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The next Monthly Rose Touch, 10th of June, 2017

The next free Group-Session in 2017 will take place 10th of June,  at 10 p.m. my time (Germany), what is 9 p.m. GMT, 1 p.m. PMT, 2 p.m. MST, 3 p.m. CST, 4 p.m. EST and so on. Here you can find your time zone:

When you can´t make it at the given time, just join at “your perfect time”, as this happens in the Quantum Field.

How does the Monthly Rose Touch work?

The Sessions take place in the Quantum field. At the given time you find yourself a nice place and make sure you won´t be disturbed for at least 30 minutes. Make it a comfortable experience, maybe lit a candle, burn incense, play relaxation music or whatever helps you to get into a calm, meditative state. Breath calm while you focus onto your heart, as it is your gate. Imagine to open your heart and enter a holy place, where you sit between roses to receive the high frequencies of OneLove delivered to you through the Inner Net. (The Inner Net is connecting all that is. You enter it through your consciousness, no devices needed.)

The Rose Touch is a quantum experience and the only things required are your intend to participate, to open your heart and to receive these high frequencies. While the session every subscriber is adressed as a part of the group, but I am also focussing for a moment on each participant at the end of the session, to send him what s/he might need personally.

If you want to participate put your name under this post or message me. Please don´t put someone elses name to the list, as free will is very important in this case. Sole exceptions are your own children that are under 14 years or your pets, as you are their care-takers. For each month you´ve got to sign in anew if you´ve enjoyed it and want more.

Guided Meditation: For the ones, that would prefer to be guided into the Meditation, I´ve recorded a visit into your own inner Rosegarden to receive the Rose Touch. The sound quality is not good, as I´ve  used a dictaphone and you hear sound in the background, my breath etc., but it is just an extra offer. To download the meditation klick on the colored Link: Monthly Rose Touch Medi

Everybody else may just use his own music and meditation practise. The Session will take place at least 30 minutes, but some people enjoyed it for many hours. Trust your own feelings, how long you want to stay in the field.

A personal statement: I´m honored to be able to hold this field and deliver these outstanding energies. But this is not about me or my human persona. I want to make that very clear. It is  a coworking of the human with the divine and activating the pure Loveenergy that resides in all living beings. It is your own essence you´ll experience, what creates the blessings and healings. Please feel invited to share this message with likeminded, cause every participant is adding to the choir of energies and strengthening the field, although s/he benefits from it. Welcome to the New Earth. Let´s love it into life!

Shine your light precious soul!

The treasure in the dark – New video available

In this video, I am offering a point of view that helped me personally to overcome painful experiences in my past. I´ve been stumbeling a few weeks ago over suppressed traumatic memories out of my own childhood. I´m very glad that these memories didn´t show up earlier in my life, as I know now how to integrate these aspects.

But when dealing with painful experiences, there is often a voice in our heads, that cannot understand the “Why?”. I try to offer you a perspective, that has been helping me on my path immensely and that is strenghtening instead of feeling victimized.

Let it work for you, not against you.


Total acceptance

The only way to really change is total acceptance.

May sound contradictory, but to overcome duality, we often have to deal with this contradictions and move beyond their outer opposition, to a higher perspective.

One major reason for the distortions in ourselves and in this world is the inner and outer fight with “what is”. We reject, fight and deny unwanted things in ourselves and in others. That is the root for all kinds of unhappiness and tragedy on this planet.

You might think: “Well, I´ve got to make this world a better place and I´ve got to become better myself. So I have to change the unwanted.” But when you go against the unwanted you actually feed it. And no, I do not want you to go into denial. See things as they are…just do not resist and reject them. Take a closer look. Sense into it. But do not get entangled. The moment you resist, you get entangled, you give your power and your energy away, you feed the distortions and make them stay. There´s no point in that.

Stay as close as possible to your own core, your true self. From this place you do not have to “become better”, just be your true self. All that is not representing your true self will fade away step by step.

Every person you meet has the same divine core. They are just not aware of it. That is the reason behind all distortion you are facing. Do not focus on the distortion, but on their light. Do not deny the dark, but do not get entangled in it, as you would only feed it or even struggle yourself.

Honor and embrace their true self. Always. All their darkness only occurs because they are not aware of their true core, that is eternal and divine.

