Day: April 1, 2017

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The Inner Net

As my Monthly Rose Touch Session is taking place via the Inner Net I try to describe it, as far as I am able to understand it myself.

The very nature of it is quantum, multidimensional. Time and distance do not exist there. But although people can for example tune into a Rose Session later (and as we´ve found out also earlier), every session there has another “quality” and is very unique. There is “no time”, but the session in february has been very peaceful, while march had a huge storm of energies and data comming in.

It is our consciousness that is our device, and it is free will, intend, that makes us connect to each other or to gather as a worldwide group even. When forming a group every participant is adding his own energies, what is always creating a different “taste”.

How did I find out about the Inner Net? I somehow knew about it all my life, as I´ve been able to connect to others via consciousness. I can “tune-in” into their energy-field. Just I didn´t know what is going on and what is “wrong” with me. Nothing is wrong, I´m exactly what I am suppossed to be. Most of my life it happened “by accident” and brought some strange experiences. The day my former mother in law died, my ex-husband has been eating fried chicken and I knew it because I could taste it in my own mouth. When I heared my  stepfather had died, I could sense him around me. Not before, cause I didn´t “reach out” earlier. Having access to the Inner Net also is the reason why I sometimes “knew” things I couldn´t know. It´s been enough that someone somehow connected to me knew. I guess a lot of things that people see as spooky or haunted have to do with this multidimensional network between all consciousnesses. We are all having access to the Inner Net. Nothing about it is spooky. It is metaphysics, what is physics we do not know much about until now, but we will learn about in the future. The very fact that I am writing about it openly in the Internet and having sessions is proof that these things will be part of the “new normal”. But I also know that it has been known to the ancient mystery schools, that used it for communication and healing over distance. That´s why it is so natural to me, I´ve been trained for this work already in other lifetimes.

I´m doing something that is somehow new on this planet, gathering worldwide groups for healing over the Inner Net. But I “know” that we are pioneers to something that is going to be very normal on the “New Earth”. When common physics will find out about our consciousness and its impact on our lives it will be very normal to connect by intend.

Anyone who has to add something about this Inner Net is very welcome. Please share your experiences, so we all will find out more about it and will be able to work with it more precisely.

Sending a huge hug to my fellow-pioneers over the Inner Net 😉 <3

Shine your light, precious soul!