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Monthly Rose Touch, February 11th, 2017

The next free Group-Session in 2017 will take place February 11th at 10 p.m. my time (Germany), what is 9 p.m. GMT, 1 p.m. PMT, 2 p.m. MST, 3 p.m. CST, 4 p.m. EST and so on. Here you can find your time zone:

If you can´t make it at the given time, join at a time that suits you, as you may participate in the NOW.

How does it work?

At the given time, you find yourself a nice place and make sure you won´t be disturbed for at least 30 minutes. Make it a comfortable experience, maybe lit a candle, burn incense, play relaxation music or whatever helps you to get into a calm, meditative state. Breath calm while you focus onto your heart, as it is your gate. Imagine to open your heart and enter a holy place, where you sit between roses to receive the high frequencies of OneLove delivered to you through the Inner Net. (The Inner Net is connecting all that is. You enter it through your consciousness, no devices needed.)

Normaly I give the healing energies of the Rose Touch while a One-on-One Session personally or via Skype. But the Rose Energy is available at every time and place. It is a quantum experience and the only things required are your intend to participate, to open your heart and to receive these high frequencies. As I´ve experienced while the first Session the energies have been even more intense through the group, like a choir of souls singing the song of love. While the session everybody is adressed as a part of the group, but every participant will also receive a short personal Touch of the Rose.

If you want to participate just put your name under this post or message me. Please don´t put someone elses name to the list, as free will is very important in this case. Sole exceptions are your own children that are under 14 years or your pets, as you are their care-takers. For each month you´ve got to sign in anew if you´ve enjoyed it and want more.

Guided Meditation: For the ones, that would prefer to be guided into the Meditation, I´ve recorded a visit into you own inner Rosegarden to receive the Rose Touch. The sound quality is not good, as I´ve  used a dictaphone and you hear sound in the background, my breath etc., but it is just an extra offer. To download the meditation klick on the colored Link: Monthly Rose Touch Medi

Everybody else may just use his own music and meditation practise. Last time I´ve announced 30 minutes, but the Rose came through for more than 45 minutes. Trust your own feelings, how long you want to stay in the field.

Don´t worry in case you should fall asleep, you´ll receive your Rose Touch anyway. <3

A personal statement: I´m honored to be chosen for this work and I love it to be one of those building the new earth. But I´m only the bridge, the one that has the ability to hold and deliver these energies, but it is not about me or my human persona. I want to make that very clear. It is the pure Loveenergy that resides in all living beings that brings the blessings and healing energy. It is your own essence you´ll experience. So everybody that participates is strengthening this Inner Net, although s/he benefits from it. Welcome to the new earth. Let´s love it into life!

Shine your light precious soul!


A healers disclosure

As a young girl I married a guy who could take away physical pain with his hands. He didn´t walk a healers path but helped me and our little daughter often. I sometimes envied him for his ability that he didn´t use normally, cause I thought to have no healing abilities myself and would have liked to help others. But everytime I tried to give our daughter healing energy she just fell asleep, what became a running gag. Seen from distance we laughed but didn´t get the joke anyway. Our biggest obstacle is our lack of selfworth and trust.

Many years later I recieved a Kryon Channeling from a guy named David Brown. He told me that I am a healer, what I totally denied. He insisted that I´d be “a Healer of Hearts”. Well, I thought my own heart needed much healing, forgot about his words and moved on. I have no interest or knowledge about biology at all and learned quantum healing and matrix work because of my own emotional issues. The first guy I practised with while my education was painfree for the first time since weeks, as he had a lumbar vertebra fracture and he was totally amazed to be able to move without pain. He for sure has been impressed, but I still didn´t get the message.

Well, my spiritual guides know that I am a stubborn capricorn and sended me a whole bunch of strangers, all telling me about my healing abilities, what came to a peak while the Kryon Israel Tour 2015. How could all these people know? Well they just did. So, I started to walk my path as a “Healer of Hearts”, what has of course nothing to do with biology…Some people might already start to grin at this point.

