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Why all spiritual teachings fall short

When we teach with words and concepts we come to a point where they can no longer teach. Where the path cannot be described, but has to be experienced without concepts.

First of all because every path and experience is different. There is a reason why the divine took endless roads to return to itself. And second because we have an idea of the meaning of words, what is filtering ideas, but the path goes beyond.

There are teachings that say we loose the I am, while I perceive it as the understanding and integration of the I am.

There are teachings, saying that the ego has to die, while I perceive it the way that it just doesn´t matter any more. No-thing is dead, all is a-live.

There are people describing the nothingness, while I perceive it as the “all”.

Because of the concepts and descriptions people take sometimes strange roads, when they follow them, instead their own inner guidance.

They hunt the ego, wherever they perceive it and so they create a new i-dentity, the ego-hunter. I´m laughing my divine ass off. Yes, I still have an ass that is perceived as mine in this moment although I know it is also not.

They become so holy, that they deny the expressions of divine, that are “not holy”. To me that is a joke, there is nothing that isn´t divine.

They suppress their feelings, cut off what had overwhelmed them, and declare their  robotic state of beingness as evolved. Well, I feel more than ever, I come to my senses, able to feel even a stone on the other side of the town.

They focus on one aspect of their being, the enlightened one, and ignore all else. But god/dess is not ignorant, but present in everything.

There is no right way, just the own way. Someone talking about the own way may inspire others, just like I do, but the own way can only unfold in a unique way. Why would the divine send out endless different aspects? There is no mistake in that. So enjoy your own path, no matter which one you choose to experience.

Shine your light and don´t mind your ego, identity, right, wrong, better, less, holy, unholy. Just be and have fun…or not 😉 <3

The new economy

How can I describe the new form of economy in one sentence? Everybody coming in with their gifts, for the benefit of all.

It is a female form of energyflow and in fact it isn´t new, but the oldest and most successful form of exchange at all, as the new economy will look at mother nature, sucessful since eons.

She brings together all kinds of creatures, everyone of them very imperfect and vulnerable. But in their coming together, in their co-working, they create this beautiful-amazing planet we live on.

I tell you how I realized it: I´ve been working in the money-sector for many years, when I left my hometown Frankfurt with it´s many skyscrappers and more and more relentless energy field. My new place to be became Freiburg, more eco and progessive. Here I entered in the beginning a group of people, meeting once a week, to cook something fresh and vegetarian. We normally didn´t know what it´ll be, we didn´t make up who brings what, just trusted we will have yummy food. One was bringing tomatoes and onions, the other peppers and rice and so on. We looked at the vegetables and decided if we want it as a soup, a stew or fried and what we would use for the salad, as he was a given each week. I´ve eaten good and yummy food since than very often, but I can tell you the best salad in my life I had there, because of the diversity in it. Of course it was never the same, but always the best. There I realized how the new economy will work and that this has been the way woman have been making business since the beginning of time. Just noone realized it or appreciated it the last few thousand years, as its been just “womans business”. It doesn´t seem important, but it nurtured everyone until this very day. All you have to know about new economy is in my description of these people coming together for healthy food. You also get a sense of the richness and diversity. No boss, very few rules, all naturally unfolding.

Translate the principle to everything else in society: Bring people with their gifts together and let all involved persons benefit and you´ll know how to make business in the new earth.

I was hesitating if I should add how this fairy tale ended, but you´ve got to know the whole story, to be aware of the pitfalls:  A guy was entering, playing tricks with the woman, causing jealousy and turmoil, he was bringing few, but taking much while playing the enlightened master. No other opinions allowed and everyone that opened the mouth was “not so evolved” and blackmailed. People that no longer wanted to come than, demanding people, neediness, imbalance. Fear that was arising, thoughts of lack, rigid, controlling and excluding behaviour. All just old energy, shadows that were arising. And the reason why I added it at all: I saw it quite often since than, destroying something that was amazing beautiful. We have to be very aware to create long lasting so(u)lutions: It´s not enough to have a good idea, an intend that is pure, we have to live it than, day by day, week by week, not afraid to look at the shadows and to be open and true. That´s much more difficult, but so worth it. The new economy will be very diverse, colorful and abundant. Just like our beautiful Mother Gaia.

Shine your light, share your gifts, come together, just as she does!


