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Oh my darling, please surrender…why you cannot miss your goal

I know a lot of people that are waiting for something or someone.

We, including me, know that we will be at a totally different place by the the end of the year, but until now it is the big “unknown”. We don´t know what, where or with whom we will be. And that brings a feeling of uncertainty to many people at the moment.

The best you can do at the moment is to totally surrender, especially while that eclipse in pisces is happening. You cannot miss the goal…no really you can´t, I mean it! You are attracting what belongs to you and it will come to you, the only thing that makes it difficult for the divine delivery service to reach you, is you having specific expectations or being at unease.

When we think we have figured out how the perfect partner looks like, how to build our business or when to travel to Hawaii, we are locking out opportunities. And as we somehow sense that, we might get nervous, what makes it even more difficult to get into a receiving mode. Cause being receptive is all that is your job. All else is unfolding very naturally. Try to stay in an open state of mind and at ease.

If you feel fear rising up, try to transmute it into curiousity: “I really wonder how the universe is going to deliver my job, mate, house…(fill the blank)?” It is not your job to find it, so don´t search for it. Whatever is yours, through your permission and intend, will reach you. I´ve seen it a million times. Even when you miss it, it will be delivered anyway.

My daughter missed her husband a few times. She had already exchanged some messages with him, both playing a browsergame. But than she oversaw a message from him. A while later the people playing the game met for a weekend. She didn´t go there. But I did, cause I wanted to meet a special someone. When my daughter looked at the pictures of this weekend, she spotted her later husband on them and asked me who he was. I couldn´t answer as I didn´t have spoken with him and not payed attention. Did she ask others about him? No. So how comes that she finally met him? After six month she stumbled over the overseen message, answered it, messaged with him and than they met very quickly. See, she really couldn´t miss him, no matter how hard she tried 😉 <3

By the way, she wouldn´t be in that incarnation, if I didn´t have met her father. And well, I also missed him twice. While a concert he was talking to friends of mine for a while, standing at a place where I really couldn´t oversee him, but I did not recognize him at all. I swear I really didn´t see him. Than I was invited to a party where I would have met him again, but didn´t go there. But finally I met him and we shared a good laugh how hard it was to bring us together.

But the universe delivers – always. As I am a stubborn capricorn and the universe has a sense for grotesque humor, it sended me once someone walking around with a megaphone, so I wouldn´t overhear him. I remember how I listened to the message and wondered how high the chances are that someone would walk around shouting at me the answer to a question that bothered me at that time. Well, the next day I was at a totally other place and the same guy came along yelling my answer at me again! It´s been hilarious! Really the universe gives a sh*t on chances, it simply deliveres them endlessly.

So you might just relax and await your divine parcel. While waiting I recommend a story I once wrote, describing the divine perspective on deliveries:

Have fun and shine your light!


Another point of view on ailments

My own spiritual journey is an unprogramming of the “normal” point of view. Well, I´ve never been good at normal and have been playing around with points of view all my life. What seemed to be an obstacle, but finally turned out as an advantage. And here we are already at my “unprogramming” point of view on ailments  of all kind. All is working for us, my obstacle was an important skill and our illness is showing up for good reasons.

We see illness as the problem. But as a wise fool in a film once said: “The problem isn´t the problem. Your attitude about the problem is the problem.”

Out of my perspective illness is occuring, cause your inner being is looking for balance. Before an ailment is showing up there has been a state of imbalance. The ailment is trying to correct it.

Simple example: When my life is filled with too many things to do and my inner being is stating I need time for making connection to myself instead of answering phone calls and e-mails it regularely is sending me something like a cold. So I´ll stay on my own and do nothing but rest and be in contact with myself and integrate whatever wants to be integrated. My illness is reinstalling balance.

Nothing that is showing up is working against us. This world isn´t created by an enemy, but by the divine, that is love. And deep within we know that. That is the reason why we are shocked when we witness something we concider as negative. A friend of mine is literally feeling attacked when being ill. And the reason for that is that the ailment is contradictory to her inner knowing that the universe is made out of love. So why does she suffer? The answer is, that she already suffered before and the loving universe shows that to her through the sickness, to give her the opportunity to re-create balance again.

Working as a healer I am very aware that all I do is offering the energies, flowing through me to the person I am adressing. I am not their saviour and I cannot fix them. And I never would, as I honour the infinite, divine creator being that I am assisting in their process. I cannot decide when and how they accept the offering. Plus there is nothing wrong with it when they, for whatever reasons, stay ill.

Ailment is often serving us. People get sick for a thousand reasons: to get attention, to have time and space to rest, to not have to “function” in society, to teach their family and friends compassion, to learn being patient, to accept themselves as they are, to find their own inner healer and creator, to learn about unhealthy behaviours etc. Very often people get sick to bring awareness in areas of their lifes where there are blind-spots. Life shows us how we are working against ourselves as it is asking for balance.