People feel that when they are with me. You would not believe how much darkness I have faced in my life, how often people told me their darkest secrets. But the moment when I accept the one that struggles with it and do not reject them is the moment I remind them of their core. When they show me the not accaptable and I say: “I see how much you struggle and I can not take your burden, but I love you and I trust we will meet again in the light of your divinity.”, that may change more than all else I could do or say. And no, it is not my intend to change them. It is my intend to see them happy with themselves, so I offer them the time and space to remember who they truly are.

Do not judge them. To face your darkness and to overcome it needs much strenght. Every person I spoke to, that seemed to be trapped in dark patterns was suffering deeply. They totally reject themselves.They believe to be not worthy and not lovable…and that is leading them deeper and deeper into despair. So, if you are truly a lighthouse, you do not deny where they are: In stormy weather. But you will also show them where the warm, safe habor is.

Shine your light!

You can´t change others perception

Insights & PerspectivesPosted by Natalie Tue, December 06, 2016 08:33:00
As it´s the holiday season and we meet family, with their mostly very different point of view, especially as 2016 is the year of the clean-ups, here´s something I´d like to share:
Most people have a very, very different perception of reality than a lightworker has. And as you may be able to see the others reality, cause you were raised that way, you might not really understand that they just cannot see yours. What is obvious to you remains invisible for them. There´s no need to share your point of view, especially not with words. You won´t reach them and they will turn anything against you, as they defend their way of living. So don´t make them feel they have to defend who they are. Just stay in your own truth.

Sometimes it may be hard, as you might see how someone struggles and you might want to help them, but that might not be possible.
If you see someone having issues with their job, as they don´t do what they are really good at and feel unhappy in their working-situation, you may realize he is shaky with his self-worth. You may understand that this person is afraid to show the own abilities and therefore doesn´t thrive as much as he could, as his “normal” job won´t make him happy. Well, you may try to encourage this person and she will like it for a moment. But as she isn´t ready she might feel pushed than. And even when you don´t say anything, just stay centered and be yourself, this person will still feel challenged by your attitude. She would like to be that way, but doesn´t feel she can and so she will accuse you being arrogant and high-toned. You might be loving and kind, but still represent the shadow of this person.

I´ve got a relative that is very ill, has a lot of physical and emotional pain inside herself and all of her mindset is of the old earth. A world where you have to prove your worth with your income. your position, influence and willpower. Behind it is a huge idea of unworthyness, so she has to be “better” or “right” to not feel totally worthless, what feels like hell to her.
You cannot reach a person like that. If you try to help her on a physical level, she thinks you to be weak, as she thinks she may rule over you. If you don´t help her, she will accuse you to be a heartless being. You cannot do it right, cause she needs you to be “wrong”. In both cases she “won” in her mindset. Just like in the song of Depeche Mode “Master and servant” domination is the name of the game. And you can´t change the game someone else is playing.

We shoudn´t interfere with someone elses game, but stay focused on our own. If you get attacked for your way of living and your point of view, just don´t let them hurt you. All of that has nothing to do with you at all.
If you know and feel with all that you are, that you live the way that is yours, you don´t have to justify it, just be it.
And you don´t have to convince someone else, that their path is wrong. It isn´t. They might need all the pain and suffering they can bare. Don´t distract them. They´ll find out themselves, if they want. Free will is king.

Nevertheless we have to live our own truth. Very often we have been sitting with others, cause “we have to, it´s christmas”. No, we don´t.
If you can stand their flaws and still enjoy the day, come together with family and let them be as they are. But if all of it is a nightmare and it feels as if you are watching a horror-movie: Don´t do that to yourself. Than speak your truth, without attacking or blaming them. Say that you´ve decided you want to spend your day in your own way. Yes, they will gossipp about you, they will blame you, but they´ll do it anyway and there´s no need for sacrifice. Maybe not showing up to other´s games, will show you´re having fun with yours.

Shine your light!

Learning through contrast

Insights & PerspectivesPosted by Natalie Sun, November 27, 2016 10:43:24
In my old life there used to be so much heartbreak, because of so much no-love all around me, starting with my own mother, that these experiences used to be really hard for me. But later when I learned to heal myself, it became obvious to me, that all pain has been serving me in the end. It´s been nothing but contrast and contrast is how duality works. Just noone told me and so it took me really long to understand what was going on.

