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Darkness helps the Lightforces

Darkness is in its core the not conscious. We fear it, but we don´t have to. What is life all about? We came to make the unknown known. Darkness was only allowed to seemingly take the earthly reign for a while, to bring more light and consciousness here. Darkness always helps the light on the long run. There are not many really evil humans on this planet. The average human can not even stand to do something evil and therefore has to be fooled and manipulated into madness. The bad guys are normally believing to be the good guys and that they have to fight “the other”, for whatever reason they believe in. Even the ones that are fighting for the dark army, in most cases believe to be the good forces, while suffering from and expressing immense pain inside of them.

Very few people have willingly decided to be evil. And well, after a while even they find they are just helping the light. Goethe wrote about that frustrated forces of darkness and made the devil Mephistopheles confess: “I am part of that Power which would the Evil ever do, and does the Good.” Yes. On these earthly realms duality creates movement and evolvement and the old earth has had an enormous density. It needed some extreme forces to move here anything at all. But it is getting lighter now.

Today the christians celebrate “Good Friday”, a name that puzzled me, cause behind it there´s a story of betrayal, suffering and a mighty earthly power punishing a man, that dared to insist he is not a slave, but the beloved child of god, a Master. And he was right. So his consciousness infused others with Love´n Light. His message was that we all can do as he did. Indeed. May it be!

Shine your light!

The cursed children

Once upon a time … there was a little boy, that had been raised by a narcissistic mother. As she feared her own vulnerability and emotions, she suppressed them in herself and in her child. She believed this world to be a cruel, cursed place and created her own reality. The frightened son didn´t receive love, only a false surrogat, when he acted in a way that pleased the mother. She felt releaf when her child seemed to “be better” than others. But as the child had been punished the same time when not pleasing her, he didn´t create real self-worth,  but absorbed the love surrogate, while deep inside still believing to be unworthy.

Once upon a time …there was a little girl with a narcissistic mother and as the mother feared her own vulnerability and emotions, she tried to suppress them in herself and her child. She believed this world to be a cruel, cursed place and created her own reality. The frightened daughter didn´t receive love, only a false surrogat, when she acted in a way that pleased the mother. She felt releaf when her child seemed to “be better” than others. But goodness, her child was a total failure, and seldom able to make things right. No matter how much the little girl tried, the mother was never truly satisfied. Most of the time the child felt abandoned, just once in a while she received the love surrogate, while deep inside still believing to be unworthy.

When they grew up, the boy became a narcissist and the girl a people-pleaser and of course they´ve been attracted to each other. What seemed like a cruel joke, to recreate the circle of distortion. But this perspective is the cursed one, the problem. The truth is that the universe is a loving one, looking for balance and so(u)lution. To not ask the other for the surrogate, but create self-love and deep acceptance.

In the end all is well and all is love!

Your perception changes everything

It´s not what happens in your life, but how you look at it what makes the difference. Yesterday evening I was sitting on my balcony and it´s been raining cats and dogs. It felt beautiful and I was fascinated by the lights in the houses around and the splishsplash sound the raindrops made. I smelled the earth in the fresh air and felt the comfort of my home. When I went inside I heared a neighbor playing on a piano. Well it´s been far away from a good play, but I felt the beauty in it very intensely anyway and enjoyed it very much. Someone else would have felt disturbed, while I was totally happy to listen to it. I went online and tuned into the Crimson Circle webcast and wasn´t surprised when they were, just like last month, talking about sensuality as a masterlesson. It is, indeed. Sensuality changes the way you see this world totally.

I remember when I recieved such a masterlesson 20 years ago. It´s been a hot day and I was stuck in traffic, the emissions of the cars made it hard to breath and everything felt somehow heavy and dense. I looked out of the window of that car and saw the child of a local shop owner playing with a plastic ball. The little one had down syndrome and I always had felt a kind of pity for the child and its parents. But in this moment something happened. When I looked at the child the sunlight was falling on its face, that had an expression of pure bliss on it. It was as if time stopped. A perfect moment. I saw the face of god in this child. I mean it. I came to my senses. My filters of human stupidity were removed and my perception changed totally.

A Master has removed the human filters, that block his senses. I recognize a Master by the way they look at the world. With shiny eyes, seeing god in all that is. They are able to sense instead of project. It´s really time to come to our senses, as this changes everything in our lifes.

Shine your light and dare to sense!

Invitation to become Touched by a Rose

This year of new beginnings is bringing a gift to you. I am guided to offer the Rose Touch once per month at a given time through the Inner Net for everyone who wants to receive its.

