Day: April 19, 2017

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Total acceptance

The only way to really change is total acceptance.

May sound contradictory, but to overcome duality, we often have to deal with this contradictions and move beyond their outer opposition, to a higher perspective.

One major reason for the distortions in ourselves and in this world is the inner and outer fight with “what is”. We reject, fight and deny unwanted things in ourselves and in others. That is the root for all kinds of unhappiness and tragedy on this planet.

You might think: “Well, I´ve got to make this world a better place and I´ve got to become better myself. So I have to change the unwanted.” But when you go against the unwanted you actually feed it. And no, I do not want you to go into denial. See things as they are…just do not resist and reject them. Take a closer look. Sense into it. But do not get entangled. The moment you resist, you get entangled, you give your power and your energy away, you feed the distortions and make them stay. There´s no point in that.

Stay as close as possible to your own core, your true self. From this place you do not have to “become better”, just be your true self. All that is not representing your true self will fade away step by step.

Every person you meet has the same divine core. They are just not aware of it. That is the reason behind all distortion you are facing. Do not focus on the distortion, but on their light. Do not deny the dark, but do not get entangled in it, as you would only feed it or even struggle yourself.

Honor and embrace their true self. Always. All their darkness only occurs because they are not aware of their true core, that is eternal and divine.

People feel that when they are with me. You would not believe how much darkness I have faced in my life, how often people told me their darkest secrets. But the moment when I accept the one that struggles with it and do not reject them is the moment I remind them of their core. When they show me the not accaptable and I say: “I see how much you struggle and I can not take your burden, but I love you and I trust we will meet again in the light of your divinity.”, that may change more than all else I could do or say. And no, it is not my intend to change them. It is my intend to see them happy with themselves, so I offer them the time and space to remember who they truly are.

Do not judge them. To face your darkness and to overcome it needs much strenght. Every person I spoke to, that seemed to be trapped in dark patterns was suffering deeply. They totally reject themselves.They believe to be not worthy and not lovable…and that is leading them deeper and deeper into despair. So, if you are truly a lighthouse, you do not deny where they are: In stormy weather. But you will also show them where the warm, safe habor is.

Shine your light!