Day: May 2, 2017

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Watch your environment, nature talks to you

I was raised in a city and noone teached me the benefits or names of herbs. Just the opposite, I´ve been told dandelions are poisonous, the soil is dirty and when I was 8 years old I feared all little creatures crawling around. I am happy that this has changed and that I love nature very much, although I´ve still got not really a clue about herbs. But I´ve got intuition.

Last authum, when I felt really ill I started talking to my body and I  heared an inner voice telling me about foods to avoid and herbs to use. I didn´t ponder about my knowing, just did what my inner voice said and used it the way it felt right, without bringing the mind in very much. Month later I found the logical explanation for these insights and they´ve been just perfect.

One name I heared when talking to my body was the german name for “Shepherd´s Purse”. I knew I had heared this name somewhere before, but had no idea what it is for and how it looks like. Well when I asked Aunty Google about the purse of the shepherd I starred at the picture. This plant had been growing in all the flower boxes on my balcony all summer long. I recognized that camomile had been growing there also and I needed her for something else. I remembered someone who told me that nature knows what we need and brings it to us. Indeed. Even on a balcony in a city our lovely Mother Gaia delivers the seeds which her daughter needs, long before the daughter knows she carries an illness. She made the wind blow the seeds onto my balcony, or inspired a bird to do his poo between my flowers and plant my cure.

Well, there had been another plant showing up on my balcony last year, the dandelion you see on the picture above. It even stayed there the whole winter and started growing now. I´ve asked inside and received the answer “cleansing” and “use also a lot of water.” The dandelion will enrichen my salads and smoothies. I spoke to him and blessed him and he smiled and said he loves to help me stay healthy.

I heared more of these stories in between, nature speaking clearly and growing cures. So I felt inspired to share this with you. Open your eyes what shows up around you, as it is attracted by your vibes. Know that you are one with nature. Bless her, she cares for you.