Why we have to come together

I am coming more and more to a place in my life where I do what I never did before. I thought I would never recommend coworking and gatherings, but I do now, and for very good reasons.

It is your own path, you have to follow and there are two sentences that are true:

  1. Noone can do it for you.
  2. You cannot do it on your own.

Isn´t that a contradiction? Nope.  The first sentence is the reason why  I´ve been an independent person, wherever possible, all my life. And as finding a partner was already difficult in the old energy, groups have been a total nightmare to me. In the old energy people were trying to force or convince each other of the one and only truth (their own) with domination and manipulation. Felt so wrong to see one was leading and the other(s) had to follow. But I am unable to be a devotee and for sure don´t want to have devotees around me.  That´s been the old earth. The problem.

Well, what´s the so(u)lution of the new earth? Independent persons, walking their own path, but coming together to encourage and assist each other, while everybody is totally free and independent. I realized lately that this is what I am doing since years. You´ll only find people of my own kind close to me. All very strong personalities and often very different persons, sharing some interest, while having also other that don´t fit with mine. Everyone on his own path. No need to save someone. Noone to save me. But I also realized that I wouldn´t have made it without them…or at least my path would have been unbelievable long and hard.

It is the year one of new beginnings and it´s time to come together. I´ve made huge progress the last few month while working together with my Rose-Sister Merita Bat Shoshan, to name just one example of many. In the old energy the wounded healer, Chiron, was quite normal. Maybe the reason why I never really stepped fully into this field in the old times. In the new energy the healers cooperate for a fast-track of evolution, sharing insights, methods, laughter, healing and inspiration. A neverending party of joy it is.

But I also realized the huge potential of groups lately, as I gave a group-healing for free. I thought I would give a gift, but suddenly realized that we will all benefit from the energies coming together. I was curious how it´ll work and asked a few people that could feel the difference. And really the energies have been stronger than normally and carried by the high frequencies of the participants. This is the dawn of the Age of Aquarius. As I´ve got a daughter that is Aquarius I know they are very individual persons, but love to come together. And that is what we´ll have to learn. Nobody is so evolved that s/he won´t benefit from assistance and from others.

Go out and bring out what you have, share it with others, encourage each other, assist each other.

Shine your light to inspire and attract others!

The space between the years

The signature of the current time quality is fitting perfectly for a conscious transition from one year to the other.

I´m someone who´s very aware that we can change our lifes every minute, if we choose so. But time has also a quality, why the concepts of timelines seems much more real to me than time as a given in a linear sense. I can sense energies  and my conclusion is:

a) There exist something like cosmic “weather”, energetic conditions  that influence you somehow. That´s why astrology is a scientific artform.

b) Another timeline has another “taste” of energies. You match your timeline through vibration. Sometimes we change them very often in just one day.

Paracelsus called Astrology “the queen of arts”. And that is true, as reading the signs, knowing about the weather is very helpful. But now we see even that there is the possibility to go quantum, to give intend and tune into a frequency of joy or love, to choose a timeline that we enjoy more.

Let´s use that to make a good transition from 2016, the year of endings, to 2017, the year of new beginnings. Here are three steps, that might be helpful for you:

  1. Be grateful for all. I´m using the retro mercury and the capricorn new moon to go inside and I´m making a list of all I´ve experienced, that I´m grateful for. Being grateful is very important as it makes us aware of all the blessings we experience and all the beautiful people in our lifes. If you even write it at a piece of paper, it´s almost unbelievable how much blessings we experience in one year. Being grateful brings you also in a good vibration, to bring in more good things and people. I´m also grateful for the not so nice experiences, as they teached me important lessons. I want to be aware of these lessons, to not recreate them.
  2. Let go of the old. The old means all that is no more needful. Be aware, cause it´s not possible to escape your unwanted stuff. As long as you didn´t get the message, learned your lesson, you won´t be able to let go.  Make sure you  found the hidden treasure in your obstacles. Than take the treasure and let go of the obstacle. The cause for the obstacle is always inside of us. A strange pattern or a believe. Some of these believes may look nice, for example that being a kind person fits to a lightworker, but they might harm us. Well if someone is just unconscious, you are waking them up when you are nice and kind. But if someone is so unconscious that he invested deep, deep in darkness and chooses darkness with intend, being nice isn´t the right answer. That´s one of my lessons this year. You may also write down all that is no more needed in your life and for example burn it at the new years eve as a symbol to send it to the light. I also smudge my home at the end of the year, to clean it from all old energies.
  3. Give intend for the future. What is it inside you, that wants to be lived and experienced? Follow your passion, what is it your heart is yearning for? Make contact with your higher self if there is something that wants to show itself now. Write it also down or even create a visionboard, what is really fun. Hang it somewhere you see it often as a good reminder what you really want, while the new year moves on and  a lot of distractions will show up. From my point of view it´s better to write down the feeling you want to experience, for example “Love” or “Abundance”. Don´t insist it has to be Peter Brown or Betty Smith that has to give you this feeling. And letting abundance or love into your life in a thousand different ways is a much better experience. That won´t exclude Peter Brown and Betty Smith, if they feel the same for you. It will just make your life much richer and fulfilling to choose the energetic taste you want in your life and not care too much about the details. Hand it to your Higher Self and the Devine Service Team.

