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When you love yourself you become free

Today its been four years ago, that I decided to “love, honor and respect myself”. I married myself and started a journey to integrate all of my aspects and to create peace within. I acted spontaneously, because I had enough from the distorted games between men and woman. I understood that searching for fulfillment through someone else was madness. I had always taken other people way too serious and that made me vulnerable and undermined my self-worth. Others had been able to fool, manipulate or dominate me…in the name of love. I realized that to “need” another being to be happy, was pure madness. It´s been normal, everybody played these distorted games, but that didn´t mean that their normal was healthy for me.

To “marry myself” not only changed my point of view on partnering, but on all kind of relationships. I hereby freed myself and those around me. I started to accept myself more and more, to bring back my own aspects and I started to live the only eternal lovestory we all experience, the one with my divine core, my essence, my soul self.

When we need “the other” to be our fairy tale, s/he has to behave as we wish and expect them. That´s not love, that is slavery. You are the one to make yourself happy, to fulfill your dreams. To love ourselves is the end of all excuses. If we are not happy it is because of us, not because of someone else.

Most of my relationships of all kinds became much better the last four years. As I do not need others, I can really enjoy being with them. I love to co-operate with others, to exchange wisdom, points of view,  experiences…or to just be with them, to enjoy our being together. That doesn´t even need a reason at all.

Of course there are still people I do not get along with very well, but I just let them be. Everyone is as free as I am. The only real trouble I experience once in a while is with needy people. They will try to hold me accountable for all they do not create themselves in their lifes. As they are no sovereigns, they will try all: domination, manipulation, lies, demands, blame, shame, guilt, scapegoating, projection, denial and revenge. And they find a thousand reasons why I have to be, do and act as they want me to.  But it all comes to one point: They need slaves to fulfill their needs, as they do not dare to be sovereigns and to take responsibility for their own being.

Please do, as to love, honor and respect yourself will free you <3

Freeing shadows and opening the round table

Every time we experience something that we can not handle and are not able to deal with, an aspect of ourselves is split apart. He is than living in the shadows, holding the unwanted.

When wanting to become whole again, there is no other way but going into the shadows and opening up for these abandoned parts of us. In the shadows are our painful experiences, trauma, anger, fear etc. We do not want them. Especially in the new age community is a tendency to create a holy image of ourselves, that for example does not allow us to become angry. We want to create peace and harmony, therefore we do not allow our angry aspects to exist. I am someone who absolutely loves to focus on the positive in life. I love joy, happiness, creativity and peace. But I have experienced it myself firsthand and witnessed it with others, that there is no way to move ahead and to leave aspects of us behind. And think about it. How cruel is it to not allow all of you to exist? That´s not enlightened, that´s faint-hearted. If you try to escape yourself, you´ll experience these unwanted parts on the outside and they might easily go on a rampage. Whatever shows up on the outside, that you really, really dislike, is something that is also existing in your own shadows. Whenever you point fingers, three of your own fingers are pointing on yourself. And the more you deny them to exist, the more distorted the shadow will show up on the outside, until the issue is “right in your face”. You can than blame the other for all that isn´t working in your life. This is your free choice. Just you will run in circles and repeat the same story again and again. You can put the unwanted even in a box, label and compartmentalize it: “Men are relentless” or “Rich people are thieves” or “Woman are weak”. These will than become your filters of perception and seeing the world through these filters, you will block everything that doesn´t fit into your mental boxes. You will meet a thousand weak woman until you turn your attention inside and meet your own fear of being somehow weak and vulnerable.

In my own case it have had aspects of myself that I somehow saw as male, that I disliked. I couldn´t deal with anger and aggression, as these had caused trauma in my life. Well, when I made contact with my own male aspects a few years ago I realized I have had pastlifes as a warrior and that these aspects have been able to violate others, what is a horror to my sweet, loving aspects. The unwanted has been living inside of me. 4 years ago I decided to marry myself and to bring these “male & female” aspects together. Such an integration happens in many layers, but my aspects became coworkers. My warrior loves and protects “his lady” with all of his might. Cause when we release the unwanted aspects, they free also the gifts and talents they have been hiding in the shadows.