The first Session in 2017 will take place January 7th at 10 p.m. my time (Germany), what is 9 p.m. GMT, 1 p.m. PMT, 2 p.m. MST, 3 p.m. CST, 4 p.m. EST and so on. Here you can find your time zone:

If you can´t make it at the given time, join at a time that suits you, as you may participate in the NOW.

How does it work?

At the given time, you find yourself a nice place and make sure you won´t be disturbed for at least 30 minutes. Make it a comfortable experience, maybe lit a candle, burn incense, play relaxation music or whatever helps you to get into a calm, meditative state. Breath calm while you focus onto your heart, as it is your gate. Imagine to open your heart and enter a holy place, where you sit between roses to receive the high frequencies of OneLove delivered to you through the Inner Net.

Normaly I give the Rose Touch while a One-on-One Session personally or via Skype. But I´ve been teached that the Rose Energy is available at every time and place. It is a quantum experience and the only things required are your intend to participate, to open your heart and to receive these high frequencies.

If you want to participate just put your name under this post. You might adress an issue or just trust that the Rose Energy knows your needs. Please don´t put someone elses name to the list, as free will is very important in this case. Sole exceptions are your own children that are under 14 years or your pets, as you are their care-takers.

I´ve been trained in many lifetimes for this work, but I´m only the bridge, the one that has the ability to hold and deliver these energies, but it is not about me or my human persona. I want to make that very clear. It is the pure Loveenergy that resides in all living beings that brings the blessings and healing energy. It is your own essence you´ll experience. So everybody that participates is strengthening this Inner Net, although s/he benefits from it. Welcome to the new earth. Let´s love it into life!

Shine your light precious soul!

For the ones, that would prefer to be guided into the Meditation, I´ve recorded a visit into you own Rosegarden to receive the Rose Touch. The sound quality is really not good, as I´ve  used a dictaphone and you hear sound in the background, my breath etc., but it is just an extra offer. Just klick on the Link below.

Monthly Rose Touch Medi

And don´t worry in case you should fall asleep, you´ll receive your Rose Touch anyway.<3

The inner storyteller sees only black and white


Everyone has a storyteller in his mind. As an author I am very aware of the fact that one story might be told in very, very different ways. But unknowingly there´s an author in all of us. Everything you experience he´s refering to from his own point of view. He´s relating to older stories, is making assumptions and suggestions, adding remarks and comments. Within a second we have a story instead of informations. And not two persons have the same story in their mind, even when they witness the same scenario.

We´ve got to be very aware. This inner storyteller is a huge divider. He divides the „I“, whos point of view is always correct and the other „I´s“ whom are all wrong. The „I“ can´t stand other points of view, as it identifies itself with his personal point of view. The other, wrong, stories have to be oppressed, fighted or even killed, just to be sure to be right.

Real, open, direct conversations would or could help to get a bigger picture. But most people aren´t really interested in a true communication, which could lead to a kind of communion with someone else. The „I“ has to be protected and separated. Therefore you could talk to someone in his I-solated story mind for hours, but never reach him. No matter what you say or do, and not even your pure love can reach this person, his filters wouldn´t let the message through. Chances are high, that you´d loose your balance also at this point. In the end you would only have two stupid ego-i-dentifications, each insisting to be right while the other is wrong. Been there, done that and seen it too often! It´s boring and destructive!

It´s way more interesting to open up for inspiration, new points of views, growth, change and exchange. Why recreate the same story again and again? Why not invite new points of view and listen to other impressions? We don´t loose our Identity when we connect with others, we are becoming richer. Instead of black and white, right or wrong, colors occur.

Emotional Environment Protection

More and more we are becoming aware that we poison us, our children and grandchildren when we use herbicides and throw away plastic stuff.

But how about our poisonous emotions, causing mean words and actions?

As an empath it´s often been really stressful and painful to me to live on this planet, cause I could sense very clearly what´s going on, while people have been acting out their inner garbage. Your emotions have an impact on your environment. That´s been how that happened quite often: When your boss yells at you, you than make a mean remark to your partner, who is treating the kids badly and they torture the dog. Everyone in this scenario is responsible for giving forth the pain. Each of them could have broken the painchain by a conscious decision. Trouble is to bring awareness into the situation and to re/act in a more conscious way.

When I am suffering I try to stay on my own until I´m ready to let go of the shitty stuff. I try to talk only to persons with a high level of awareness, cause they are the only ones that might help me out of my imbalance instead of making it worse.

