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When someone does you wrong…do not allow them

When people do you wrong….do not allow them. How? By making sure you will not leave yourself and the loving truth of your heart.

It doesn´t matter if they try to steal, cheat, manipulate, deceive or accuse you. Do not give in. Feel inside of you, be honest and true to yourself and it doesn´t matter what others express about themselves. And there´s no need to argue with them. You do not need to convince someone or be convinced by someone. Don´t enter someone elses game and do not try to drag others in yours. Just stay loyal and true towards yourself. Listen to your own inner voice and truth.

For many years…and many lifetimes…I couldn´t understand why people would do these things to me….kill me after I healed them, abandoned, deceived and abused me as an answer to my Love. If you feel that way, you can only end the heartbreak and pain when changing perspective. Come to the point where it has no meaning at all what others express about their character and values. It´s none of your business and goes home with them. The only thing that matters is that you shall not leave yourself or let yourself down. Always and under all circumstances you have to stand loyal and true towards yourselve.

Nothing shall come between you and you.

I am loving myself no matter what. And by the way I love my wrongdoer relentlessly. I will not allow their malicious ways to infect me and the beauty of my heart. I will never give in, I am stubborn about my love as can be. I turn anything used against me into fuel of compassion. They need it, they are onto a long, long road of painful experiences. They will not escape themselves, no matter their games, distractions and deceptions.

No one can escape themselves. And all human distortion is caused by the effort to do so.

People want someone else to love them, as they do not love themselves. They try to steal others time, money, attention, energy, as they have lost  their connection home. Someone who is one with him/herself is connected with the source of all that is.

When being aligned with yourself you change from beggar to sovereign.

As I love everyone relentlessly, do I turn the other cheek? Pfft. I am a living bridge to the New Earth, that for sure doesn´t mean people are allowed to walk all over me. It´s an energetic so(u)lution. They can not cross, when not a match. It´s as easy as this. Pretending doesn´t work. You´ve gotta be it.

So you may just relax. No one can do you wrong, they all screw themselves and stay behind. Just walk on. Enter the vibes of the New Earth. It´s absolutely safe and pure there.

Rose News & NeuSpace & Valentine´s Day

Well, nothing stays the same and that´s excellent news. Who would want the same old stories being played out again? For sure not my kind ^_^

Last week had lots of distractions showing up and absolutely nothing worked out as planned, but I am overly happy that all that´s been important did work out somehow. And that´s all that really matters.

One of the strangest days has been last tuesday and while I noticed that all signs yelled “distration overload” I almost missed Patricia Farrington having Sienna Lea as a guest talking about Shadow Synthesis. I´m glad Patricia has excellent senses and so I did finally enter with a little bit of her help 😉 <3 I can highly recommend this recording and Sienna Lea, cause to own our unwanted stuff is absolutely crucial on our path. Here you´ll find the replay of the event:

Well, distractions kept occuring to such an extreme that it got really laughable and to find the humor in all the occuring, helped to stay balanced while the weekend, where our #metoo threesome healing event about abuse took place. The recording started too early and  didn´t stop when we closed the room, so I beg your pardon for technical issues, but the event itself had shifted things for some participants in a miraculous way, what is really, really awesome. And that´s actually an understatement. We might have struggeled with the circumstances, but the involved persons really had to come together, to co-create something that got outstanding effects. So, if you do not search for perfection, but for results and real change in your life, I recommend to buy the recording by following the link: In case the page shows up in german, just scroll to the buttom and change your language preferences.

I´m lately more and more communicating publicly via the Internet. One of my Healing Co-Hosts, Muriel Shickman, has created “Neuspace”,  a format where monthly Webinars and Interviews related to the new energies are taking place. I´ve attended a few episodes last year and Muriel is really so much new energy, that you can hear the next Shout or Prognost way ahead of time. I love it! And as Love attracts Love, Muriel asked me a few days ago to join her as a Co-Host, what really, really honors me. I´m so looking forward what we´ll co-create together. Smells like fresh air. Well, the next conversation is going to take place on Wednesday 14th of February 2018. And our topic for Valentine´s Day is of course “Energetic Boundaries”. I couldn´t stop laughing a few weeks ago, when Muriel told me about topic and timing. Purrfect, indeed! So, please feel invited to sign in and join us. Find out more here: You´ll also find previous shows in the archive and please read my bio on the page. I´ve “downloaded” it in an instant and it really mirrors my being. ^_^

Have fun, shine bright like a star and be your own perfect Valentine 😉 <3 Much Love :*



(W)hole and comp(l)ete

We have to be content within ourselves, becoming whole and complete again. No one can give that to us and no one can take it from us.

