Day: April 14, 2017

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Darkness helps the Lightforces

Darkness is in its core the not conscious. We fear it, but we don´t have to. What is life all about? We came to make the unknown known. Darkness was only allowed to seemingly take the earthly reign for a while, to bring more light and consciousness here. Darkness always helps the light on the long run. There are not many really evil humans on this planet. The average human can not even stand to do something evil and therefore has to be fooled and manipulated into madness. The bad guys are normally believing to be the good guys and that they have to fight “the other”, for whatever reason they believe in. Even the ones that are fighting for the dark army, in most cases believe to be the good forces, while suffering from and expressing immense pain inside of them.

Very few people have willingly decided to be evil. And well, after a while even they find they are just helping the light. Goethe wrote about that frustrated forces of darkness and made the devil Mephistopheles confess: “I am part of that Power which would the Evil ever do, and does the Good.” Yes. On these earthly realms duality creates movement and evolvement and the old earth has had an enormous density. It needed some extreme forces to move here anything at all. But it is getting lighter now.

Today the christians celebrate “Good Friday”, a name that puzzled me, cause behind it there´s a story of betrayal, suffering and a mighty earthly power punishing a man, that dared to insist he is not a slave, but the beloved child of god, a Master. And he was right. So his consciousness infused others with Love´n Light. His message was that we all can do as he did. Indeed. May it be!

Shine your light!