A healers disclosure

As a young girl I married a guy who could take away physical pain with his hands. He didn´t walk a healers path but helped me and our little daughter often. I sometimes envied him for his ability that he didn´t use normally, cause I thought to have no healing abilities myself and would have liked to help others. But everytime I tried to give our daughter healing energy she just fell asleep, what became a running gag. Seen from distance we laughed but didn´t get the joke anyway. Our biggest obstacle is our lack of selfworth and trust.

Many years later I recieved a Kryon Channeling from a guy named David Brown. He told me that I am a healer, what I totally denied. He insisted that I´d be “a Healer of Hearts”. Well, I thought my own heart needed much healing, forgot about his words and moved on. I have no interest or knowledge about biology at all and learned quantum healing and matrix work because of my own emotional issues. The first guy I practised with while my education was painfree for the first time since weeks, as he had a lumbar vertebra fracture and he was totally amazed to be able to move without pain. He for sure has been impressed, but I still didn´t get the message.

Well, my spiritual guides know that I am a stubborn capricorn and sended me a whole bunch of strangers, all telling me about my healing abilities, what came to a peak while the Kryon Israel Tour 2015. How could all these people know? Well they just did. So, I started to walk my path as a “Healer of Hearts”, what has of course nothing to do with biology…Some people might already start to grin at this point.

In summer 2016 I received my initiation to the Sisterhood of Roses. All Roses have strong healing abilities of some kind. I had finally accepted that I am assisting people to find their emotional and spiritual balance and realized that I´ve already done that all my life. But it´s been so natural to me that I didn´t see the gift. And all of that still had nothing to do with physical ailments 😉

So spirit offered me a lesson…really strong physical pain in my underbelly. I went to my gynecologist and he sended me to get a MRI. As I knew I will have to wait quite a while to get an appointment at the clinic I asked him what to do. He answered: “Take the painkillers.” Strong ones. He hesitated, than shook my hand and said “good luck”. I had a really bad feeling when going home. I remember how I talked to my body and didn´t like the answer. Kryon came to my mind, when he talked about the issue that is given forth generation by generation. All woman in my family had their uterus removed, because of things growing there. One even had cancer. I have been raised by my mothers sister. She just had myoma, “the good tumors”, but she died anyway after the OP because of pulmonary embolism. I was 7 years old when that happened and her death was the starting point of a lot of suffering in my childhood. Thinking about this setup, I went home, sat at my balcony, starred at the blue sky and asked myself if I am afraid to look death in the eye. No, I felt peaceful. But I didn´t want to go now and it didn´t seem to make sense. I love life and the beauty of this planet and would like to stay and enjoy this adventure a bit longer, now that I came so far. And for sure I didn´t want to give forth this ailment to the next generations. So I decided to do something about it. My Rose Sister, Merita Bat Shoshan, came to the exact same conclusions and helped me. We went at an energetic level to the DNA and later even to the stem cell level, to also heal it for the next generations.

On a physial level my intuition told me to use wild yams and to avoid some foods like milk, especially if not organic. On an emotional level I worked on personal and collective wounds as a woman. Being used by men, disrespected, dishonored. And even our longing for love had been used as a weakpoint against us. Men not only utilized woman, they hated even their desire for woman. Tough stuff to work with. Even my surrounding mirrored that dark issue. Two young woman have been brutally raped and murdered where I live, and these crimes had been discussed all around me. Some of my coworkers knew one of the victim, her family and friends, others had connections to the police and told me details I might never get out of my head.

And of course I realized that all of these issues only occur cause there is no love, only distortion. So to heal hearts might be very important, even when not directly working on a physical level. In between I got my MRI and all was full of myoma, but no cancer. I went on with my healing work, aided by Merita and her pictures that transmit energetic codes for healing. I still got sometimes pain, but realized that this might be a good sign, cause when a myoma dies and shrinks it causes terrible pain. My gynecologist thought this to be nonsense, cause they´d only shrink after a special treatment or in some cases when woman are in menopause, because the ailment is caused by hormons. I´m not in menopause until now, so I would need an OP. He sended me back to the clinic. When I told them why he sended me they agreed I will need an OP and made an appointment to examine me via ultrawave to see how and when to do it best.

While waiting for this appointment I found out that my intuition about wild yams was really good, cause it contains a natural homone that is the counter-player of that hormone that causes myoma. My intuiton about the food was also very good, as animal products, like milk, are containing a lot of hormons. I continued with my healing work, especially the sacral chakra and realized that woman, me included, helped men to grow while not expressing their own abilities and passions and not receiving the support of the men. There is much to be done about that issue in future. Of course a woman that is doing her thing is making the guys fear her even more, but it´s for sure that we can never make us so small that they feel better about themselves, as I had to realize 2016 also. So we, as woman, might just express ourselves and love ourselves no matter who dislikes us and better stay a healthy single, than a mistreated wife.

Well the sacral chakras color is orange and the symbol for expressing the own abilities is the sun. Guess what Merita sended me as a birthday present? This picture you see here, she had painted and told me how to use it. I worked with it the days before I had to go to the clinic for my ultrawave and had some terrible pain in my underbelly these days. But when I went to the clinic the doctor was puzzled and even called for the head of department to take a look. But he agreed I won´t need an OP, the myoma are much smaller. When I asked “How comes?”, they mumbled that the “MRI sometimes delivers strange stuff”. Of course. Must have been a technical defect 😉

I´ll have to continue with my work on all levels, and go on to take good care for myself, but I know now that heaven didn´t want me to suffer, but to heal and learn. So here are 12 insights, to share with you, for your own journey:

  1. Ailment is a search for healing.
  2. Pain might occur as a sign of healing.
  3. Listen to your intuition, you know more than you know.
  4. Talk to your body, he wants to cooperate.
  5. Use all kinds of medicine, traditional, modern and energetic.
  6. Take responsibility for your own health.
  7. Search for assistance, to be able to help yourself.
  8. You might have talents that you totally deny.
  9. Find the emotional/energetic reason for your ailment.
  10. You have to change, to (re)gain health/balance.
  11. Live happy and joyful, no matter what shows up.
  12. Love is the ultimate Masterhealer.

Stay healthy and shine your light!

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