I´d like to share this to spare you pain.

Whatever causes you emotional pain, is painful as it is not your truth. Truth isn´t painful, it is the resistance against the contrast and the absence of what you want to experience that causes the pain.

As love and joy has always been my highest truth, all antipode that I experienced was horrible to me.
And that is an important point, that will hopefully help others on their path.
See the polarity, but don´t identify with it. Don´t struggle with it, don´t fight it, don´t get entangeled in it. Your inner feeling is telling you loud and very clearly, that this is not your truth. So why deal with it longer than necessary?

With these two steps, you may step out of the pain and into the truth:

1.)Feel inside. What is your truth about your experience?

2.) Live it!

See, in my case it meant to live love. Love for myself. Love for others. I walked the desert, so I am seeding beautiful gardens now.
I had a few hard moments, when I recognized some seeds will take a long time or even fell on very solide rocks, resisting all growth. But even that has been just a lesson. It´s not up to me what others do with their opportunities. It is free will and in the end everyone will return to the light. Let them idle a little bit. Who cares about a few seeds not growing, when there´s so much plenty and beauty, blooming in me and all around me?

It is so important that we learn to not get distracted by what we don´t want, but instead focus totally on what we want to live.
Resistance and fight need a lot of power. That´s destructive.
Take back your power and live it in an constructive way and you´ll be unstoppable.

Someone lies and cheats on you? Personify truth and integrety!

Someone tries to put you down? Stand up tall and strong!

Someone hates you? Become a living Lovebomb!

Someone can´t see your worth? Express your values!

Someone is cold and untouched? Live a warm and intimite life!

Being cast out? Take in light, life and love fully!

Being rejected? Love and accept yourself and others fully!

Being maligned? Well, sorts out wrong friends. More time for real ones!

Whatever opposes you, just stand by and for yourself!

Let contrast be your teacher, recieve your training willingly and you´ll become stronger than you can even imagine.

Shine your light!

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Birthing our own light

Inspired to inspirePosted by Natalie Fri, November 25, 2016 06:36:38
We fear nothing more than our own light. It is overwhelming. Too much.
That´s the reason why our path takes a long, long time. We need to prepare before we are able to trust and open up fully.

The first time I made consciously contact with the light in this lifetime was when I gave birth to my daughter. That happened long ago, February. 2nd 1987. To me that´s a typical kryon joke as it´s been exactly 6 month before the convergence, but it happened the way it happened because there would be the convergence.

I was a young woman of 18 and I really feared giving birth and being a mother. I had absolutly no idea how to make it. Well life doesn´t need us to know how to, it is just unfolding perfectly. It´s been already evening and I had been in labour for 16 hours when a pain hit me that´s been beyond words, I opened my mouth and yelled like crazy – afterwards I felt very astonished and a bit ashamed for loosing control so totally.

It remained the only yell, cause I recieved heavenly birth help. On my inside a picture showed up: A surfer, riding a wave. I understood immediately: Don´t fight the wave, surf it. And I did.
The rest was happening very quickly. The very second my daughter entered earth again, very different things happened simontaneously. I had my feet onto the legs of the midwife, so she could hold against my power. Well actually she couldn´t. She was literally kicked through the whole room and totally stunned as she said something like that never happened in 20 years to her. She couldn´t understand it.
Well, that´s been the power of love.
Cause the moment when my daughter came in the veil was removed for a splitsecond, and I experienced a light, that´s been warm and love and all one. Far beyond all words and the seed of my path as a lightworker in this life.

My daughters father was sitting by my side, holding my hand and he later described again and again that he didn´t understand what was going on. Suddenly the midwife lost balance and was stumbeling through the room and he saw a little grey ball laying between my legs (totally his daughter, she likes soccer just like him 😉 ) and when he looked very puzzled into my face he saw the most happiest and beautiful smile he had ever seen in his whole life. Well, of course – I´ve been in heaven that second. Not only did I birth my daughter out of the light…I also gave birth to my own light.

One might think, that having experienced that, I would hunger for the lovelight. Of course I did. Kept me on the path. Made me study spiritual teachings from all cultures.
But when the light knocked at my door many, many years later I was so afraid that I´ve not been able to let it in fully.