Since quite some days my Masterself showed me situations, where the split between the fe/male energies has been seen clearly, to shine the light of my consciousness there.

I saw how we become needy, a hole instead of whole. Or how we did compete instead of being complete. It happens everytime when we expect something from the outside or when we want to overtrump others.

Expectations/needyness is often expressed through the feminine energies and the competitive/fighting energies through the male energies. But all of us have both in us, what already holds the so(u)lution for this problem.

On monday morning my divine self told me to have a coffee in a nearby café and told me where to sit down, to relax and watch the scenery. What happened to be a fighting couple. An older man with a chinese woman as a mate. He told her he is going to have a Thai Massage and she was totally jealous at the woman he wanted to go to, to have this massage. It´s been interesting, as this guy was totally controlling this woman, told her even how to sit or eat. And she allowed that to happen, while being totally out of her mind and really agressive in all, her body, her voice, words and energy, cause she felt hurt and was afraid to loose this man. I watched it, remembering how a guy once played that jealousy trick on me, when nothing else has been working any more, to control me. Of course he was just trying to control his own inner feminine and I wanted to be valued by my inner male. He had also tried to suppress and control me, as a reflection of his feminine, that he feared. Well, and the woman in front of me that I watched while having my coffee? She started fighting, cause the mans behaviour gave her a feeling of unworthyness. No matter how much she tried to please him, she was not enough for him. She was fighting him, because she was fighting her inner selfworth-issues. Why did my masterself show this to me? Well to heal my past, while sending Love and Awareness towards this man and this woman, so for them a space for their so(u)lution opened. Cause, me sitting there having a coffee, opened a different timeline for that couple. My masterself told me, that the woman will end her relationship what will set both free… Many women will refuse their roles. Many men too, hopefully. I deeply honor those, that dare to bring in the change.

On tuesday my stonepeople arrived, as a gift from beloved Muriel Shickman. They introduced themselves as Mr. and Mrs. Stone. Mrs. Stone told me how she has once been made out of soft wood, but hardened over a long periode with the determined spearhead, Mr. Stone. And well, he told me how much he wanted to be embraced by her and admired for his sharpness and how he has over time lost the tip of his stony head, as it has been rounded by the hardened wood. Well I listened to them and then introduced them to their daughter Jade Stone-Owl, whom had already arrived at christmas. How astonished they had been, that a stone can be hard, piercing and round. How he can be shiny, beautiful and flying. Wise, easy and tough.

Today I have been at my office-job. My direct boss is a guy who has been in military and always remembered me at the crazy military guy in the film “Avatar”. He´s proud in never giving in, always having to be the best. Normally I get along with him quite well. Being respectful, but never devote. I learned much about sovereignity in that job. But of course that guy senses the tiniest bit of “weakness” in others. That´s the moment he´ll try to dominate you. I didn´t get much sleep lately and had a little op at my left foot, so he might have sensed vulnerablility. Today I wanted to leave early and while I prepared to leave, he entered my office and said “Here´s todays post. You´ll not leave, unless it is done.” Always good for jokes this guy. I took the letters, put them in my In-Box and said “I´ll go. I´ve got an aching foot and an appointment.” He answered: “Even more fun for someone who enjoys being sadistic.” I laughingly answered, that he´s free to have his fun and I´m going to have mine, too. Took my jacket and left. And that is exactly the reason, why he likes me somehow, although he hates it that he likes me.

The appointment I have had was with Julian La Erosius from Luxury Masters Academy, for recording a session of the Healing of the Heart series, he´s creating. It´s been absolutely amazing, cause Julian went far beyond the warrior male principle and powergames, but he can open his heart truly without loosing the masculine energy. That is still so seldom and so much needed. We went today in this session beyond the fe/male energy split into the integration of all that we are, to be living examples how to leave all old roles and powergames behind, how to truly love ourselves and others.

We have to be whole and content within ourselves. No one can give that to us or can take it from us. When we love ourselves, and also the other, we will never play games that are no fun, we will never hurt ourselves or corrupt ourselves. And when we are whole again, we´ll treat the other the same way. It´s as easy as that.