When the lightworker abandons his inner warrior he might fall prey for the wolves and he might lack the power and strenghts to bring out his gifts to this world. The divine makes no mistakes, our soulaspects are in their sum perfect to create exactly the personality we came to embody. So do not doubt the heavenly architect, that builded your house and welcome all the inhabitants.

I´m very glad to give love and acceptance to all of me now, to create my queendom. I was a bit astonished when I saw how my inner male aspect turned out to be a noble knight. He even showed me a round table and seated all the other aspects at this table. This is how we become whole again. So this shadow-aspect became a blessing. My very sensitive female side, when being one with the fiercy bold warrior, knows her path and noone is able to stop her or to make her walk someone elses path. She doesn´t buy others people shit anymore and if others try to harm her, she steps aside with a gentle smile to let them fall into their own traps. The warrior, married to the priestess, knows there are no enemies, but that others need their lessons, too. How else would they ever start to integrate and love all of their aspects?

To value the little things

I have never been impressed by big money or great names, but by outstanding characters. You can find them anywhere. I love those people. One thing that makes them great is that they love what they do.  As I love people, that love what they do, I have a talent to find people that are doing a great job. Therefore they are outstanding in their field or surrounding. And I realize that others do not pay attention, as they see “just a young woman, working as a physiotherapist” or “the woman cutting my tooth-nails”. My chiropodist is an angel on earth and my physiotherapist has healing hands, she always senses the right spot to trigger. A few month ago, she changed her position and I followed her, even if that means to have a long drive now. She is worth it. It took me a while until I told her I can sense her healing hands, as some people are not really aware of it and I didn´t wanna frighten her. She told me she didn´t even know what it is, just that it gets warm und that her hands are buzzin´. In the meantime she made her exam and is now allowed to work as an alternative practisioner. I am astonished how I am able to always find these people, but I “see” them. I pay attention. Most people don´t and they just see, what they expect. You say a sentence and they put you in a box and not even try to get to know you. Well, of course I´ve got the ability to sense peoples energy field, what makes it much easier for me, to recognize whom I am speaking to.  When I find these special characters, I value their work and therefore I am always receiving way more than what I have paid for. Well, they´d say they receive more than money from this client. People love to give their best, when it is seen and valued.

People that can not value the little things, will never be really great. And greatness is not made by your money or position. You may be the president or a multi-billionaire, if a tiny thing, called virus, comes along and you are out of balance the tiny virus can end your importance or greatness very quickly.

But to value little things can make you rich or important. I once had a talk with the son of a building tycoon and he told me he is convinced his father became so successful, because he never saw someone as unimportant. He told me: “My father is talking to everyone. Even to the guy shoveling the sand for the cement. First his people love to work for him and second he knows everything that isn´t working. If the quality of the sand or a machine isn´t that good as it used to be.” He added: “My father has teached me that noone is so dumb or unimportant, that he can not teach you something.” All my inner truth bells have been playing a hallelujah that moment.

And when my daughter finished school, the father of a classmate was holding the speech adressing the young people, now entering university or business. This guy was the Topmanager of one of the big banks located in my hometown Frankfurt. He told the young people, that success is to have a happy life (the same thing I teached my daughter, but I´m just her mom ;)). He said it is not important, if they have success in being a baker, a mother, a gardener or a bank-manager. It is important that they love what they do and that they are doing a great job, no matter who´s around. And he than told us how he is choosing  between all the ambitious young people, wanting to make career in his bank. He told us the following story:

“All these young people have of course very good references, but we invest a lot of money in them and they will be responsible for other people, therefore I have to know their character. So, they´ll get an appointment to speak with me, the big boss. And as I am located at the top-floor and noone is allowed to enter there without special permission, I send my secretary into the entrance hall, where they have to fill-in some stuff and than she brings them with the elevator to me. The moment they have reached my office, the decission about their future is already made. People do not pay attention to a servant, therefore they show their real character to my secretary, whom they think to be a very unimportant woman, making coffee for the big boss. But I totally trust that woman and she has an outstanding knowledge of human nature. When she enters with the ambitious person, she gives me a sign. She is the one, deciding who is able to guide others, cause she sees how they treat their guide.”