One of the most important steps for mankind in general is to become co-creators with life. And that also means to understand we can co-operate with our bodies. Out of this point of view, whenever going to a doctor, pharmacy or healer you are choosing your assistance-team to re-create your balance. And when that is not possible for you at the moment, you may still reach for the highest level of well-being, available at this point. Maybe to not fight against your own body, but to accept that he is looking for balance and working in your highest interest is already lessening suffering and pain a lot. This is a loving and friendly universe and your inner being knows this is how it was meant to be.

Blessed be, precious soul. Shine your light!

Love thy monsters – Shadows uncovered

In the shadows resides all that can´t be accepted and loved. That is how shadows are created: through shame, guilt and rejection. A child cannot stand it to be not good, not lovable and as such experiences cause the feeling of heartbreak it puts all that s/he is thinks will cause these feelings in the unconscious shadow realms of its being.

So it is no wonder when these aspects feel angry or depressed and go on a rampage of destruction. Whenever someone acts out in a destructive way it is never his/her true divine self, but a shadow aspect. Don´t join them in their game. Every time you get triggert by someone elses shadow you can be sure he matches your own. You can not convince a shadow with arguments, he is stubborn and tricky at the same time, you cannot win such a game.

There are only two thing you can do:

1.) send love and compassion to this aspects

2.) avoid to get entangled in any way.

The more ugly these aspects seem to you, the more love and compassion they need.  And if you deal with someone elses shadow it is sometimes better to send them love and light on the inside but stay away from them, as they are too suspiscious to accept your love. That´s a lesson I recieved. A shadow aspect doesn´t trust love and is afraid to get hurt again, so chances are high he is making sure he is right. We are mighty creators, even when we don´t know it. Sooner or later someone will say or do something the shadow sees as a prove and fullfilment of his/her negative expectation. Shadows are experts in creating self-fulfilling negative prophecies. Therefore you won´t be able to help someone else transform its shadow unless he is totally dedicated himself to do it.

But you can take care for your own aspects instead of focussing on others. Dealing with the shadows of other is in many cases anyway just a trick of your own shadow to distract you, so he isn´t himself in your focus.

How to deal with your shadow?

Totally accept his feelings of anger, sadness, shame or whatever may show up. Don´t suppress it, don´t ignore it and don´t fight it. Allow it. Hold it. Listen to it, but don´t believe the dark stories of no-love he tells. Just know that he believes in them. Your shadow is like a child trapped in a nightmare. How would you treat a child with a nightmare? Tell him there are no ghosts and leave him alone in the dark? Or maybe it is a much better idea to comfort your inner child until it feels safe. Turn on the light, comfort him and make sure noone is in the cupboard or under the bed. Sing him a song of birds and sunshine, hold the child in your loving arms to keep all monsters away. And when they should show up again make them a chain…out of daisies, color their claws and invite them to sing and dance with you. Love, joy and happiness are the mightiest forces in all of creation.

Shine your light precious soul!

Become a Sovereign

Sooner or later on our spiritual path we recognize that we need to be a sovereign, nothing less. To be a sovereign has nothing to do with your social position or your income. It is a state of mind. Someone can be a dishwasher and be a sovereign. I swear I was once in a really dangerous situation and met a real master, that seemed to all other persons around us like a hobo, but I knew he was not. He owned himself and by his example, his words and actions, he helped me to take back my power and to escape. Cause that is what a real sovereign does: he reminds you to live your own sovereignity.

A souvereign being is connected with others, but in an independent way. It is difficult to describe. I am working three days a week in an office job and my boss tried a while ago to convince me that I am forced by my bankaccount to work there. But I laughed and answered: “Nope. I might decide to look for another job or may even decide to live on a parkbench, but as you are a lucky guy I am working here at the moment.” By the way my boss really loves it that I work there, but he´s been in military, so my attitude is sometimes a bit challenging for him.

Being a sovereign helps you on your path, cause you don´t give away your power to outer circumstances. It doesn´t mean you won´t get sick or you won´t die, but it means you will stay on your path and act out of integrety for yourself. A sovereign stands by his own side, no matter what happens. An ancestor teached that to me. He was a young prisoner in WWII and he and the others should dig their own graves. All did, but not my ancestor. He realized he will die anyway, so he throwed his shovel away and said: “Dig yourself.” The soldier in front of him took his gun, not to shot him, but to beat him very hard and broke his collarbone, what brought my ancestor to the hospital. There a woman doctor fell in love with her enemy, what saved my ancestors life. And don´t get me wrong, he might have died even a few minutes before the others, or he might have died very slowly in his own dirt. But a sovereign doesn´t hand over his power, not even to death himself. Martin Luther King JR. knew he would be killed sooner or later, but he had the strenght of a true King, never dying, but living forever.