Why we cannot uplift others

I´ve gotta joyful, loving heart and I´m an empath, so I always totally enjoyed it to see people thrive.

The stranger it has been to me, that a lot of people first have been totally amazed by me, to than later start strange games, what normally ended our relationship.

If you are a loving empath who tries to uplift people, what never really works out, this article might be quite helpful to understand what´s really going on in these cases. And it holds a much better so(u)lution at the end.

First of all: We can not uplift someone, who feels down. S/he has to decide to stand up on their own.

If you ever have seen cases of co-dependency, there is always the one trying to help the person that is down. In the end, they are maybe both down, because of the energetic feeding and games that are taking place. When you finally leave, the one who is believing to be down will stand up…or, in most cases, find someone else, who tries to “help him up”.

The same dynamic is taking place when you try to uplift someone. It´s the same game, just a smaller stage. You cannot do anything for a person, but inspire them. If they do not get ignited by your spark, there´s no way to help them, without burning yourself out.

Ok, I will share a typical scenario, that had replays in different variations in my past: I meet someone, we become friends, as I´ve got something that they are missing within themselves. They love my joy, my kind heart or my inner stability. Whatever it has been, they see something inside of me, that they want to have too. Well, when I looked at them I saw their inner light, their being. I knew that they can have that too, whatever it is they see in me. They are one with all that is, they can be whatever they want. I tried to show that to them, to encourage them, remind them. Well, that´s been the moment when things started to go wrong. When comming closer with my light, all they did was focus on their shadow on the wall, getting bigger and bigger. I´ve been too much for them, so they tried to control me, own me, belittle me or turn in some way against me. And in many cases my “friends” became my hidden enemies, even waiting for a weak moment of mine, to bring me down, using everyhing they could find. They did fight me, because they somehow thought me to be above them. They have been the ones believing to be down. No one can change someone elses be-lie-f. People are creating their reality. You can not uplift them, when they think they are down.

And my role in that scenario? I did also only fool myself, believing I can do for people what they are not willing to do for themselves. And as I felt that I am too much for them, I tried to be careful. I´ve got a 12th house sun in capricorn, shining behind the scenes and therefore been targeted from hidden enemies. I´ve been hiding my light and they did hide their darkness until both collided. It´s been breaking my heart a million times – until it just couldn´t, as I understood what had taken place. They did not fight me, but their own shadow, caused by their own light they saw reflected in me and that they couldn´t open up for.

The more funnier and pleasant occasions have been people telling me how much I have evolved, while I thought that I am who I have always been. Well, actually they did evolve and therefore could also see more of my light. But that´s of course very beautiful.

See, when someone has to be uplifted, someone is above them, what is a total misconception. I told you I always knew that we all hold this divine spark. Noone is above. But I did dim my light often, to make it easier and more comfortable for others, to be around me. I wanted to be accepted by them, but just had to learn to accept myself, all facettes of me. That´s why I met so many people with a hidden darkness, as I´ve been hiding my light.

The so(u)lution for all who want to help others is the following:

Stop uplifting, but instead inhabit and shine your light with all your might.

And yes, it might be that a lot of persons will turn their back on you as they cannot stand your shine, but they are at the moment not a match anyway. You would just distract, and struggle with, each other. Won´t help no one.

Shine your beauty with all your might, it will attract the right ones and you will inspire and ignite your divine sparkle endlessly as you are a match and mirror to each other.


Mistakes – Finding the chance to change

We´ve got to learn to look at our mistakes without feeling bad about them, cause only then they can provide their chance to change.

One of the biggest obstacles for the change on this planet, for our personal and collective evolvement, is that we feel bad when making a mistake. But when we feel bad about them, we do not look at them and instead of learning, we recreate them until they are a pattern. We are conditioned to see ourselves as wrong, when we do something that turns out to be wrong. We identify with the mistake. To think we shoud´ve known better makes it even much worse.