Things aren´t always what they seem. Whatever you do, do it with love and shine your beautiful light.

The inner light

Might be that todays solar eclipse has inspired me for this article. Or the unremittingly occuring chances to evolve, aka obstacles. They help me to see what really counts and what we really can rely on in life. The true core.

All that we experience in life is temporary, but we lunaticly identify with it. We believe that today will be somehow known. A job providing income, a mate, our friends, our roles in life, others roles in our life, we all count on them. To think we know what´s going on, to believe the stories in our mind, is the biggest illusion of them all. The mind, thinking he knows yesterdays news, so he knows what will be a given today. But that is just not true, as the mind is only recording the past, all he thinks he can rely on are just assumtions he´s making. The mind knows nothing, he´s just guessing.

So why do we ignore this fact? Because we search for safety and belonging and we invest our time and energy to build up our roles and relationships. Just to have all illusional safeties taken in an instant.

We come in naked and we go naked. That gives us a feeling of vulnerability, that we try to escape from, by building all these illusions of stability. And than comes a crisis and shakes us to the core. Nothing we believed in was real. The friend, the mate, the house, the job, health, wealth, security. All illusions are taken. And we are naked and vulnerable again.

And when nothing remains, we find the only thing that is forever and that really counts. The I AM. The eternal core. And he provides the only safety and belonging we´ll ever find or need. Just we forget our only true partner. Our eternal being. Noone can take it from us.

When the outer light is taken, the inner shines brightly.

The Attitude of Gratitude

Nothing is so life-changing like changing our attitude. And one of humanities biggst issues is to believe in lack. In this webinar I will prove to you in how many areas of your life you´re already doing really good. We will than use these anchor-points to create a high vibration of joyful gratitude, to than attract even more beautiful things into your life.

When people come together, they create a much stronger energy-field, that´s why I have decided to create this webinar. Plus we will use the actual time-energy of the lionsgate and the fact that there will be this special New Moon/Solar-Eclipse the day after the webinar. Every New Moon is perfect to start something new, but this one has really outstanding energies to deliver. We will take them with dignity and grace, to attract what brings more joy, bliss and gratefulness in your life.

It is my honour and pleasure to serve those that serve humanity. Let´s create abundance in all areas of life!

This link will lead you to the webinar:

The webinar will take place at 8:30 p.m MEST (Germany) what will be 11:30 a.m PST, 7;30 p.m. Greenwich. You can easily check out your local time using this link:

The fee for the webinar will be 33,oo €. The fee will give you access to the webinar itself. Plus there will be a replay of the webinar available and sended out afterwards. And I have created a Facebook-Group for the participants of the webinar as an extra offer. It is called like the webinar: “The Attitude of gratitude.” There you can ask questions and reconnect with the vibes of the webinar and compare notes with other participants, whenever you feel so. I recommend this, to anchor the attitude of gratitude deeply within you, as a new normal of abundance, health and joy.

When people are pain(t)ing reality

The title of this article has been created through a typing error. I love it when my consciousness plays with language to give me insights.

Last year I wrote an article, describing  how people literally do to themselves what they do to us. That they reject, suppress and abandon themselves, not us. For whatever reasons we may have activated or triggered their issue, it is theirs and not ours. It is caused by an emotion that is arising within that person. As she cannot stand it, she´s acting out against the people around her.

People are using their environment as a canvas, where they paint their painful feelings onto. Pain(t)ing reality.