It happened after a Kryon meeting in autumn 2014 in Basel. I left the meeting very quiet and went straight upstairs to my hotelroom and laid down on my bed and opened up. And there it was again. I guess I´ve never been more happy and fearful in my life. I opened up and let it in, cause I wanted it so much, but I couldn´t open fully. It came in so strong, that I´ve been too afraid I might burst into nothingness. So I jumped from love to fear, again and again.

Well, the light is patient. It told me to go to Israel with Kryon 2015. I didn´t understand why and didn´t want to, but of course I followed my inner voice. The best choice ever. Now a path started to unfold, where I´ve been prepared step by step to let it in. Not all at once, but again and again. As much as useful and as I could hold without freakin out or loosing ground. Instead of jumping from love to fear, like a crazy quantum rabbit on drugs, I now let it in slowly, in a balanced way. Others may prefer other ways to find the light.

Each lightworkers journeys is different, all stories are breathtakingly beautiful, but one thing we might mostly have in common:

– Nothing is more overwhelming than the own light. It seems impossible to embody that.

It is us, birthing our own lovelight.

May the surfer help us to go with the waves and not against it.

Shine your light

Don´t allow others to contaminate your temple

Insights & PerspectivesPosted by Natalie Wed, November 23, 2016 15:26:00
Something that catched my attention lately

a) because I had health-issues myself
b) I examined others health-issues in sessions

is the fact that an emotional wound can cause quite painful physical experiences also.

As this has been the planet of madness for a long time, we all experienced quite unpleasant things. And when you experienced painful encounters maybe very intensely, or maybe very often plus you may have a genetic disposition in your family, as this is an old issue from your ancestors, you might literally get sick from someone elses mean actions and words towards you.

Seems to be very injustice, that these persons can do you harm. Yes and no.
See, hurt people hurt people. They did you wrong, cause they themselves are living in a kind of hell. And you, somehow, let them into the temple, that is your bodysystem.
When we are lightworkers, maybe very empathic, open, loving and want to help others, we might be too open for all kinds of influences.

If we see our body as the temple for our holy soul, we first have to clean him. If you´ve got an health issue you may travel to this part of your body, examine the issue and talk to your body. This is your body, cooperate with him.

We have to embody our body fully. The more we bring the light into the body, the more we unite body and soul. Than this body becomes our temple.
Others are very welcome to this temple – when they come with love and respect.

Imagine you´d be a priest/ess in a holy temple. For sure that´s easy to imagine. Most of us have been in other lifetimes. How would you welcome someone to the temple? Very open and loving. And when they don´t behave? What if they come in drunk, making noise, bringing in dirt, yell at the priest/ess, try to sell their stuff?

Well, you will remind them where they are, tell them that you like to have them here, but that this is a holy place. If they don´t listen? You tell them to leave. If they still don´t behave? Kick them out!

People are at very different points in their journey. You won´t reach everyone with nice words (but much more than one might imagine). But some are just looking for trouble, some are just full of poison and hatred. They need to play that out before they are ready for the next step. Well they don´t have to act it out in your life, having an impact on your body. Don´t allow it.

Be open like a membran – with semipermiability, letting the wanted stuff in and the unwanted out. We´ve got to learn that ablity.

Well sometimes stuff that hurts us is coming from people that are very close and dear to us, the closer they are the bigger might be the impact on our emotional and physical body. As described above it might help to talk to yourself, to find out what is the issue and to heal it.

Make yourself aware, that the one trying to attac you did so because s/he has been forgetful in that moment. We all are once in a while. If they are very often forgetful, remind you that you are the temple and don´t let them. Everyone that is hateful, angry, rejecting or tries to bring you down in any form, feels this way about him/herself. It is true that they are doing that literally to themselves. Imagine in what a hell they might live. Well, and than decide to not share that hell, cause that won´t help them, but injure you. Instead bringing in awareness that you are the sacred temple and keep your temple clean.

Shine your light!

Attracting the unusual

(T)HeArt of CreationPosted by Natalie Sat, November 19, 2016 22:53:17
We all experience coincidences. We think about someone we haven´t seen for years, enter a grocery store…and there s/he is.
You think about a movie you´ve seen and next to you a couple starts talking about it.
I am so often experiencing stuff that is against all odds, that the unusual became a normal part of my life. Although I´m a writer, I could never write about my own life, cause nobody would believe it…not even as a fiction.

