You cannot strive for enlightenment by following someone else’s path. You cannot become a Master by commanding and controlling others. You´ve gotta master yourself, by unbecoming all that you are not. This might take endlessly or happen in an instant. It doesn’t matter, just follow your path and let go with ease and grace.

All my life I was a living contradiction. On one hand I could relate to almost everybody, on the other hand I never fitted in. I enjoy diversity, I love to learn and to connect with people, I’m able to see what’s special about them, that’s why it is totally easy for me to connect with people. And people feel that, they feel at home and safe next to me. I literally see them and I love them for their true self. But when they are not in contact with their true self, they try to make me one, the same. And I am not and will never be. My oneness is that of the ocean, being one with all the water, loving every drop as an expression of this amazing beauty, so why would you try to limit and control him, if you can just enjoy him?

Groups have been especially difficult for me, as I could relate, but never could be assimilated by a group, as they are too limiting for me. I see through the group-dynamics of manipulation, regulations, control and energy-feeding. People entering a meditation class to than repeat all their life this one form of meditation, meeting every tuesday evening for decades of their life. Why? To belong, to feel special. But in truth they sacrifice all that is special about them, to be accepted in a prison of sorts. I enter, learn the technic, go and keep a few friends or not and integrate the teaching into my huge tool box. The same goes with everything. I love to widen my horizon, but do not build up attachment. Why would I imprison myself in such a way?

Well, it turned out that all that seemed to be difficult, is just perfect. The areas of our life that had the most obstacles are the ones where our mastery will show up first. All that never seemed to work, was never supposed to work.

I am a carrier of the new energy, how should I have functioned very well in the old? I´ve got the ability to bring together very different people and hold an energetic space for them, where they can reconnect with their true self. And I am working with groups now, never doing the limiting stupid stuff others did with groups. I will not lead them, I will not master them, I inspire them to become their own sovereign self. And this sovereign self is exactly what I described, able to relate with everybody, one with the ocean of life, connected with everything while free and untamed.

And guess what? Now I find the ones that are different, but of the same kind. Souvereign. And we work together as free creators, without any obligations or attachments. My ability to hold the space fits perfectly with their skills. We encourage each other to be the best version of ourselves, but no one owes anything to anyone. There’s no competition, no jealousy, no contracts, no pressure, only love, joy, sharing, inspiration, love, laughter and grace.

Now I know why I never fitted in, I was never meant to be limited, because I’m just outstanding. And I know why I can relate to everyone, it´s because I can sense their sovereign being, their eternal self. I know now, that I have tried all my life to encourage people to bring this forth, I tried to show them how to be outstanding, while they tried to make me fit in. And the moment when I myself stopped trying to fit in, to be understood or accepted, but allowed myself to be outstanding was when my life changed. This is what I came for.

And all of my obstacles have been just perfect, because they trained me for my mission. I´m the one, to assist you to remember who you truly are. But I can not do it for you nor would I! Please only enter my life, when you are willing to be outstanding too. Being outstanding has nothing to do with a pumped up ego, out of lack of self-worth. A Master is humble and grandiose at once. He´s a living contradiction. He enjoys water as if it´s champagne. It’s the abundance of your true being, as an equal with others, out of self-awareness, as a sovereign self.

Do not follow me, but get inspired by me to ignite your own fire, to shine your own light <3


Credits to Manuela Grotz, she created the picture for my first book. It shows a modern version of the three weaver.


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