It helped me a lot, when I realized that people just express their own feelings when they interact with others. They express who they are. Seen that way we can not have enemies. We only meet people that are their own enemies, as an inner war is happening within them, that they than start to act out in their environment. They are starting to look out for someone that is making a good canvas. I can sense it often within people when their painbody is starting to poison the consciousness of a person. The person that is than, sooner or later, starting to act out, is not aware of that process. It is not the true essence of that person, but a replay of unprocessed feelings in that person, that are taking over. This replay will happen again and again, until the person gets into a state of awareness and processes these painful feelings and gets free.

When we truly understand that process, how can we than someone hate for being in pain? I don´t. They express who they are. It is their self-expression, chosen in a more or less conscious way. You are not responsible for other peoples projections of pain. But you are responsible for your own (re)action. If you feel attacked or blamed, that might also activate your own pain and triggerpoints. If so, your own unresolved stuff comes up. In the end we might than have two people that seem to be opponents…while in reality both only acted out their own inner fight onto the outer world.

How to avoid it? Try to stay aware. Take responsibility for your own feelings. Understand that “the other” just seems to trigger something, that has been dormant in you all the time. Seen that way the other is a co-worker, playing out the unresolved unless you heal it, let go of it. I have seen it often, that the humans that hurt each other deeply, are really loving each other deeply, seen from the souls perspective.

It is key to try to stay aware and to not get dragged into other peoples pain(t)ful projections. If you can, have compassion for their inner hellish state of being. Tune into your selve. What might it be the other has now awaken within you? Why do you feel triggert? Do not feel bad about yourselve. Give yourself love, compassion and acceptance. If you do not like the experience, the picture the other is painting or awakening within you, choose now what picture you want to create. That´s the alchemy taking place, it is the master, walking this earth.

Shine your light!



Love is all that remains

Today I went to a swimming bath, that is at the other end of my town. I chose this one as nature around there is really beautiful and it is next to the river. I love taking walks along water and wanted to walk after the swim along the shore to the center of my town.

When I reached the path next to the river, I turned for some reason not to the left, my direction, but to the right. I wondered why as I had a real long walk to make anyways, but than thought it might be a nice place to make a picture from the river and shore. Well, after a few steps I stood in front of a tree with the remains of flowers, hearts, letters and the tape thats been used by the police at the crime scene, on it. I stood at the place where a nineteen year old girl has been raped and thrown into the river last year, where she drowned, as she´s been unconscious. Of course people have been talking a lot about it, but I didn´t know where it had happened, as I am not familiar with this part of my city. Well, my subconscious seemed to have led me to this place. Her name has been Maria and I asked myself if she might be still around, when having had such an early, brutal death.

So I went a few meters back and sat down on a bench, praying that her soul might be in divine peace. And really, all that my consciousness did get as an response has been love, compassion and peace. I felt that she had already received help and that her soul could feel all the love and compassion, that people had for her. She was from another city and had studied in Freiburg, but when something like that happens, people react as if they would have known her personally. We connect our own story with the other and everyone has once been a young girl or has friends and family, and can imagine how it must have felt for the people that loved Maria.

When I prayed and received that loving response it was also somehow healing for myself, as I understood that there´s nothing that our soul can not deal with. We are making so many experiences and I know that it doesn´t happen to us, but that we for some reason choose to go even through painful moments on our long, long journey. Finally, still sitting on the bench, I took a picture from the river, what had been my first intend, and you can see the colours that occured on it. They mirrowed exactly what I have felt. I wished her parents would knew that, but my words might be just words for a grieving heart.

Than I started my walk to the center of my town and enjoyed the beauty of nature. I contemplated about the river of life, never stuck, but in an everlasting flow, as all is in constant movement, renewal and change. I asked the river to take with him, all that is no more needed in my life. That´s the reason why I love to take walks along water, I always do that and can really recommend it. Letting go of lessons learned and enjoying the everlasting freshness of life.