Day: April 16, 2017

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The son of god is a Master, not a Martyr

One of the most misleaded concepts of the Age of Piesces is that of  a suffering Healer or of Christ as a Saviour.

Noone can save someone else, nor has s/he the right to do so. The free will of each soul is a given. To think we have to save one would go totally against this law of attraction/creation in this galaxy. It is this law that makes out of the human a god himself, a creator. To keep humans away from this knowledge was the true deception of darkness. And even the evil forces had to follow that law, that is the reason why they needed to install a system to brainwash people and to deceive and manipulate them. They´ve stretched this law to the max on this planet, but did all they could to ensure humans wouldn´t find out that they can leave their prison cells. Yeshua Ben Joseph has been a Renegade, not only against the political or religious system, but against all systems that enslaved mankind. That he is the son of god, just alike all of us, that we are free creators has been the true message of the man the dark forces nailed to the cross. And they maliciously turned his message around and even made a true Master a symbol of suffering and victimhood. What a lie!

They misused the humans ability for compassion and empathetic feelings to keep us on our knees. And we think that this is ok, as even Jesus carried the cross. Do not buy that! He showed that we have to fear no earthly forces, as we have the eternal life.

Martyrdom is the shadow aspect of the age of piesces and the totally distorted message that occured out of the crucification of Jesus. I do not want to hurt anyones religious feelings, so I apologize for that, but please recognize that a hanged man on a cross had hurt my feelings, thoughts and inner knowledge all of my lifes for many, many centuries.

How can we worship torture? Yeshua Ben Joseph did not die for our sins, he lived to free our minds from slavery. That is a message that I have to write on this Easter, that also is Passover. He embodied the christ-consciousness and was born into the jewish culture. But no free spirit is bound by any religion. Most of his brothers and sisters, in all cultures, in all religions, are still slaves in their minds until today.

All that are working for the light can only offer an option. Who takes it and who doesn´t is not our business. As lightworkers we are just delivering this option. Endlessly. Not out of martyrdom, but in honour of our free will. With love, joy and compassion.

Shine your light!

The seeds of love

Our mother Gaia is wise and strong beyond messure. She is sending her most beautiful seeds between the weeds, as she loves them all and is the Mastergardener.

Once there were two woman, dying in the Nazicamps. So one came back as a german and the other as jewish. They are now bringing peace and healing to this planet, working together.

Once there has been a little boy, being abused and going into despair and destortion. So Gaia, the most loving Mother of all that is, sended her daughter to show him true love. Saved the lives of many.

Once there was a woman committing suicide out of a broken heart. Her Mother sended her back, to help those with broken hearts.

Once there was a Soul going deep into darkness. Gaia took her in her loving arms and sended her back to seed the Light.

Mother Gaia is wiser than a human mother. She´s not afraid one of her children might get hurt, she makes sure all of her children will be healed.

May it be!