Wishing all of you a beautiful, joyful and abundant experience while crossing the markers of the years. I´m wishing you lots of love and celebration! May you feel happy and blessed!

Shine your light!


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Birthing our own light

Inspired to inspirePosted by Natalie Fri, November 25, 2016 06:36:38
We fear nothing more than our own light. It is overwhelming. Too much.
That´s the reason why our path takes a long, long time. We need to prepare before we are able to trust and open up fully.

The first time I made consciously contact with the light in this lifetime was when I gave birth to my daughter. That happened long ago, February. 2nd 1987. To me that´s a typical kryon joke as it´s been exactly 6 month before the convergence, but it happened the way it happened because there would be the convergence.

I was a young woman of 18 and I really feared giving birth and being a mother. I had absolutly no idea how to make it. Well life doesn´t need us to know how to, it is just unfolding perfectly. It´s been already evening and I had been in labour for 16 hours when a pain hit me that´s been beyond words, I opened my mouth and yelled like crazy – afterwards I felt very astonished and a bit ashamed for loosing control so totally.

It remained the only yell, cause I recieved heavenly birth help. On my inside a picture showed up: A surfer, riding a wave. I understood immediately: Don´t fight the wave, surf it. And I did.
The rest was happening very quickly. The very second my daughter entered earth again, very different things happened simontaneously. I had my feet onto the legs of the midwife, so she could hold against my power. Well actually she couldn´t. She was literally kicked through the whole room and totally stunned as she said something like that never happened in 20 years to her. She couldn´t understand it.
Well, that´s been the power of love.
Cause the moment when my daughter came in the veil was removed for a splitsecond, and I experienced a light, that´s been warm and love and all one. Far beyond all words and the seed of my path as a lightworker in this life.

My daughters father was sitting by my side, holding my hand and he later described again and again that he didn´t understand what was going on. Suddenly the midwife lost balance and was stumbeling through the room and he saw a little grey ball laying between my legs (totally his daughter, she likes soccer just like him 😉 ) and when he looked very puzzled into my face he saw the most happiest and beautiful smile he had ever seen in his whole life. Well, of course – I´ve been in heaven that second. Not only did I birth my daughter out of the light…I also gave birth to my own light.

One might think, that having experienced that, I would hunger for the lovelight. Of course I did. Kept me on the path. Made me study spiritual teachings from all cultures.
But when the light knocked at my door many, many years later I was so afraid that I´ve not been able to let it in fully.

It happened after a Kryon meeting in autumn 2014 in Basel. I left the meeting very quiet and went straight upstairs to my hotelroom and laid down on my bed and opened up. And there it was again. I guess I´ve never been more happy and fearful in my life. I opened up and let it in, cause I wanted it so much, but I couldn´t open fully. It came in so strong, that I´ve been too afraid I might burst into nothingness. So I jumped from love to fear, again and again.

Well, the light is patient. It told me to go to Israel with Kryon 2015. I didn´t understand why and didn´t want to, but of course I followed my inner voice. The best choice ever. Now a path started to unfold, where I´ve been prepared step by step to let it in. Not all at once, but again and again. As much as useful and as I could hold without freakin out or loosing ground. Instead of jumping from love to fear, like a crazy quantum rabbit on drugs, I now let it in slowly, in a balanced way. Others may prefer other ways to find the light.

