Day: April 24, 2017

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Why Selflove has to be the Top-priority for Lightworkers

Someone asked lately in a Facebook-group, why so many Lightworkers are living on their own, having went away from their families. There is a desperate hunger for a loving relationship within so many of my kind. I totally understand that, Love is for a lightworker what is honey for bees. But a lot of bees die, because they become ill on this planet. You may run for sweet sugar and find out it is aspartame, as a loving, clearvoyant friend called it.

Well, I´m very truthful and I really want to enable my clients and readers and so I have to tell them some facts, they may not like, but really need to know to get the bigger picure and to spare themselves pain.

  1.  We all have been hurt deeply and need to heal. You need alone-time for that and when you run from one distraction to the other you will just attract what mirrors your wounds. Well, that is exhausting and doesn´t help your healing.
  2. You have to learn to take good care for yourself. Lightworkers are great in caring for others. But you will only be a Masterhealer, Coach or Wayshower after you´ve learned to heal yourself. Taking care for yourself has to be your top-priority!
  3. When you listen to the outer signals all the time, you´ll not be able to install your own inner direct-line. She is the most important thing to install to become a Master.
  4. This world has ugly faces. You will only be able to deal with them, when you´ve embraced and accepted all your own shortcommings. As long as you´ve not managed to become whole, the vampires and wolfs of this world will take adventage of you. There´s no point in playing with the pigs in the mud unless you became the Lotus.
  5. You need free time and space to explore your skills and talents. My Ex agreed himself, that I´d never had written one book if I´d stayed with him, still taking care of all his stuff and being distrated by all his turmoil and distortions. There would not have been the room for all of my creative, healing and spiritual work.
  6. You´ve got to “fill your cup first”, than you´ll be the overflowing fountain of love. But you need free access to your own source before. Otherwise the fountain will run dry very soon.
  7. You did not loose family and friends, you made room for much better relationships. The most important one is the one with yourself. All that really belongs to you stays or returns.
  8. You´ve got to make inner peace, marry your own inner male and female first. Than you´ll be able to live your dream.
  9. We do not see our own blind spots. So trust your Higher Self and your Guides as they know exactly what they are doing!
  10. The more you concentrate on your own journey, while staying open for others, the quicker you´ll evolve.

I´ll be brutal honest here. Lightworkers are often Empaths and they´ve been hurt deeply, as they attract Narcissists and Psychopaths in a row. And the spritual community is like a chickenfarm for this type of person. We can not see and understand the wolf, cause it is not in our nature. I´ve attracted them myself again and again, because of my childhood-imprints, until I´ve installed my “Razorsharp Bullshit-Detector”, as a beautiful, wise and loving goddess called it. Living on my own has been the best I could do for myself.

Your loving guides want you to become your happiest, best version as soon as possible. You´ll recognize that you are healed when you no longer “need”others and when the wolfs start running away from you. Than you´ll start attracting like-minded friends of your own kind, to form again loving relationships of all kinds.

Shine your light!