The seeds of love

Our mother Gaia is wise and strong beyond messure. She is sending her most beautiful seeds between the weeds, as she loves them all and is the Mastergardener.

Once there were two woman, dying in the Nazicamps. So one came back as a german and the other as jewish. They are now bringing peace and healing to this planet, working together.

Once there has been a little boy, being abused and going into despair and destortion. So Gaia, the most loving Mother of all that is, sended her daughter to show him true love. Saved the lives of many.

Once there was a woman committing suicide out of a broken heart. Her Mother sended her back, to help those with broken hearts.

Once there was a Soul going deep into darkness. Gaia took her in her loving arms and sended her back to seed the Light.

Mother Gaia is wiser than a human mother. She´s not afraid one of her children might get hurt, she makes sure all of her children will be healed.

May it be!


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