Each lightworkers journeys is different, all stories are breathtakingly beautiful, but one thing we might mostly have in common:

– Nothing is more overwhelming than the own light. It seems impossible to embody that.

It is us, birthing our own lovelight.

May the surfer help us to go with the waves and not against it.

Shine your light

We can´t loose what we love

We can´t loose what we love

Posted by Natalie Tue, August 30, 2016 02:50:15

We can´t loose what we love

The picture below portrays the physical manifestation of two miracles in my life, both illustrating very clearly that all that we really love comes back to us.

On this pic you see the first side of a childrens book. It´s been a story obout a little witch named „Amalia“ and I loved this book, cause as a little girl I´ve often been called „little witch“, but not in a nice way. The little witch in that book was very alike me. Very compassionate and nice, but didn´t fit in the world of the humans and also wasn´t accepted by the other witches. But she finally achieved happiness, choosing to live the best of both worlds. What has been an interesting prophecy of my own life.

I had received the book 2nd or 3rd hand. The girl, named as the owner on the left side, I had never heard of. And the dedication next to it, saying it´s been a gift of the „Schneider-Family“ totally confused me. I knew this book, like the most books on my shelf, had a publisher named „Schneider“. So reading this dedication I was wondering what a happy girl that must be, knowing the publisher of all these books. Children think that way and I didn´t know there are many Schneiders in this world.

Well my childhood was a bit…let´s call it „unstable“ and when I was 11 years old I had to leave my home very unexpected and all my belonging stayed behind me.

25 years later my daughter told me about an online-portal where people could search for books to exchange. I putted this childrens book on my want-list, not really expecting I might find a copy, but thinking it might be worth a try. I was overly happy when someone messaged me he´ll send me this book. I was joyful like a little child on christmas eve when I opened my parcel with the book in it. Well… I don´t find words to describe what I felt, when I looked at the first page and realized not only had I received a copy – it´s been my copy I´ve been holding in my hands. It´s been as if all the pieces of the universe would crumble for a splitsecond to just fall back on their perfect place to be. I felt, that all is always perfectly unfolding.

Well the second miracle has been about the gem in the picture and this story is even more magical. The black stone is a tourmaline and I´ve recieved the necklace as a common christmas gift from two soulmates: my daughter and a guy who´s been very close to me at that time.

It would be way to long and complicated to explain why this present had a deep deep meaning and therefore is very dear to me.
Well the guy and me had a really strong inner connection, but soulmates are our hardest task and so he and me finally parted and didn´t have any contact when the following happened:

I had to go to a medical and there I had to lay down all my jewelery on the doctor´s couch, that had a black cover. I remembered the moment I laid it there, already thinking a black background for a black gem isn´t that perfect. But there had been a lot of turmoil and I had to leave the room quickly for the next patient.
Later, already at home, I recognized I didn´t wear the necklace and was alarmed that I couldn´t remember to have taken it with me. I hoped that I might have putted it into my handbag, without conciously being aware of it, but although I searched the handbag again and again, the necklace wasn´t there. I called the doctor´s office, hoping someone might have found it there, but noone had seen it. To me it´s been a symbol of the lost love and I felt regret.

Quite a few month later, it´s been late in the evening and I´ve already been quite tired, but sitting at my computer and doing some writing, what is often a channeling-like state of mind. Suddenly, out of the nowhere, I had the strong impulse to go up. I really did and went to the wardrobe, took the handbag, that´s been in use all the time almost daily, and opened it. The second before my hand went into the handbag I already knew what I would touch. I almost couldn´t believe it when my hand came out of the handbag again, opened and there laid the necklace. If someone would ask me, how this might be possible, I would have to answer that we are living in a holographic universe. From this time on I knew, we can´t loose anything that is close to our heart. It´s entangeled with our energyfield and will return to us, whenever appropriate, no matter how unlikely the circumstances are. Not even time and space can stop it.
Yesterday an uncle died. May he be with all the loved ones already on the other side of the vail, having a gorgeous, heavenly party. We´ll all meet again.

Happy go lucky

Happy go lucky

Posted by Natalie Sun, August 28, 2016 17:48:03

December 6th, 2014 has been a remarkable day in my life. On that day I´ve been at a huge party in Berlin, initiated by the author and coach Veit Lindau. The idea behind that day was to bring together like-minded people, interested in evolving and cocreating a better future, whatever that meant to each and every single one of the crowd.