In summer 2016 I received my initiation to the Sisterhood of Roses. All Roses have strong healing abilities of some kind. I had finally accepted that I am assisting people to find their emotional and spiritual balance and realized that I´ve already done that all my life. But it´s been so natural to me that I didn´t see the gift. And all of that still had nothing to do with physical ailments 😉

So spirit offered me a lesson…really strong physical pain in my underbelly. I went to my gynecologist and he sended me to get a MRI. As I knew I will have to wait quite a while to get an appointment at the clinic I asked him what to do. He answered: “Take the painkillers.” Strong ones. He hesitated, than shook my hand and said “good luck”. I had a really bad feeling when going home. I remember how I talked to my body and didn´t like the answer. Kryon came to my mind, when he talked about the issue that is given forth generation by generation. All woman in my family had their uterus removed, because of things growing there. One even had cancer. I have been raised by my mothers sister. She just had myoma, “the good tumors”, but she died anyway after the OP because of pulmonary embolism. I was 7 years old when that happened and her death was the starting point of a lot of suffering in my childhood. Thinking about this setup, I went home, sat at my balcony, starred at the blue sky and asked myself if I am afraid to look death in the eye. No, I felt peaceful. But I didn´t want to go now and it didn´t seem to make sense. I love life and the beauty of this planet and would like to stay and enjoy this adventure a bit longer, now that I came so far. And for sure I didn´t want to give forth this ailment to the next generations. So I decided to do something about it. My Rose Sister, Merita Bat Shoshan, came to the exact same conclusions and helped me. We went at an energetic level to the DNA and later even to the stem cell level, to also heal it for the next generations.

On a physial level my intuition told me to use wild yams and to avoid some foods like milk, especially if not organic. On an emotional level I worked on personal and collective wounds as a woman. Being used by men, disrespected, dishonored. And even our longing for love had been used as a weakpoint against us. Men not only utilized woman, they hated even their desire for woman. Tough stuff to work with. Even my surrounding mirrored that dark issue. Two young woman have been brutally raped and murdered where I live, and these crimes had been discussed all around me. Some of my coworkers knew one of the victim, her family and friends, others had connections to the police and told me details I might never get out of my head.

And of course I realized that all of these issues only occur cause there is no love, only distortion. So to heal hearts might be very important, even when not directly working on a physical level. In between I got my MRI and all was full of myoma, but no cancer. I went on with my healing work, aided by Merita and her pictures that transmit energetic codes for healing. I still got sometimes pain, but realized that this might be a good sign, cause when a myoma dies and shrinks it causes terrible pain. My gynecologist thought this to be nonsense, cause they´d only shrink after a special treatment or in some cases when woman are in menopause, because the ailment is caused by hormons. I´m not in menopause until now, so I would need an OP. He sended me back to the clinic. When I told them why he sended me they agreed I will need an OP and made an appointment to examine me via ultrawave to see how and when to do it best.

While waiting for this appointment I found out that my intuition about wild yams was really good, cause it contains a natural homone that is the counter-player of that hormone that causes myoma. My intuiton about the food was also very good, as animal products, like milk, are containing a lot of hormons. I continued with my healing work, especially the sacral chakra and realized that woman, me included, helped men to grow while not expressing their own abilities and passions and not receiving the support of the men. There is much to be done about that issue in future. Of course a woman that is doing her thing is making the guys fear her even more, but it´s for sure that we can never make us so small that they feel better about themselves, as I had to realize 2016 also. So we, as woman, might just express ourselves and love ourselves no matter who dislikes us and better stay a healthy single, than a mistreated wife.

Well the sacral chakras color is orange and the symbol for expressing the own abilities is the sun. Guess what Merita sended me as a birthday present? This picture you see here, she had painted and told me how to use it. I worked with it the days before I had to go to the clinic for my ultrawave and had some terrible pain in my underbelly these days. But when I went to the clinic the doctor was puzzled and even called for the head of department to take a look. But he agreed I won´t need an OP, the myoma are much smaller. When I asked “How comes?”, they mumbled that the “MRI sometimes delivers strange stuff”. Of course. Must have been a technical defect 😉

I´ll have to continue with my work on all levels, and go on to take good care for myself, but I know now that heaven didn´t want me to suffer, but to heal and learn. So here are 12 insights, to share with you, for your own journey:

  1. Ailment is a search for healing.
  2. Pain might occur as a sign of healing.
  3. Listen to your intuition, you know more than you know.
  4. Talk to your body, he wants to cooperate.
  5. Use all kinds of medicine, traditional, modern and energetic.
  6. Take responsibility for your own health.
  7. Search for assistance, to be able to help yourself.
  8. You might have talents that you totally deny.
  9. Find the emotional/energetic reason for your ailment.
  10. You have to change, to (re)gain health/balance.
  11. Live happy and joyful, no matter what shows up.
  12. Love is the ultimate Masterhealer.