So I contemplated about the fact why so much serendipity is happening to me, and I found 5 explanations for it, that may inspire you to increase your good luck.

1) I love to think about unusual things. I love to stretch my mind and change perspectives. My mind is playfully strolling in the galaxies, while me feets are wellgrounded on earth. That seem to make it easy to bring heaven on earth.

2) Although the unusual is quiete normal to me, I´m never getting used to it. I´m still amazed every time such stuff happens. A little bit like a child´s mind. Makes me stay open and therefore I seem to enjoy christmas once a week or even more often.

3) Awareness. People that aren´t present oversee the miracles in their life.

4) Being joyful. Maybe the angels love to play tricks on me, cause they love it when their work is appreciated. Or maybe the vibration of joy attracts joyful events. Don´t know why, but joy is increasing the miracle-factor in my life a lot.

5) I´m sure we are all connected through an Inner Net. Persons that are very close and dear to us, seem to have a direct line, although that´s not happening in our conscious mind.

Here´s a nice story, that happened this week:
I didn´t talk very much to my daughter lately as she is very busy in her job and in her freetime also. She needs action and been traveling a lot lately while I´ve been quite busy with other stuff. In the middle of the week I saw rainbow-roses in the internet, that made me think of my daughter, as she has a tatoo with these colors. I ordered these flowers for her to be delivered at the weekend. Well a few hours later my daughter sended me a message that a package is on it´s way to me, that should be delivered for the weekend. I read it with a huge grin on my face. Both miles apart, quite busy with very different things, but thinking at each other at the same time.

Well, what my daughter surely couldn´t know is that I am much occupied the last days with
a) making plans for my businesses, like moving this blog to wordpress, what I should have done from the beginning, thinking about interview partners for the end of my actually book project and having another book project started these days and much, much more
b) being focused on a daily routine for manifestation, to make these things happen smooth and easily

Well, when the parcel arrived I have been writing an article in a facebook-group, taking my daughter as an example that we don´t have to fear the future as the new generation has all that is needed. It´s been a love-declaration for the young ones. The very moment I sended the post, my bell was ringing and the parcel arirved. When I opened it, I starred at what my daughter had sended to me:
There was a pillow in it, saying “Dream bigger.” and an advent calendar saying “Expect miracles”. That is not what my daughter would message normally, these are words I would use, not she. That´s already a miracle in itself. Even when this is not her mindset, she´s for sure very much in tune with me <3

I guess coincidents are created with the heart <3

Create reference points for manifestation

(T)HeArt of CreationPosted by Natalie Fri, November 18, 2016 18:24:49
When we want to manifest something that we are not used to, there is one obstacle we have to overcome:
We have to know how it feels like, cause manifestations are created through intend and vibration.
But when you don´know how it feels like, how do you wanna create what you wish to experience?
You have to make experiences, even small ones, that are reference points. These reference points you may than use like an energetic magnet for your manifestation.

If you might have been poor all your life, you might not know how plenty and abundance feels like. Or maybe you never felt truly loved or supported and want to experience it.

First of all stop waiting for a saviour. You came to make your dreams come true. That is your job and noone elses. You are the main-character in your hero-quest.
So how to do it? How to come to a place where you can attract what you want?

Here are 5 possible ways to create reference points:

1.) Even when you have nothing, you still have your fantasy. You know what you don´t want, so imagine how it would feel like to have what you want. Make it as lively as possible. How would it feel like, look like, taste like, smell like, sound like?

2.) Watch a movie, read a book about people that have what you want. That makes it easier to “tune into” the feeling.

3.) Try to contact people that have made these experiences. If you connect to someone that owns what you want, you experience that it is possible. Ask them about their experience, most people will love to tell you how they made it. And through the communication you connect energetically. If you can´t have a one-on-one talk with a rich or famous person read their blog or watch an interiew.

