Day: May 11, 2017

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The biggest conspiracy of them all

Quite some years ago I used to read a lot about conspiracies. But after finding out, that:

a) yes, a lot of them are true

b) what you fight against, is getting stronger

I didn´t spend further energy in more investigations. I went to search for light instead of stumbeling blind through darkness. Well, of course I´ve still recognized what´s going on. Maybe I saw it even clearer than ever before, cause only when you have no attachments are you able to see more and more of the bigger picture.

And finding out more and more about the bigger picture, I finally ran into the biggest conspiracy of all times. The universe itself, no the multiverse itself, is conspiring against every single one of us. Yes! And as it is creation itself, that is running the show, the options and methods are endless. It´s been sending psychopathic lovers, serving false friends and hard jobs. Nothing that it didn´t do: hunting me, hurting me, killing me. And I know they didn´t treat you much better.

But why in all the galaxies did creation do that? So much effort for every single one of us? The purpose must be a big one! And it is! All of it only happened to make us find our divine spark in the densest realms of them all. I found that all that occured to me only happened to make me find the light within. And I know I agreed on that rollercoaster ride, but had to forget that I signed in. It´s been me, conspiring against myself, to finally find myself. And you did the same. Why? My human mind is not able to understand it. But it´s because of Love.

Love is the only question, option and answer.