Day: January 25, 2017

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Benching with dark aspects

A few month ago I have had an interesting conversation with someone that had a light and dark signature at the same time. Well, we all have that to some degree, but he was…special. I told him very openly that I recognized it and he spoke very openly about his past lifes as a member of the Illuminati families. He still had the analytical mindset of manipulation and creating patterns and explained what he would do if he´d still be dark. For example eliminate me, cause they couldn´t allow even one of us to speak up. He than added, that it is of course too late now as there are too many lightworkers already, so it´s not making sense to kill me. We laughed, but maybe not about the same joke. Cause I knew they had tried that already, many times, including this guy, but the little burned witch sat nevertheless next to him…benching.

Many month later I realize I was distracted and didn´t think further at this day. The dark lords, that in their madness thought they would own this precious planet, this time did something way more intelligent than to kill us. They are between us, a strategy that is really not new. They repeat things that seem to work since a long time and we still fall into the same traps they deliver.

They tell us we are not good enough, so we won´t recognize we are already god enough. They send us on the hunt after our ego, so we don´t realize we are already our self. They try to make us escape our reality, so we won´t inhabit and create her. They make us being afraid of fear, instead of living a feast of love. They make us follow rules of right and wrong, judging others and ourselves, instead of loving all that we are. They tell their devotees, that they are “much better” than the other lightworkers, that are “not so evolved”; they divided us, so we won´t recognize that we are already one and purrrfect enough in our imperfection.

They did so, cause they thought our innocent nature is our weakpoint and we are easily to fool. Well, I guess it did work for a while, causing distraction and delay on our path. But it is the year of new beginnings, people are realizing what´s going on. The time for hiding is over, and while they thought to have blinded us with darkness, we also infused them with light. They fell into their own trap and didn´t understand  innocent Little Red Riding Hood was only sent into the forrest to catch herself a Wolf.

Shine your light!