In the evening the party took place as a huge playground, where everyone played „as if“ they´d already achieved what they were looking for. For example: behave completely as if you are already the bestseller author or the happily married woman you wanna become. It´s been hilarious, watching all the people playing out their dreams! The brilliant idea behind „Fake it ´till you make it“ is to install the feeling, that will attract what you want.

On this day I had an important insight. Of course I would love to see my books on a bestseller-list or experience a happy love-relationship, but I´ve already experienced that success might be a stressful guest and a happy marriage can fail nevertheless. So I had decided to choose a feeling and let life deliver the rest. I simply chose to be „happy“ – and almost instantly exploded with light and joy. A bit later that day I met a Reiki master and she stayed by my side for the rest of the day, not able to take her eyes from me and repeating again and again “You are totally radiant, never seen such.“

This day changed my life, cause I had chosen wisely. Of course I am still recieving my share of tears, but they can´t harm me very long. Because I chose „happy“ life delivers me beautiful moments. People love spending time with me, I receive gifts, postcards, invitations, hugs and lucky circumstances again and again. But I am only able to receive all of that because of my choice.

I´m sure I would never have attracted the money to journey 2015 to Israel and 2016 to the States and Norway, all of that bringing in further change and much growth, if I wouldn´t be the happy person that I am.

As already mentioned I am still experiencing pain and grief. And I am giving space for that. When I´m sad, I allow myself to be sad, when tears show up, I let them clean the system. There is nothing to suppress, nothing to hide, nothing to fix. And there is no reason to not let the sun in again, also.

A month ago someone I really love cut me off without one word of explanation, letting me hanging loose with a business to build up. I had tons of work the last weeks and on my table are 3 tax declaritions to fill in. I´ve gained weight, in summer! And much worse I´ve recieved a few days ago a call that an uncle is in coma and about to die. When I wanted to phone my mother, telling her her brother is going to die, she refused to talk to me. Her millionandfirst time of abandonment in this lifetime.

Well, guess what? Here I am, enjoying a nice white coffee and being nothing but happy. Cause, as I am a happy woman, not loosing herself in grief, the last month brought also unbelievable beautiful moments with amazing female friends, filled with love, laughter and loyality. I recieved healing and initiation and found while a clean-up forgotten money to pay for it. I´ve recieved lots of compliments and encouragement and deep in my bones I feel there is way more to be attracted by this happy woman, that I´ve decided to be.

Life is what we choose!

Shine your light!

Pay forward

We all know what payback means. Someone gave you something and now you owe it to this specific person. That´s been the old system. It´s a traders mind and we even used it in our intimite relationships. “I love you and now you owe to love me back.”

Dare to change that.

Start to pay forward. Give something unconditionally to someone else and not want it back. If this person can´t believe it, tell them that in case the day occurs they have more than enough, they might do this to someone else.

It doesn´t matter how big or small it is that you give, just that you give it with an intent of freedom and love. It´s a gift. Don´t care about what the other does with it. That´s none of your business.

Try it. That´s the new earth. The planet where everyone is abundant on all levels.


Rocky water

Once there was a stone in a stream. This stone was proud of his strenght and despised the water, touching him again and again, until the stone got furious and angry. He beated against the water, opposed it and tried to push it away. But this intangible element just kept flooding. The stone couldn´t stop it, no matter how rocky he behaved.

The stone recognized he started to loose substance in this fight, so he yelled at the water: “Will you stop to drown me, your fleeciness is disgusting!“
The water wondered „Why do you resist?“
“I´m a solid stone, don´t touch me with your weakness!“
„You call me weak? I`m even stronger than you and don´t you dare to stand in my way!“

The stone opposed the water, beating incessantly against it, but nothing did help. The more he fighted the water, the harder the water pushed back. The more the stone resisted, the more he lost substance. The more the water pushed, the more the stone was in the way, disturbing the flow with resistance.

But finely both became tired and suddenly they decided to surrender. And oh wonder, their world became smooth and easy. The stone purled: „Dear water, it´s fine that you flow. Embrace me with your lovely stream.“ The water mumbled „Oh dear stone, it´s okay. Just hold me tight and give me direction.“

They now form a beautiful little river in union, crossing the middle of my town. The egrets have lunch in it, children playing at its shore and I love to go there for a walk.