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The next Monthly Rose Touch, 8th of April, 2017

The next free Group-Session in 2017 will take place April 8th at 10 p.m. my time (Germany), what is 9 p.m. GMT, 1 p.m. PMT, 2 p.m. MST, 3 p.m. CST, 4 p.m. EST and so on. Here you can find your time zone:

Every month the session has a special “taste”. This month we are giving intend to integrate hurt aspects and to open up for the reconnection with our true core of pure love.

How does the Monthly Rose Touch work?

The Sessions take place in the Quantum field. At the given time you find yourself a nice place and make sure you won´t be disturbed for at least 30 minutes. Make it a comfortable experience, maybe lit a candle, burn incense, play relaxation music or whatever helps you to get into a calm, meditative state. Breath calm while you focus onto your heart, as it is your gate. Imagine to open your heart and enter a holy place, where you sit between roses to receive the high frequencies of OneLove delivered to you through the Inner Net. (The Inner Net is connecting all that is. You enter it through your consciousness, no devices needed.)

If you can´t make it at the given time, join at a time that suits you, as you may participate in the NOW.

The Rose Touch is a quantum experience and the only things required are your intend to participate, to open your heart and to receive these high frequencies. While the session everybody is adressed as a part of the group, but every participant will also receive a short personal Touch of the Rose at the end of the session.

If you want to participate put your name under this post or message me. Please don´t put someone elses name to the list, as free will is very important in this case. Sole exceptions are your own children that are under 14 years or your pets, as you are their care-takers. For each month you´ve got to sign in anew if you´ve enjoyed it and want more.

Guided Meditation: For the ones, that would prefer to be guided into the Meditation, I´ve recorded a visit into your own inner Rosegarden to receive the Rose Touch. The sound quality is not good, as I´ve  used a dictaphone and you hear sound in the background, my breath etc., but it is just an extra offer. To download the meditation klick on the colored Link: Monthly Rose Touch Medi

Everybody else may just use his own music and meditation practise. The Session will take place at least 30 minutes, but some people enjoyed it for many hours. Trust your own feelings, how long you want to stay in the field.

A personal statement: I´m honored to be able to hold this field and deliver these outstanding energies. But this is not about me or my human persona. I want to make that very clear. It is the pure Loveenergy that resides in all living beings that is bringing the blessings and healing energy. It is your own essence you´ll experience. As we´ve observed while the last sessions everybody that participates is strengthening the field, although s/he benefits from it. Welcome to the new earth. Let´s love it into life!

Shine your light precious soul!

Venus retrograte = Time to heal your heart

At the moment Venus is going retro, what is a perfect time to heal old heartbreaks. Venus looking at the past doesn´t seem to fit to the other energies, many of them in Aries, wanting to initiate something new. But when we think about it again, it is making perfect sense. How often did we start anew just to recognize we´ve recreated our past?! So, this time we´ll be wiser and not take our unfinished business with us. Use the cosmic energies to move on, without your old burdens of guilt, shame, pain and conflict.

The place to heal your old wounds and heartbreaks you´ll find inside of you – nowhere else. You do not need the others forgiveness, excuse or evolvement to heal. No matter what you did to someone or what someone did to you, you can now decide to be free.

So often I´ve seen an endless repetition of hurt people that hurt people, life after life after life. And while the incarnated parts did horrible things to each other, the involved souls have always been connected in love. We come here to make experiences, to grow. When you cling on your past and repeat it you don´t. When you stay in the 3d perspective, you´ll find a hundred reasons to hurt and to be hurt. When you watch it out of the souls perspective you only find love. Love breaks every painchain.

Love also takes back your own power and your freedom and also hands back their power and freedom to the others. No matter what they do with it. Here is a trap for the lightworker: Yes, when you heal yourself it has an impact on the other, but it may nevertheless take five lifetimes until you can talk to each other in a constructive, loving way. Do not expect the other to evolve simultaneously. When it happens it is a beautiful wonder, but in most cases people still repeat their old patterns. That is something I had to learn myself the hard way. You are only responsible for your own evolvement. Do not allow others to slow down your own progress. You are free and they are free. That´s the real issue behind the retrograde Venus: Love yourself enough to set yourself and the other free. That topic might even get stronger next week, when Venus goes back into Piesces. Do not become a martyr out of love, do not buy into stuff like guilt, but instead resurrect out of love and become one with all that is.