When talking to a client the ability to look at “the problem” is really important, cause it´s not me giving them a solution to fix their problem, but them find a soulution, what is an evolution in their journey. As it is their souls path, it has to come out of them, I am only there to assist them with whatever they may need for that. And in many cases that is trust and acceptance. People do not feel bad when talking with me about their flaws and obstacles. They feel that I do not judge them what helps them a lot, to not judge themselves. And that is the critical point. The moment we feel bad about ourselves, when we start feeling guilty or ashamed, we are turning our back on our selves. It is easy to see that when I´m talking to others. It is easy to say “You do not have to feel bad about that.”; but we have been trained so long to think that we are bad, not good enough or unworthy when making a mistake, that this is a deep imprint. Yesterday when talking to a friend I recognized a mistake I have made…and more than once. And I felt shame, cause it seemed really kind of stupid. But than I realized, that my shame might have been the reason why I didn´t see it earlier, why I even repeated it. It is sometimes much easier to love others unconditionally than ourselves. It really needs strenght, love and compassion to look ourselves in the eyes and to accept all that we are, with all flaws and shortcommings. And everyone has them, there´ll never be a moment when we are reaching perfection.

There are no errors, this journey is an adventure, we came here to make experiences, to explore and evolve. The only mis-take we can make is to not open up for the gifts that are hidden in our experiences. And well, not even that is a mistake as this multiverse offers endless chances.

Allow yourself to make mistakes and do not feel bad, but stay open and curious, there are so many layers in reality and in ourselves. It is beautiful to explore them.

Feel loved and shine your light!

Your blockages hide your mastery

We all have special areas in our lifes where we struggle again and again. As they seem difficult we try to avoid them. I want to encourage you to do the opposite. Why? Cause these blocks have been installed for good reasons and will just melt away, when you are ready. The areas in your life where you have blockages are actually those that you have choosen to find mastery. A dragon puts his huge butt always on a treasure chest.

All and everything in life is about energy. A block doesn´t let the energies flow. He is normally installed while childhood and you can see these areas also in your birthchart. It´s really kind of funny, as in the old energy an Astrologer might have told you to avoid the difficult constellations. That´s been the mindset: Fight, flight or denial. Well, you cannot block life itself. It will deliver endless opportunities to learn your lessons and finally master them.

But you won´t need an astrologer or a psychoanalysis to spot the areas in your life with blockages. As the energies are not flowing easily, these are the areas where you have the feeling of lack and struggle. And when you try harder, you only add more energy in these areas, what makes the block bigger. Sometimes people are building up such a huge blockage that it finally shatters under its own weight. That is instant enlightenment, caused by unbearable pain. Eckhart Tolle described how he reached his enlightenment through immense suffering.

In the new earth we might choose another path, one that offers more fun and joy. I am telling you a huge secret: Mastery is reached by ease. What? Didn´t I just describe how the blockage crumbled under the pressure? Yes. And what happens when the block has faded? Ease occures. Ease is the sign of mastery.

Well, but there is still the block before we are reaching ease. You can free your passage with dynamite, or use a teaspoon, or you can melt the stone with light. It is up to you, what you want. Dynamite may be quick, causes a lot of damage and may cause even more stones to come down and block the passage. A teaspoon? Well, in case you enjoy the journey and want to lenghten it. That´s fine also. I love the lightsaber, that´s my personal choice.

How does it work? Bring in as much light as possible, be focused, but relaxed. And relaxed doesn´t mean to ignore the issue, stay centered, be aware. A bit like a Jedi. Hold the frequency of love, stay centered, have fun and enjoy the game without getting too serious. Here is humor very important. Did you realize that all Masters have humor? They don´t belittle the game of life, but they play it in a lighthearted, joyful way.

Shine your light and have fun!


Oh my darling, please surrender…why you cannot miss your goal

I know a lot of people that are waiting for something or someone.

We, including me, know that we will be at a totally different place by the the end of the year, but until now it is the big “unknown”. We don´t know what, where or with whom we will be. And that brings a feeling of uncertainty to many people at the moment.

The best you can do at the moment is to totally surrender, especially while that eclipse in pisces is happening. You cannot miss the goal…no really you can´t, I mean it! You are attracting what belongs to you and it will come to you, the only thing that makes it difficult for the divine delivery service to reach you, is you having specific expectations or being at unease.

When we think we have figured out how the perfect partner looks like, how to build our business or when to travel to Hawaii, we are locking out opportunities. And as we somehow sense that, we might get nervous, what makes it even more difficult to get into a receiving mode. Cause being receptive is all that is your job. All else is unfolding very naturally. Try to stay in an open state of mind and at ease.

