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Monthly Rose Touch, February 10th 2018

February 10, 2018 @ 6:00 am - 6:30 pm UTC+2


In February the free Monthly Rose Touch Session will be given on a Saturday again, on February 10th 2018.

I will start the transmission at 6 p.m. my time (Germany). It´ll be 9 a. m. PST and 10 p. m. in New Delhi. And of course it is quantum, so you can join any time. Here you can find your time zone: http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/

The transmission itself will not be recorded, as I am totally focused on bringing in and directing the energies towards the participants all around the globe. When the energies are stable, as they have been the last times, I´ll bring in a short summary of the energies afterwards via YouTube, as it deepens the experience for many. I´ll upload it to my YouTube Channel afterwards. If you subscribe to it you´ll be informed when a new vid is out: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk9EXYMYyYxq_5IE8IcQ4Ig/videos

The Rose Touch itself will be working as he always did. You message me or sign in at the FB- event-page and tell me you want  to be included, as a recipient of the quantum-energy-transmission. At the given time, or your own chosen time, you give intend to receive the energies and try to relax in your own way. For the ones, that would prefer to be guided into the Meditation, I´ve recorded a visit into your own inner Rosegarden as an extra offer. To download the meditation klick on the colored Link: Monthly Rose Touch Medi. Or explore my youtube-channel for a vid named “The Sacred Rose Garden”.

The transmission will take place at least 30 minutes, but some participants stayed for hours in this field, trust your own feelings what suits you best. Free will is king, so you can only subscribe for yourself, your pets and your own children under 14.

If you want to support me in making this free service available, your donations are received with much love and gratitude:

As this works similar to  a choir, just one of energies, having more participants makes it even more beautiful and harmonious. So please feel invited to share this message with likeminded, cause every participant is adding to the choir of energies and strengthening the field, although s/he benefits from it. Welcome to the New Earth. Let´s love it into life!

Shine your light, precious soul!

And a short pre-announcement here: If you are enjoying the Rose Touch Sessions and had to deal with any form of abuse (no matter on what level it took place), you might be interested in an online-healing session I´m giving with 2 other beautiful healers. We are co-working with the participants on this special topic. All three of us will bring in their own way of quantum healing, so you´ll get an energetic high five. The session will take place the 11th of February and it´ll cost 11,-€. Here you´ll find details: https://www.edudip.com/w/278326

Do not hesitate to contact me for any questions.




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