When Love has healed your past, you´ll be ready to create a beautiful, new future. That´s what we came for. Everything is always working out perfectly well, when you go with the flow and  ride the heavenly energies with love and joy.

Shine your light!


Dare to bloom and trust nature

In the area where I live spring has already arrived. And of course not all is blooming at the same time, only a few trees have started to blossom by now. And while looking at it I had an insight. All in nature  is growing, blooming, coming to fruition at the perfect point in time. And this principle is working for all species on this planet.

So why do we, as humans, doubt that principle in our personal lifes? Why do we try to force others and ourselves to be or  have something that isn´t occuring naturally? We are really wasting our energies and bringing total distortion in our lifes.

Every 10 year old has been treated so often badly because he is “too small” or “too young”, that he than mistreats the 7 year old, ashaming him to be not as old or big as he is. Total distortion. Why do we try to be something we are not? See, it keeps us from enjoying what we truly are.

Think of a little boy, growing up in the distorted world we life in, trying to fit in, in this strange “mens world”. All men seem to be absolutely obsessive with numbers and unimportant details like their genitals. When the boy is told by another guy “Haha, you´ll never get any woman with that small penis” plus he listens to the adults saying “A rich man can have all the woman he wants” he really believes this nonsense. He than decides to become a bankmanager. Well he will work like crazy, attract greedy woman and he won´t feel happy for more than one day in a decade. And he will blame the woman and forget that it´s been him that chose this path. Cause inside of him lives an artist, a painter for example, that he never allowed to be and to thrive. And that artist would have been a lucky guy, enjoying life, having interesting friends, the woman would have loved him, cause as an artist he would have known how to handle a brush and woman love fantasy, emotions, colors and fun. But he never lived that potential, cause he believed the distorted point of view of all the other distorted people.

You know Hitler for example was an frustrated artist, that than tried to rule the world. And we just do not know what may be the unimportant, small details that make unhappy people create an unhappy life and as a summary an unhappy planet. When I look around I see so many people trying to compensate their shortcommings, instead of being happy with their beautiful gifts and talents and expressing them.

The best thing everyone of us can do is to be as healthy and whole as can be. Do not blame others, do not point at their flaws and shortcomings and do not feel bad about your own. Just live your own true nature, thrive, bloom, express yourself in a natural way and be as happy as can be. And that is all that is needed to change this planet totally.

Shine your light, precious soul!

Vampirism: The old earth sucks

Last weekend I´ve visited the Mysical „Tanz der Vampire“ (Dance of Vampires). It´s a remake of the Polanski-Film „The fearless Vampire Killers or Pardon me, your teeth are in my neck“. It is a Horror Comedy and a funny way to learn about dark patterns. Well energetic Vampirism is quite normal until now on Planet Earth and a Comedy or even Musical is a great way to study dark patterns. We´ve got to understand it, to leave it behind. The only power darkness has is fear and deception. So look at it in a lighthearted way and learn.

People try to feed on others energy, because they believe in lack. So they deceive people to get their: money, power, sexual energy or attention. In the end all of that is a form of energy. And the victims? Well they are falling for a high social position, physical attraction or the extraordinary. They´ve been both part of the same game. Oh and there´s a special lesson for the lightworkers: Maybe trying to „save“ someone who is infected, brings them in danger. Darkness may infect them…until they become immune, when the light in them is becoming stronger than darkness.

How to heal the energetic vampirism on earth? Bring in the light, connect to your own source, than you do not need to run after others money, body, power or attention. Just open to your own source, shine your light. The daylight kills the vampire. That goes for all darkness. Well nobody dies really, it may just feel like dying, cause it is a huge transmutation taking place.

