Day: April 9, 2017

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The Love of your Life

Honestly, it is time that we all meet the Love of our Life. Enough is enough! So, I´ll introduce you with her now. Go up from your chair, leave the room, go to the bathroom, enter it and look in the mirror. Open your eyes and embrace whatever you see.

There she is! The Love of your life! Look her deep in the eyes, enjoy their beautiful color and their deep, touching expression and than tell her: “I´ve been looking for you everywhere and I am so happy that now, finally, I found you. I promise to never leave you again, I will stay with you every minute of my life and will always be loyal and true to you, no matter what. I love you deeply and want to ask you to marry me.”

Sounds funny, but may be the most important thing you´ll ever do. I did it, really. I married myself spontaneously August 30th, 2013. As I didn´t have the money to go on a trip to Rome, I took myself out to an Italian Restaurant and I promised myself eternal love, spoken out loud in ceremony, made myself a beautiful gift and made this day unforgetable. And yes, do it with all details, I mean it. You may be the best lover you may find yourself anyways 😉 To have a ritual, a date to celebrate every year, changes something in your relationship with yourself. Bring together your inner male and female aspects. Melt them and make them work together. No more inner wars. Unity on your inside will make you a much happier person.

You may of course have other lovers, also. Maybe even marry someone. But never ever dare to leave yourself for someone else. Cause that is now your personal boundary: If you have to leave yourself, treat yourself mean, be forgetful to yourself or harm yourself for any another relationship, she´s not worth it. Leave the other, return to yourself, stay true to yourself! You deserve it!

Shine your light!


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