow. So everyone else is wrong. The ones that love and accept her no matter what, can´t reach her. She won´t let them. As it has not been possible to have a conversation with her, I just told her I wish her nothing but the best and said goodbye.

Later I connected her soul. It is always possible to get in contact to the soul-self, even when the human persona is deep down in darkness. I´ve recieved an interesting answer from her soul. The soul said this person needs to go to a place of deep despair and pain, to crack the armour around her heart open. But the moment that will happen, love´n light will flood the system and it´ll be unforgetable for this person, because of the contrast. Ain´t that astonishing? In this case love has to wait patentiently, while the human needs the suffering as a preparing to be crashed open.

No soul will ever get lost, no love is ever wasted. Just how long it´ll take depends on the free will. One can go with the flow or fight against love and light. The result will be the same, just the path will unfold in a way the person chooses by free will.

Well I choose as less suffering as possible, I have seen enough teaching through karma. I am asking for a path, filled with as much love and light as I can bear.
Dare to live your beautiful potentials.

Shine your light!