It is kind of upside down, if we fear darkness. That´s been part of the deception. In fact, it is the other way around: darkness fears the light. The light doesn´t fear darkness. An angel doesn´t have to change to be able to enter hell. But a devil has to transform his devilishness to be able to enter heaven. An angel recognizes the devil, but will not despise him. But the devil despises the angel and is not able to see or understand his nature.

Whenever you face darkness, fear not. Just shine your light!

Tuning in – The Art of creation

My guides know that I love unusual surprises and deliveries. Once they even sended out someone with a megaphone to deliver a message.

Well last thursday they´ve topped even that. That day they sended out a red plane! Gorgeous!

It started with potential trouble.

My Internetprovider should have delivered a faster wire that day, but instead I was without Telephone and Internet for the next 5 days.

But as always everything is working out heavenly perfect. I am very aware that my real wires are internal and to tune-in is my speciality. I´m always connected very well, and first of all we´ve got to be connected with ourselves. If so, all else we might want and need will be delivered in the outer world. In this case, I was expecting my daughter to visit me for the weekend and gave intend that I want some nice experiences for the ladies weekend.

I try to always stay centered and calm, no matter what. My phone company blamed another company they´ve got to cooperate with, what isn´t working and even tried to sell me more stuff…made me kick some butts, to make clear not all of their clients are sheps to shave. But that´s been just my behaviour on the outside. You´ve got to adress people in their language and it´s been clear that they don´t speak lightworker; but while growling at the greedy wolfs, I stayed totally centered on my inside.

That is really important for the Art of Creation: Never allow the outside world to create your inner world.

After the call I went with a coffee and a book on my balcony. Normally I don´t do that at that time of the day. That´s another important lesson. We all have our routines, but never allow your routines to rule over you. Act out of the moment. When I went out, I saw a small red plane with a banner on it. Sometimes you see this in films when someone gets a proposal. I tried to read the writing on the banner, but it´s been too far away, I just recognized it is some advertisement. The plane moved on and been out of my sight. I sat down and started reading, but when I looked up to take a zip of coffee, the plane was back. Perfectly directed so I could read the signs very clearly. It´s been the name of a local radio station and the message was: „Tune in, in 10minutes!“ I starred at the message and felt adressed. My mind gave comments like „It´s just a good advertisement.“ „They are making people curious.“ But I grabbed my book and went inside. When I stood in front of my radio I realized I don´t know their frequency. I don´t listen radio at home very often and not to that station. But I stretched out my hand and turned the radio on. I felt inside when going from frequency to frequency. I skipped a few stations until one „felt right“. My mind said „One cannot sense the frequency of the right radio station.“ I answered: „If someone can, than that´s me.“ I sat down to finish my coffee and kept on reading. Advertisement started and it´s been local. I grinned. A womans voice started talking, that at the weekend a comedy show will take place in the city where I live and one could win two cards, when giving a phone call. She said a number, that sounded long and complicated and my mind said: „Forget it.“ But my hands were grabbing my mobile and I started to dial the number. When I finished I wasn´t sure if I had the right number. Well, the line was busy anyway. I laid down my mobile, but my inner voice said. „Try again.“ My mind answered „It´s too late, they´ve already got their winner.“ I reached out for my mobile again and gave it a second try. This time the line wasn´t busy and the female voice out of the radio answered my call. When I said my name, she said: „Wow, you seem to be in a good mood.“ I agreed and she wanted me to tell her a joke. Well I´m not good at telling jokes and didn´t even remember one in this moment, but kept talking to her in a jokingly way, so finally she told me a joke and while I giggled, she said: „You know what, as you are such a joyful, happy person, I´ll give you the cards anyway. Have fun.“ Well you bet, we had 😉 <3

Here are 10 lessons in the art of creation:

1. Give clear intend.

2. Nothing is impossible.

3. Never allow the outside world, to shape your inner world.

4. Never allow routines to rule your day. Act out of the now.

5. Your mind is a servant, never make him the master.

6. You´ve got to be centered and open to receive.

7. Abundance comes in a thousand different ways and not always needs cash.

8. Your inner connection is all you need to tune-in.

9. You know more than you know.

10. If you are joyful, people can´t resist you.

Vulnerability isn´t the problem

We are afraid of our vulnerability, but it is not the vulnerability that is the problem. Our fear is the problem.