It´s a decision we have to make consciously to not give forth what might have hurt us. But most people just want to act out their drama, as it is a kind of release to them, creating emotional turmoil and violent actions until their whole environment is infected with this poinonous stuff.

It´s very normal and human to get angry, upset etc. And if so, we shouldn´t oppress our feelings, but we might take responsibility for our waste, even the emotional one.

Love yourself enough to emotionally clean-up yourself and love this world enough to offer love, compassion and healing.

Things that might help to process painful, destructive emotions are: meditation, prayer, all kinds of arts, humor, nature and sports. Make contact with your emotions and than make them move: e(nergy in) motion.

Shine your light, beloved ones!


One of the most destructive energies on this planet is a low selfworth. And everybody seems to be infected by this virus of distortion.

Who can truly say to love and accept themselves fully? Not many. The closer you are to mastery, the more you will. But beware, the idea of being better than others, to be spiritually more evolved, isn´t a sign of selfconfidence, but of the ego, coming in through the backdoor masked as the spiritual ego. In case you should spot it, don´t pick on yourself as it´ll lower your selfworth, therefore your ego will blow itself up….that´s a cat endlessly hunting the own tail.

Its not possible to convince someone to let go of the idea to not be good enough, until they are ready to accept the own imperfections. Ít´s like a madhouse. Men know it quite well. When they tell a woman, they like the red dress, she´ll assume she looks fat in all the others. When you tell her blue doesn´t suit her, she´ll get a nervous breakdown and will ban even the blue sky out of her life. Guys, she´s just unsure. Love her and stay calm. Do the same with your own imperfections. Just love and accept yourself.

And yes, I´m so selfconfident, that others call me sometimes hightoned or arrogant (that´s just their pissed-off ego). Shows just cleary I´ve got to stand tall and brave. The ones cursing me, need the black sheep the most. But of course I´m also struggeling with my selfworth sometimes. The reason why I´m able to write about it is, that´s been a huge issue for me, as I´ve never been “good enough”. Made me try to become better. Didn´t work. Now I try to be me, no matter what. Works much better 😉

We´ve been teached through thousands and thousands of years of distortion that we are never good enough. No matter how good we are doing, we shall never pass paradises gate, to just be happy and loved.
To judge what is good (enough) and what is not brought us in big trouble. That´s the core behind all sins.
It doesn´t matter if it´s been through religion or through unspoken cultural laws: We´ve been endlessly teached we have to reach, own and be something, that we are not. Therefore we are never good enough.

Well, what helps? Accept it.
“Oh, I´m imperfect? Okay, let´s enjoy life!” Stop reaching out for perfection.
I will never be loved for being a skinny role model. Guys can´t pimp their selfworth with we me clinging unsure at their arm, while all the other guys begrudge them. Nope, Won´t happen! And I´m glad, cause these guys could never stand the strong woman that I am. It´s perfect they are sorted out this way. All our imperfections are for some reasons perfect in this very moment. God created you in his own image. There´s a reason why things are the way they are. You are fighting reality. Won´t work! Out of a human perspective we just can´t know why things are like they are.

Try to love and accept yourself. Every day a little bit more. Cause your low selfworth is the sneakiest thief you´ll ever find. He´ll steal your money, as you won´t dare to reach out for the well-paid job. He´ll make you spend money on things you don´t need. And the worst: He´ll steal your time and our incarnation won´t last that long. He´ll make you wait for something. To be skinny or rich or become good enough to get the good Job.
And guess what? Even when you´ll reach that, it can´t make you happy, cause the low selfworth remains inside, makes you watch out for the next imperfection to overcome.

But your low selfworth is not only a thief, but he´s a murderer of the peace on this planet. He´ll murder your inner peace, he´ll hunt you day and night, till your last breath. He´s the enemy on your inside. And he´ll make you fight yourself and others. You´ll fight everyone who´s not perfect – well of cause your personal unfailing idea of perfect. Everyone who doesn´t match into your idea of perfection becomes the enemy and you´ll fight him, giving all your energy and often even your life for this madness.

As long as we have this low self-confidence, we´ll be a perfect sheep, grouping in sheep flocks. And it´ll never come to our mind that our shepherd is the one not only guiding us to green grass, but that he´ll shear us and sell us to the butcher. What makes humans even worse than sheeps is, they not only follow the rules of others, but they´ll make sure everyone else does also. Cause when they spot someone, who starts to become more selfconfident, they´ll attack him immediately. “Did you see the dress she wore? A woman of her age! What does she think, who she is?!” “Did you hear, he´s writing now. Didn´t know we have a new Yates beween us!” Everyone who dares to be himself will be attacked, laughed at and casted out.
Might be the reason why I´m often hanging around with the outsiders, as I see their potential. Between the black sheep you´ll find the ones closest to the point to be themselves.