But being a sovereign includes also to not take others power, not even when they want to hand it over by free will. All we learned on this planet about power and leadership is somehow wrong. You cannot be responsible for another being, unless they are little children or pets. That´s a big trap for even very evolved spiritual people, that want to help others. Well, that won´t work on the long run. You help someone and he becomes dependent and blames you when not fullfilling their wants, needs and demands. If you try to get out of the trap, they might even get sick or cause some tragedy so you have to care for them. Of course that´s just their inner child, that wants to be rescued, but you cannot rescue one single person on this planet. You can try to assist them, show them how to help themselves, how to take care for their inner child and for their own needs. You may show them how to be a sovereign. But a lot of persons on this planet aren´t willing to be a sovereign. They feel comfortable in their helpless position. And if you refuse to carry them any longer, they´ll curse you and find someone else. And that experience is good for you, cause that´ll teach you how much they really needed you. Don´t let that hurt you, take your lesson and move on. Don´t waste your energy on people that just want someone to hold their hands while they enjoy being miserable. Give your attention to people that try to evolve, just like you. A master helps by showing the way, not by dragging, pushing or carrying others.

So take the reins and shine your light, precious soul!

Let the Earth be your Valentine

Soulutions.One was created to bring So(u)lutions for a New Earth. What includes supporting others, external Soulutioners, as there is only OneLove and one Creation.

Today I wanna present a beautiful project from Jonathan Goldman. He organizes at February 14th 2017 the 15th Annual World Sound Healing Day, bringing together many thousands of people from all over the earth to tone the Heart Sound “AH” and create a state of coherence. So I´ve decided that this year our lovely Earth will be my Valentine. Maybe you wanna join?

Here some words from Jonathan Goldberg about this amazing project:

“Join thousands throughout the planet for the 15th Annual WORLD SOUND HEALING DAY on Tuesday, February 14, 2017. At 12 noon (local time in your time zone), sound forth for 5 minutes with the “AH”, created and projected with the energy of compassion and love, sending a sonic valentine to Gaia, our Mother Earth.

At that time, please go to to enhance the vibratory effect as we sound together for Global Harmonization, planetary peace and healing. Please visit Healing Sounds for more information.

If you cannot tone at 12 noon, sounding anytime during February 14, 2017 will help create positive shift and change for our planet on World Sound Healing Day.

The purpose of World Sound Healing Day is to:

1). Heal Our Planet!
2). Heal Our Waters!
3). Raise Our Consciousness!

For further information you may visit

Or watch this little video:

Let´s sing a beautiful song from our hearts for lovely Gaia.

Shine your light!

Monthly Rose Touch, March 11th, 2017

The next free Group-Session in 2017 will take place March 11th at 10 p.m. my time (Germany), what is 9 p.m. GMT, 1 p.m. PMT, 2 p.m. MST, 3 p.m. CST, 4 p.m. EST and so on. Here you can find your time zone:

If you can´t make it at the given time, join at a time that suits you, as you may participate in the NOW.

How does it work?

At the given time, you find yourself a nice place and make sure you won´t be disturbed for at least 30 minutes. Make it a comfortable experience, maybe lit a candle, burn incense, play relaxation music or whatever helps you to get into a calm, meditative state. Breath calm while you focus onto your heart, as it is your gate. Imagine to open your heart and enter a holy place, where you sit between roses to receive the high frequencies of OneLove delivered to you through the Inner Net. (The Inner Net is connecting all that is. You enter it through your consciousness, no devices needed.)

Normaly I give the healing energies of the Rose Touch while a One-on-One Session personally or via Skype. But the Rose Energy is available at every time and place. It is a quantum experience and the only things required are your intend to participate, to open your heart and to receive these high frequencies. As I´ve experienced while the first Session the energies have been even more intense through the group, like a choir of souls singing the song of love. While the session everybody is adressed as a part of the group, but every participant will also receive a short personal Touch of the Rose.

If you want to participate just put your name under this post or message me. Please don´t put someone elses name to the list, as free will is very important in this case. Sole exceptions are your own children that are under 14 years or your pets, as you are their care-takers. For each month you´ve got to sign in anew if you´ve enjoyed it and want more.

Guided Meditation: For the ones, that would prefer to be guided into the Meditation, I´ve recorded a visit into you own inner Rosegarden to receive the Rose Touch. The sound quality is not good, as I´ve  used a dictaphone and you hear sound in the background, my breath etc., but it is just an extra offer. To download the meditation klick on the colored Link: Monthly Rose Touch Medi

Everybody else may just use his own music and meditation practise. Last time I´ve announced 30 minutes, but the Rose came through for more than 45 minutes. Trust your own feelings, how long you want to stay in the field.

Don´t worry in case you should fall asleep, you´ll receive your Rose Touch anyway. <3

A personal statement: I´m honored to be chosen for this work and I love it to be one of those building the new earth. But I´m only the bridge, the one that has the ability to hold and deliver these energies, but it is not about me or my human persona. I want to make that very clear. It is the pure Loveenergy that resides in all living beings that brings the blessings and healing energy. It is your own essence you´ll experience. So everybody that participates is strengthening this Inner Net, although s/he benefits from it. Welcome to the new earth. Let´s love it into life!

Shine your light precious soul!