The earthworm is seemingly very vulnerable…but in fact he has an enormous ability for regeneration and he´s an important co-worker with mother earth. So tell me what is wrong about vulnerability? It is in fact an important ability to change, expand, create.

All is vulnerable. Even very strong, hard structures change. Last week the “Azur Window” a very beautiful limestone natural arch on Gozo has been destroyed. It´s been literally gone with the wind, as a storm made it crumble. It made me sad when I heared about the destruction, but I´m happy that I´ve visited it while a stay in 2014 and it is a  reminder that no form will stay the same forever.  We are supposed to change, we are supposed to be vulnerable. And in fact our fear that wants to prevent us from change is way more destructive than any vulnerability will ever be.

Love your ability to change. Yes, sometimes it is painful, but the pain is not caused by the vulnerability. Pain arises out of the resistance. I´ve learned that lesson when I gave birth to my daughter. When I stopped fighting, the rest was easy and light. Literally. I experienced it at an emotional level again and again myself and when I witnessed others in their processes. When we surrender and go with the flow, the pain fades away.  The lifeforces that create through change are stronger than any resistance will ever be. So let go and enjoy change and creation.

Shine your light!


The cursed children

Once upon a time … there was a little boy, that had been raised by a narcissistic mother. As she feared her own vulnerability and emotions, she suppressed them in herself and in her child. She believed this world to be a cruel, cursed place and created her own reality. The frightened son didn´t receive love, only a false surrogat, when he acted in a way that pleased the mother. She felt releaf when her child seemed to “be better” than others. But as the child had been punished the same time when not pleasing her, he didn´t create real self-worth,  but absorbed the love surrogate, while deep inside still believing to be unworthy.

Once upon a time …there was a little girl with a narcissistic mother and as the mother feared her own vulnerability and emotions, she tried to suppress them in herself and her child. She believed this world to be a cruel, cursed place and created her own reality. The frightened daughter didn´t receive love, only a false surrogat, when she acted in a way that pleased the mother. She felt releaf when her child seemed to “be better” than others. But goodness, her child was a total failure, and seldom able to make things right. No matter how much the little girl tried, the mother was never truly satisfied. Most of the time the child felt abandoned, just once in a while she received the love surrogate, while deep inside still believing to be unworthy.

When they grew up, the boy became a narcissist and the girl a people-pleaser and of course they´ve been attracted to each other. What seemed like a cruel joke, to recreate the circle of distortion. But this perspective is the cursed one, the problem. The truth is that the universe is a loving one, looking for balance and so(u)lution. To not ask the other for the surrogate, but create self-love and deep acceptance.

In the end all is well and all is love!

Letting go of judgement and resistance

Letting go of all judgement and resistance is a most important step on the own spiritual path, as far as I´ve experienced and witnessed it.

I see the very idea to know what is “the truth” as the original “sin” aka misperception of mankind. I even wrote a whole chapter about it in my last book. To me it is the beginning of all evil and darkness. Therefore darkness is relatively seen real, but not absolutely true. It is caused by a lack of understanding. When we resist what is and believe we know how things should be instead, we are starting a war in us, leading to a kind of mindsplit and all kinds of opposition, fight and war. As things aren´t “right” we get angry, frustrated, depressed, feel vulnerable, unworthy, guilty and so on. As we cannot stand it to feel that split, we create the shadow. And although we have created him, we are percieving him as something on the outside. We project him onto this world, although we are the ones that are in opposition to the light, to creation itself.

When we start to assume that whatever happens in our life leads to something good or has a hidden treasure in it, we start making peace with reality. I know that there are horrible things happening, but I know also that the involved persons don´t know better. “Forgive them, they don´t know what they are doing.” And that is nothing but true. The ones doing you wrong, think they are doing “the right thing”. Therefore stop judging them. Somewhere along your long path of incarnations you did the very thing you are judging now. Accept that you didn´t know better. That is also a very important step to be able to love ourselves. When we start to recognize that we´ve been it all, good and bad, rich and poor, old and young and that it was somehow necessary to become the person we are now, peace arises in ourselves. And how shall I judge someone else, when I trust s/he needs all the experiences that s/he chose? The more we evolve on our souls path, the deeper the insights are, the more is clear that the universe is always looking for balance. Behind all outer turmoil you´ll find a deep peace, love and compassion.

