Day: February 26, 2017

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Oh my darling, please surrender…why you cannot miss your goal

I know a lot of people that are waiting for something or someone.

We, including me, know that we will be at a totally different place by the the end of the year, but until now it is the big “unknown”. We don´t know what, where or with whom we will be. And that brings a feeling of uncertainty to many people at the moment.

The best you can do at the moment is to totally surrender, especially while that eclipse in pisces is happening. You cannot miss the goal…no really you can´t, I mean it! You are attracting what belongs to you and it will come to you, the only thing that makes it difficult for the divine delivery service to reach you, is you having specific expectations or being at unease.

When we think we have figured out how the perfect partner looks like, how to build our business or when to travel to Hawaii, we are locking out opportunities. And as we somehow sense that, we might get nervous, what makes it even more difficult to get into a receiving mode. Cause being receptive is all that is your job. All else is unfolding very naturally. Try to stay in an open state of mind and at ease.

If you feel fear rising up, try to transmute it into curiousity: “I really wonder how the universe is going to deliver my job, mate, house…(fill the blank)?” It is not your job to find it, so don´t search for it. Whatever is yours, through your permission and intend, will reach you. I´ve seen it a million times. Even when you miss it, it will be delivered anyway.

My daughter missed her husband a few times. She had already exchanged some messages with him, both playing a browsergame. But than she oversaw a message from him. A while later the people playing the game met for a weekend. She didn´t go there. But I did, cause I wanted to meet a special someone. When my daughter looked at the pictures of this weekend, she spotted her later husband on them and asked me who he was. I couldn´t answer as I didn´t have spoken with him and not payed attention. Did she ask others about him? No. So how comes that she finally met him? After six month she stumbled over the overseen message, answered it, messaged with him and than they met very quickly. See, she really couldn´t miss him, no matter how hard she tried 😉 <3

By the way, she wouldn´t be in that incarnation, if I didn´t have met her father. And well, I also missed him twice. While a concert he was talking to friends of mine for a while, standing at a place where I really couldn´t oversee him, but I did not recognize him at all. I swear I really didn´t see him. Than I was invited to a party where I would have met him again, but didn´t go there. But finally I met him and we shared a good laugh how hard it was to bring us together.

But the universe delivers – always. As I am a stubborn capricorn and the universe has a sense for grotesque humor, it sended me once someone walking around with a megaphone, so I wouldn´t overhear him. I remember how I listened to the message and wondered how high the chances are that someone would walk around shouting at me the answer to a question that bothered me at that time. Well, the next day I was at a totally other place and the same guy came along yelling my answer at me again! It´s been hilarious! Really the universe gives a sh*t on chances, it simply deliveres them endlessly.

So you might just relax and await your divine parcel. While waiting I recommend a story I once wrote, describing the divine perspective on deliveries:

Have fun and shine your light!