Day: April 28, 2017

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The transformed warrior

The warrior-energies have brought forth so much pain, destruction and distortions on  this planet, that they have been shunned and shamed totally. But as an astrologer and alchemist of the soul I know that every energy might be expressed in a constructive or destructive manner. So I looked for transformation and found it.

The warrior energies are living within me. I´ve had many lives as a warrior, but as the female side has been deeply wounded by the distorted warrior, I have had trouble with accepting these kinds of energies inside of me. But when I did, it brought huge changes into my life and anchored peace in my heart. And as a beautiful, wise old soul told me lately, my compassion is rooted in these experiences as a warrior, what really made sense. I know I´ve been it all myself, so there´s a deep understanding arising out of these lessons.

In I´ve described that I´ve stopped my own inner war by marrying these both sides of me: my female side has much of a young maiden, she is shy, poetic and innocent. And my inner male side is deep, tough and powerful. Well, together they bring forth my actual persona.

In the past I really had trouble  to accept the warrior energies. I know I´ve done a lot in other lifetimes that is horrible. Inacceptable for my inner female, that´s been deeply hurt by such actions. But I loved the inner male, the warrior, anyway. It´s my nature to love, no matter what. And that changed him, it transformed the warrior. He went inwards, no more fighting against this world, but standing up for own values. Her values of love. They became  the Knight and the Lady, deeply devoted to their united soul path. The transformed warrior is standing his ground. Never giving up, never giving in. The reason why I am writing about it is, that we will need these energies. The transformed warrior has the power of 300, invincible. It is not enough to sing a song and believe in unicorns to change this planet. It really needs much badass braveheartedness to go for the own transformation and to really change deeply.

You will find how this is also the way to generaly heal the male energies on this planet, that are deeply wounded, distorted and feel abandoned and ashamed of themselves. Love, unconditional love will help the male energies to find their inner core and strenght again. The new earth is not only the goddess rising …it is also the unity and cooperation between male and female.

Shine your brave warrior/goddess light!