4.) Search your memories. Maybe you´ve made a very short experience in your childhood? One moment of true love or luxury? I´ve been in an orphanage as a two year old, cause my mother gave me away. It´s been a horrible experience, but one of the nuns, Sister Estephania, was a living beacon of light and she took me a few times aside to hug me and brush my hair in a loving way. That´s been enough to anchor the light of true love inside of me and had a huge impact on my life. Maybe you also had a small experience you can refer to?

5.) Try to make a physical experience. Maybe you can´t effort a dinner at a first-class restaurant. But you might go there once for one overly expensive cup of coffee. It is important to not feel small and don´t worry about the price of that coffee. In that case you would anchor the experience that luxury feels uncomfortable and your subconscious don´t want to feel that way. So, stay focused, prepare yourself and try to just enjoy your little adventure.

It is ok if you just have your fantasies, but try to come from 1 to 5, to bring it from the realms of ideas to a physical manifestation, even a small one, cause nothing is stronger than to have a physical anchor for your desire.

Feel grateful for the tiniest step in the right direction. Celebrate it and try to stay in a playful way on your path. The lighter you feel the easier will be the manifestation.

Have fun and shine your light!

Help your cursed child

Finding SoulutionsPosted by Natalie Thu, November 17, 2016 01:19:14
The reason why we repeat the patterns of our childhood in our relationships, especially in the partnering area, is that the cursed inner child still awaits to be freed.
And the inner child is right. It needs help to break the spell of no-love that it felt in his childhood.
The only mistake in this scenario is that we are thinking the other (maybe a partner) will break the spell and in most cases s/he won´t. Just the opposite, s/he will help you to repeat it. And even worse, you will insist that your partner does so.

Imagine a little boy who had a mother that was never happy, no matter what he did and the little boy thought it is his faulth, something about him is wrong, he´s not good enough. You can bet when he is grown up he will look out for partners that will serve the same issue. He will find the one in a thousand that has always something to complain about. You might imagine he will leave her soon. Well maybe he does or maybe not. Doesn´t matter, as every new partner will serve the unsolved issue. It might seem to be a mistake of his subconsciousness, but we will see later, that it is not a mistake.

This man will repeat the same experience until he is totally fed up with this pattern. Well, high likely he´ll blame his partners, or after a while all woman, but we will see that they aren´t the problem, just the opposite. They all have been co-workers in his search for a solution.

See, no one on the outside can free him. Heaven might send him a nice woman, that is warm-hearted and lovely. He won´t choose her. He would choose the unhappy goat next to her. His subconscious mind will insist to repeat the problem endlessly until he finds a solution. And noone else can serve him a solution. When heaven would insist to send him on an island with a nice, balanced woman…guess what he would do? He would behave so badly that she would feel unhappy and start to complain because of his behaviour. He will recreate his issue again and again. How to end this mess?

Well the solution lies not in his co-working mates but within himself. He has to become aware that he is the reason for his problem…and the salvation. That is a reason why I recommend inner child work so much. He has to be the one making contact to his inner child and give love to the little one until he feels loved and good enough. And from this day on he will be.

You have to be the one that gives you what your trapped inner child didn´t get. We are learning through duality. In our childhood we get the imprint that we want to overcome. With perfect timing we are attracting people that help us to overcome it. Well, in the most cases they will help you with opening your wound again and again. Trouble is we are looking for saviours. Our mind is programmed that way. I blame Hollywood and fairy tales a lot for that, cause they´ve implanted that idea. Especially woman are waiting for the prince/hero. In most cases the next guy is just another frog or fraud. She has to become the heroine herself, instead of hoping for a savior.

The funny thing is: There will occur people that help you on your path, but only when you made the intend and the steps to help yourself. They will assist you, but they can´t do it for you.

The first step is, as always, to bring awareness, what your pattern is. What is it that you are searching for? What are you missing in your relationships?

In the second step you have to give it, whatever it might be, to you. Don´t let yourself down. Stand by your inner child, no matter what. That might take a while and there will occur repetitions, but they will hurt less and less the more you are healed.

And there might be a third step, that I am offering to my clients: Make contact to the perfect blueprint of parents on your inside. When we bring back the connection to father sky and mother earth we bring back the awareness how true love and support feels like. It´s also helpful to bring back a balance between the masculine and feminine. They are both supportive in their own way and go hand in hand when the blueprint is reinstalled. May you free your inner child and feel loved and save.

Shine your light!