Stay healthy and shine your light!

Benching with dark aspects

A few month ago I have had an interesting conversation with someone that had a light and dark signature at the same time. Well, we all have that to some degree, but he was…special. I told him very openly that I recognized it and he spoke very openly about his past lifes as a member of the Illuminati families. He still had the analytical mindset of manipulation and creating patterns and explained what he would do if he´d still be dark. For example eliminate me, cause they couldn´t allow even one of us to speak up. He than added, that it is of course too late now as there are too many lightworkers already, so it´s not making sense to kill me. We laughed, but maybe not about the same joke. Cause I knew they had tried that already, many times, including this guy, but the little burned witch sat nevertheless next to him…benching.

Many month later I realize I was distracted and didn´t think further at this day. The dark lords, that in their madness thought they would own this precious planet, this time did something way more intelligent than to kill us. They are between us, a strategy that is really not new. They repeat things that seem to work since a long time and we still fall into the same traps they deliver.

They tell us we are not good enough, so we won´t recognize we are already god enough. They send us on the hunt after our ego, so we don´t realize we are already our self. They try to make us escape our reality, so we won´t inhabit and create her. They make us being afraid of fear, instead of living a feast of love. They make us follow rules of right and wrong, judging others and ourselves, instead of loving all that we are. They tell their devotees, that they are “much better” than the other lightworkers, that are “not so evolved”; they divided us, so we won´t recognize that we are already one and purrrfect enough in our imperfection.

They did so, cause they thought our innocent nature is our weakpoint and we are easily to fool. Well, I guess it did work for a while, causing distraction and delay on our path. But it is the year of new beginnings, people are realizing what´s going on. The time for hiding is over, and while they thought to have blinded us with darkness, we also infused them with light. They fell into their own trap and didn´t understand  innocent Little Red Riding Hood was only sent into the forrest to catch herself a Wolf.

Shine your light!

The new economy

How can I describe the new form of economy in one sentence? Everybody coming in with their gifts, for the benefit of all.

It is a female form of energyflow and in fact it isn´t new, but the oldest and most successful form of exchange at all, as the new economy will look at mother nature, sucessful since eons.

She brings together all kinds of creatures, everyone of them very imperfect and vulnerable. But in their coming together, in their co-working, they create this beautiful-amazing planet we live on.

I tell you how I realized it: I´ve been working in the money-sector for many years, when I left my hometown Frankfurt with it´s many skyscrappers and more and more relentless energy field. My new place to be became Freiburg, more eco and progessive. Here I entered in the beginning a group of people, meeting once a week, to cook something fresh and vegetarian. We normally didn´t know what it´ll be, we didn´t make up who brings what, just trusted we will have yummy food. One was bringing tomatoes and onions, the other peppers and rice and so on. We looked at the vegetables and decided if we want it as a soup, a stew or fried and what we would use for the salad, as he was a given each week. I´ve eaten good and yummy food since than very often, but I can tell you the best salad in my life I had there, because of the diversity in it. Of course it was never the same, but always the best. There I realized how the new economy will work and that this has been the way woman have been making business since the beginning of time. Just noone realized it or appreciated it the last few thousand years, as its been just “womans business”. It doesn´t seem important, but it nurtured everyone until this very day. All you have to know about new economy is in my description of these people coming together for healthy food. You also get a sense of the richness and diversity. No boss, very few rules, all naturally unfolding.

Translate the principle to everything else in society: Bring people with their gifts together and let all involved persons benefit and you´ll know how to make business in the new earth.

I was hesitating if I should add how this fairy tale ended, but you´ve got to know the whole story, to be aware of the pitfalls:  A guy was entering, playing tricks with the woman, causing jealousy and turmoil, he was bringing few, but taking much while playing the enlightened master. No other opinions allowed and everyone that opened the mouth was “not so evolved” and blackmailed. People that no longer wanted to come than, demanding people, neediness, imbalance. Fear that was arising, thoughts of lack, rigid, controlling and excluding behaviour. All just old energy, shadows that were arising. And the reason why I added it at all: I saw it quite often since than, destroying something that was amazing beautiful. We have to be very aware to create long lasting so(u)lutions: It´s not enough to have a good idea, an intend that is pure, we have to live it than, day by day, week by week, not afraid to look at the shadows and to be open and true. That´s much more difficult, but so worth it. The new economy will be very diverse, colorful and abundant. Just like our beautiful Mother Gaia.

