Day: April 21, 2017

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The implementation of sin

In the bible there´s the story of Adam and Eve and how they had lost their innocence when eating the apple from the tree of knowledge. From this moment on they thought they knew what is right and what is wrong.

Eh? Really? What if they just fantasized they´d know it? What if not the knowledge was the sin, but the false assumption to have this knowledge created distortion?! Eve immediately felt bad about being naked, she suddenly had to hide something. This apple didn´t represent a god-like knowledge, but the loss of the inner connection to creation. Because of the false assumption to know right from wrong, they started to judge everything. What if noone had cast them out of paradise, but suddenly they´ve found mistakes in everything and their resistance made them judgemental? That may ruin every paradise.

Well you remember their sons Kain and Abel? The parents were always picking on Kain, nothing he did was right “in the eyes of god”. Their eyes. Abel maybe didn´t wanted to repeat the experience of his older brother, so he did what he was told to do. Well, with their judgement, they´ve ruined theirs sons lifes. One became a murderer and the other a victim.

And that didn´t stop until this very day. The ones, that do not want to obey to others rules and norms feel bad, because they are “wrong” and the ones that suppress themselves to fit in are also totally unhappy.  And once in a while they change positions, but they will not return to paradise until they let go of the judgements and dare to just relax into their true selves.

Whenever I talked to people that are “bad”, they have been created with two things:

  1. They´ve been victims themselves somehow. They´ve been deeply hurt.
  2. They feel bad about themselves and are acting out destructive to feel a kind of release.

And no, that is not an excuse for distorted actions. But this planet provides the perfect conditions to create dark patterns. And I know that people that feel bad about themselves do not have the strenght to leave these patterns. Love gives that strenght, but how shall they find it, when feeling bad about themselves?

When you love, you will not harm with intend the one you love, may it be yourselve or any other.

Love is my anti-sin-thesis.