If you feel fear rising up, try to transmute it into curiousity: “I really wonder how the universe is going to deliver my job, mate, house…(fill the blank)?” It is not your job to find it, so don´t search for it. Whatever is yours, through your permission and intend, will reach you. I´ve seen it a million times. Even when you miss it, it will be delivered anyway.

My daughter missed her husband a few times. She had already exchanged some messages with him, both playing a browsergame. But than she oversaw a message from him. A while later the people playing the game met for a weekend. She didn´t go there. But I did, cause I wanted to meet a special someone. When my daughter looked at the pictures of this weekend, she spotted her later husband on them and asked me who he was. I couldn´t answer as I didn´t have spoken with him and not payed attention. Did she ask others about him? No. So how comes that she finally met him? After six month she stumbled over the overseen message, answered it, messaged with him and than they met very quickly. See, she really couldn´t miss him, no matter how hard she tried 😉 <3

By the way, she wouldn´t be in that incarnation, if I didn´t have met her father. And well, I also missed him twice. While a concert he was talking to friends of mine for a while, standing at a place where I really couldn´t oversee him, but I did not recognize him at all. I swear I really didn´t see him. Than I was invited to a party where I would have met him again, but didn´t go there. But finally I met him and we shared a good laugh how hard it was to bring us together.

But the universe delivers – always. As I am a stubborn capricorn and the universe has a sense for grotesque humor, it sended me once someone walking around with a megaphone, so I wouldn´t overhear him. I remember how I listened to the message and wondered how high the chances are that someone would walk around shouting at me the answer to a question that bothered me at that time. Well, the next day I was at a totally other place and the same guy came along yelling my answer at me again! It´s been hilarious! Really the universe gives a sh*t on chances, it simply deliveres them endlessly.

So you might just relax and await your divine parcel. While waiting I recommend a story I once wrote, describing the divine perspective on deliveries:

Have fun and shine your light!


Love thy monsters – Shadows uncovered

In the shadows resides all that can´t be accepted and loved. That is how shadows are created: through shame, guilt and rejection. A child cannot stand it to be not good, not lovable and as such experiences cause the feeling of heartbreak it puts all that s/he is thinks will cause these feelings in the unconscious shadow realms of its being.

So it is no wonder when these aspects feel angry or depressed and go on a rampage of destruction. Whenever someone acts out in a destructive way it is never his/her true divine self, but a shadow aspect. Don´t join them in their game. Every time you get triggert by someone elses shadow you can be sure he matches your own. You can not convince a shadow with arguments, he is stubborn and tricky at the same time, you cannot win such a game.

There are only two thing you can do:

1.) send love and compassion to this aspects

2.) avoid to get entangled in any way.

The more ugly these aspects seem to you, the more love and compassion they need.  And if you deal with someone elses shadow it is sometimes better to send them love and light on the inside but stay away from them, as they are too suspiscious to accept your love. That´s a lesson I recieved. A shadow aspect doesn´t trust love and is afraid to get hurt again, so chances are high he is making sure he is right. We are mighty creators, even when we don´t know it. Sooner or later someone will say or do something the shadow sees as a prove and fullfilment of his/her negative expectation. Shadows are experts in creating self-fulfilling negative prophecies. Therefore you won´t be able to help someone else transform its shadow unless he is totally dedicated himself to do it.

But you can take care for your own aspects instead of focussing on others. Dealing with the shadows of other is in many cases anyway just a trick of your own shadow to distract you, so he isn´t himself in your focus.

How to deal with your shadow?

Totally accept his feelings of anger, sadness, shame or whatever may show up. Don´t suppress it, don´t ignore it and don´t fight it. Allow it. Hold it. Listen to it, but don´t believe the dark stories of no-love he tells. Just know that he believes in them. Your shadow is like a child trapped in a nightmare. How would you treat a child with a nightmare? Tell him there are no ghosts and leave him alone in the dark? Or maybe it is a much better idea to comfort your inner child until it feels safe. Turn on the light, comfort him and make sure noone is in the cupboard or under the bed. Sing him a song of birds and sunshine, hold the child in your loving arms to keep all monsters away. And when they should show up again make them a chain…out of daisies, color their claws and invite them to sing and dance with you. Love, joy and happiness are the mightiest forces in all of creation.

Shine your light precious soul!