All our movements to bring peace in the world are great, but we have to work on our inside as well, as it is the root of all distortions. Bring peace to your heart. Accept others and yourself in all their and your perfect imperfections. And in case, you might become more selfconfident, get ready others will blame you for that. Don´t give in, they are just prove the world needs your confidence to be yourself.
You´re great. You are unique, cause the universe is too creative to produce copies. It loves diversity. It couldn´t resist to create you, just the way you are.
Shine your light!

How to deal with emotional loss

We all have to face it in our lifes: Someone is dying or leaving us and this loss is creating a feeling of heartbreak and emotional pain.

The word heartbreak describes a strong feeling of pain, that seems to tear our heart apart. It´s because we can´t stand this two different perspectives. The one perspective of beautiful memories, mirroring our feeling of love totally collides with the perspective of the loss, often sharpened with elements of tragedy, betrayal or abandonment. We can´t bring together these two different points of view and therefore our mind and our heart can´t process the information, as we asume only one might be true.

It is and it is not. On the physical realm all is in constant change and therefore nothing lasts forever. All things born are going to die. But only their physical forms do so. From the souls perspective nothing is ever seperated. There´s not even a bond that could be riped. Souls aren´t bonded, they are part of one creation. Every love we experience is part of the one love that is the only eternal that exists.

You are the one, chosing the perspective. As the physical realm can´t be denied, make room to process this feeling of loss and pain. Don´t suppress your emotions, but know they are like the clouds in the sky. Coming and going, changing forms and fading.

While the process of grief try to stay centered and aware, don´t run away, but don´t loose yourself in self-pity. Give yourself the comfort of compassion. Compassion has a loving, assisting quality, that will carry you. It´s the water to wash and heal your wounds with love. It´s a total different quality as pity, which weakens you and would make you drown in a flood of muddy water.

Love yourself enough to give yourself time and space for this transformative process. Nourture yourself with everything that gives you the feeling of comfort, may it be a walk in nature, the starlight, a cup of tea, music or creating arts.

And than let go and change to the bigger perspective. No matter what the circumstances are, the eternal truth of the soul is love.
I´ve been working with people with a quantum healing form of family constellations. There has never ever occured one tragedy where the involved souls haven´t shared pure love with each other, no matter how extreme the circumstances on earth have been. Try to honour the shared path, that now seperates for a while until we all reunite. After giving room for the grief, now give room for the love. Be thankful for all you´ve shared with each other. Than honour the others souls path and let go. Pay respect to your own souls path and let go.

Don´t resist and don´t fight reality. It is as it is. The involved souls agreed to do so, otherwise reality would be other. You can´t know the reasons for it, as you are in human form. Our earthly perspective can´t grasp the souls path. There is absolutely no reason to stay in misery. Beauty and love isn´t lost, but still alive, inviting you to rejoin them. Have faith and trust and move on.

Shine your light!

Move and Change

I´m about to move my blog over the next days to wordpress, as this offers more possibilities. I should have done that from the start, but wanted to make it more comfortable for someone else. Life is so funny and all about changes and lessons.

2016 has been the year of clean-ups and surprising truth, so I bet we all had lots of lessons.

1st lesson: Sometimes we care for others, that don´t give a shit. Is that bad? No, everybody just expresses their truth. Stay with yours.

2nd lesson: Don´t believe words. Watch the actions.

3rd lesson: Don´t let others actions or words hurt you in any form. See through it to the core and become invincible.

Each lesson has also blessings and I´ve experienced a lot this year. When we don´t resist all is serving us and I am grateful for the enormous growth, love and joy I´ve been offered in 2016.

Each clean-up wipes away the dust and brings forth the true colors.

My colors: I am glad to be your soulutioner, to bring inspiration, insights and perceptions to the ones, willing to evolve and grow on their souls journey. I´ve been prepared for my mission in many lifetimes and I am all about love, joy and happiness. I am very grateful for my connection to others of my own Kind, that accept me the way I am, without trying to control or “fix” me. Feels like coming home.

So I enjoy even this move, although it takes a bit time. But it´ll prepare for 2017. The year of new beginnings.

Shine your light!