Shine your light, share your gifts, come together, just as she does!


Why we have to come together

I am coming more and more to a place in my life where I do what I never did before. I thought I would never recommend coworking and gatherings, but I do now, and for very good reasons.

It is your own path, you have to follow and there are two sentences that are true:

  1. Noone can do it for you.
  2. You cannot do it on your own.

Isn´t that a contradiction? Nope.  The first sentence is the reason why  I´ve been an independent person, wherever possible, all my life. And as finding a partner was already difficult in the old energy, groups have been a total nightmare to me. In the old energy people were trying to force or convince each other of the one and only truth (their own) with domination and manipulation. Felt so wrong to see one was leading and the other(s) had to follow. But I am unable to be a devotee and for sure don´t want to have devotees around me.  That´s been the old earth. The problem.

Well, what´s the so(u)lution of the new earth? Independent persons, walking their own path, but coming together to encourage and assist each other, while everybody is totally free and independent. I realized lately that this is what I am doing since years. You´ll only find people of my own kind close to me. All very strong personalities and often very different persons, sharing some interest, while having also other that don´t fit with mine. Everyone on his own path. No need to save someone. Noone to save me. But I also realized that I wouldn´t have made it without them…or at least my path would have been unbelievable long and hard.

It is the year one of new beginnings and it´s time to come together. I´ve made huge progress the last few month while working together with my Rose-Sister Merita Bat Shoshan, to name just one example of many. In the old energy the wounded healer, Chiron, was quite normal. Maybe the reason why I never really stepped fully into this field in the old times. In the new energy the healers cooperate for a fast-track of evolution, sharing insights, methods, laughter, healing and inspiration. A neverending party of joy it is.

But I also realized the huge potential of groups lately, as I gave a group-healing for free. I thought I would give a gift, but suddenly realized that we will all benefit from the energies coming together. I was curious how it´ll work and asked a few people that could feel the difference. And really the energies have been stronger than normally and carried by the high frequencies of the participants. This is the dawn of the Age of Aquarius. As I´ve got a daughter that is Aquarius I know they are very individual persons, but love to come together. And that is what we´ll have to learn. Nobody is so evolved that s/he won´t benefit from assistance and from others.

Go out and bring out what you have, share it with others, encourage each other, assist each other.

Shine your light to inspire and attract others!

Giving and receiving

Giving and receiving is an important lesson. I´ve received masterlessons in this area all my life, ending with a heavenly birthday gift today.

I´ve been a belated and very unwanted christmas gift myself and made a lot of experiences where I have been rejected. Since my journey to Israel 2015 the angels have been playing tricks on me, giving me clear messages, showing how difficult it is for some people to receive something given with love. Has nothing to do with the intend of the giver. If the receiver has trouble with selfworth or power, experienced lack, manipulation, domination and all the dark stuff that has been part of the old energies and its mindset of lack, they´ll have trouble with giving and receiving.

It is important to understand that this issue of giving and taking might take place on all levels: economy, partnering, business, money…and healing energies. The old energy has been one of exchange, a traders mind. In fact nothing is wrong with trading, it is a beautiful concept if the conditions are clear for both sides. But in the old energy the motives and conditions often have been very tricky and hidden. And all kind of relationships, even the most intimite ones,  have been working this way: If I give you something, you owe me something. Nothing has been unconditionally. Only fools gave something for free and to give away your belongings could bring you in a mental asylum, cause people thought you to have lost your mind. Everything was upside down in the old energy ^_^

When my mother received me, she couldn´t see a gift in me, although I´ve been announced for christmas. She named me Natalie, but didn´t get the message herself and saw nothing but a burden, guilt and loss of freedom in me. Until this very day that didn´t change. Nothing I did or didn´t could ever change her perception. I love her dearly and always will, but I´m free of all attachment to this issue, that is hers and no longer mine. It´s been tough training for a lightworker and the concept behind it is nevertheless one of love, although things on earth may look dark. I realized that I will never be able to reach her in the darkhouse, she created. How people perceive life is shaping their personal reality totally. They feel safe in their prison cells and it is madness to try to free someone that loves to stay in his personal kind of hell, as it´s their path and choice. They leave when they want and not a second earlier.