Embrace all of you and all of creation. Allow all that is, as it is go(o)d.  Seeing the world through this perspective, that´s a masters perception. It´s the end of suffering.

Shine your light and love your shadow, you cannot imprison him anyway!

My experiences with the monthly Rose Touch

The monthly Rose Touch is very special and I am curious what will happen tonight, as I gain greater understanding while every session.

It is taking place in the quantum field and it´s been interesting to verify that it is not important what time and place you are. Just give the intend and sign in. I had people being sleeping while “my time”, or being busy. It is like a divine present. When you order, I will deliver. It is up to you when you want to open the present.

And interesting experience, last session someone signed in, but had than decided to not want it. When I adressed the participants at the end of the session for a short one-on-one I saw her refusing the gift. When I talked to her later and asked her about it, she said it´s been true.

Well, I realized it is an outstanding work I am doing, holding the field for all participants and than deliver the beautiful frequencies of the divine Love. I know I am blessed to do it, but I also know what I´ve been through to come to this point when I can do it. I payed a high price and gained a huge blessing.

The group sessions are special, the field is stronger than in a one-on-one session. I found out, that I have to start preparing 24 hours before, the energies are building up hour by hour and I shall avoid distractions and disturbances.

I also ask the participants to honour themselves and the divine and get into a receptive mode, when signing in or to not sign in at all. But everyone can sign in, the divine knows no exclusion and I would deliver to even my worst enemy with the same love than to my Rose Sisters as I know no enemies. Being a living Rose means I bloom for all, as I am the blooming and reminding you to find your own scent and expression.

And I´ve got to share something, that happened last time: When I gathered the participants I saw them as lights. But there were way, way more lights than participants. So I grouped us in a circle in the middle and all the other lights where than grouping like shiny stars around us, emanating pure love and peace. Breathtaking beautiful.

If anyone like to share how and what they percieved I am happy to hear it, as this is the leading edge of human consciousness and we are the pioneers.

Shine your light and bloom your love!


A Soulutioners Reflection

When I´ve been a young mother I had two friends that saw two opposite things in me: One percieved me as weak, a way too nice and sensitive housewife and the other saw the opposite, a strong-minded amazon, in me. They both thought to be close friends and to know me very well. And I was wondering how this can be. Who am I? The eternal I am, all that is, bringing forth some energies that want to be expressed through this persona, in this time and space real-i-ty. But they didn´t relate to that, but projected an unlived part of themselves onto me. And of course I have a very sensitive, nice aspect and of course my akash also has the warrior energy, the amazon. As an old Soul I´ve got almost all expressions of self in my akashic toolbox. And very often I answered through this adressed aspect.

It´s my moon in the 7th house. I can tune into almost every energy-field and so I reflect at people what they project onto me. A living mirror.

People hurt me, to express their pain. They belittled me, when they felt small. They despised me to express their low selfworth. They blamed me to process their hidden guilt. And all of that confused or hurt me, but I learned through it. It prepared me to deal with all kinds of personalities and to find my own inner anchor in this sea of energies. My own consciousness looked at the picture they projected onto me and knew it is not really true. It is their perception and their filter, but not my I AM. And than I started to change. My own perception was less and less captured and hypnotized by their reflections and more and more able to see their beautiful potentials, they also didn´t dare to express. I realized that they couldn´t relate to my I AM as they didn´t have access to their own I AM.

I chose to take the coal and turn it into diamonds. No matter what you deliver to me, how distorted your reflection seems to be, I will find the devine light in you and I will reflect that. I am like a radio, having a huge range of stations from which you may choose. But now, finally, I will insist to play your souls music, no matter the station you choose. And that was another step to finetune me for my work as a Soulutioner.

May your eternal light always be reflected back at you!