For me as a teacher and healer that´s been a really, really important lesson. It is important as giving healing energies has to be totally free from all personal stories and attachments. Sometimes people say they want healing, but a subconscious aspect will block the healing, as they aren´t ready to let go. Shouldn´t bother the healer. A healer is working as a tool and if people praise or curse his work doesn´t change the tool, that he is or the message of love he delivers.

A few days ago my guides told me very sudden to give once a month a free group healing for everybody that wants to participate. That´s been new to me: I´ve given healing over distance quite often and also adressed a group, but I´ve never combined these elements. (Not in this lifetime, my guides tell me I´ve done that often before and I know it is true. In ancient times the mystery schools trained people in many  forms of communication over distance). Well the human I am in this lifetime felt surprised, but I learned to trust my inner voice completely and so announced the monthly sessions, not expecting to have immediately 23 participants, plus one cat. Well, it´s been 24 plus a cat, as I had to add myself as I found out.

It´s been the evening before my birthday when I wanted to give a gift and received one myself. First of all I´ve been blessed as I feel energies and the participants have been so beautiful radiant souls, that this already knocked me off my feet. Than I realized how the energies have been building up very strongly for many hours before this event took place. While the session I, as a human persona, step aside somehow. So I don´t participate usually in these energies I deliver. My consciousness and perception is there, but in an unpersonal way, to not get in the way. It´s been a beautiful experience, as the group seemed somehow like a choir to me, when I transmitted for all together. In the end everybody has been adressed personally, one by one. Amazing experience. And when the 32 minutes had been over and I wanted to get back into my normal life, I´ve received a surprising gift as the energies came back, but this time I received it myself.

Today a close friend of mine, not working as a healer, but highly sensitive to energies, told me she recognized the session took place 45 minutes. She witnessed my gift.

And when the session was finally really over  and my birthday started all communication channels, letters, phone, skype, messenger, whatsapp etc., delivered nonstop nice messages. I´ve been literally bathed in pure love all day long.

I´ve got no words for such a blessing. I´m grateful beyond messure.

Your problem is a pro

Each problem is a search for solutions and each ailment is a search for health.

Even the words show the hidden treasure. Your problem includes a pro. And ailment is a hint for h ail.

As we are living in duality things are delivered through contrast. This contrast that might make you suffer, really makes you search for release and completion. There´s no need to suffer. Just look out for the so(u)lution.

“The problem isn´t the problem; the problem is our attitude about the problem.” Captain Jack Sparrow

Sounds funny, but is true. No, of course I know how serious all problems feel. Have had enough of them myself…and they still show up, even life-threatening sometimes. What do you think how a Soulutioner is trained? With tons of shitty issues. Seen it all, been it all. Just to love it all.

We focus on the problem. We allow the problem to create our attitude, we give our power to the problem. The reason why we suffer is that our attitude recreates the problem. If you allow the problem to shape your attitude, you just create the cause for a repetition.

The most difficult point in my work is to see what the real issue is. Sometimes things are entangled and twisted. That´s the reason why even very evolved persons are needing assistance. When you are too close you can´t see it. And of course we´ve all got our blind spots.

Try to find the true issue and ask yourself: What is your problems gift? How does it want to serve you? What is your lesson? What is the pattern? What makes you miserable? Than start to install the opposite than normal, cause the opposite brings balance. And all healing is a state of balance. Your old normal recreated the issue. Find a new normal.

What is really helpful: Just love your problem. Even when you don´t have a solution. Honor that it tries to assist you. Brings sometimes sudden wonders.

Here are some common issues, just to inspire you:

  • Your feeling of rejection might be a call to accept all that is, first of all yourself.
  • Your anger might be just your suppressed passion. Live it.
  • Your loneliness might bring you in alignment with your core. Cause that is where you are all one. And it will guide you to the people that feel like home.
  • Your sadness might ask you to find happiness and joy.
  • Powerstruggles might be a call to find your own power within yourself. You own it and nobody can take it from you, unless you hand it over.
  • Desillusions might deliver you truth and a deep sense of reality.

These are just some examples. Every person is different and in the end all so(u)lutions are found within yourself. But Love is always the Master-So(u)lutioner. May s/he guide you well.

Shine your light!

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