Your filters block what you desire

When we watch other persons it is often quite obvious how they create their own personal kind of prison. But we all do it.

A few weeks ago I was waiting in a row at a bakery. The saleswoman there was terribly stressed. You didn´t have to be an empath to get that. She was trying to rush, always looking at the row that became bigger and bigger. So she was unfriendly, making mistakes, giving the people the wrong stuff, falling over her own feet, starting to argue with the people in front of her, that felt badly treated. She´s been focussed on the problem, that became bigger and bigger. Her solution would have been to calm down and focus on one ordner by the other. But as she has been inside the situation, she couldn´t see it. I felt for her, cause stress is sometimes also an issue for me. So I tried to assist her energetically and with my attitude, when reaching the counter. I thought maybe if I stay very friendly, relaxed and focussed that might help her. Nope! Made it worse! I´ve just ordered two rolls, nothing else. Very easy one might think. I had to repeat it three times, cause she didn´t get it, starred somewhere else, repeated my order, turned around to get them, than came back to ask me again. She not once looked at me, so she didn´t get my friendly smile. And if so she would have taken it as a sign of sarcasm, I´m quite sure. She than dropped the rolls on the floor, so had to take new ones, gave me not enough backcash, and when I told her so in a friendly way, she even became harsh…I almost couldn´t believe it.  It´s been because of her filters, that where just letting through stress. All we experience has to pass our filters. And we all have them, so I´m sure no human has ever seen something like reality. No information that doesn´t fit to your filters will reach you. That´s the biggest obstacle when it comes to the art of creation. When our filters are such of lack of money, love, support, freedom etc. we won´t be able to reach these experiences, cause we won´t see them , although they might be in reach. We only get what we expect and therefore recreate our past instead of a new, desired future.

So you have to train your perception. Watch out for even the smallest pieces of the wanted experience. You might watch out for love and dream endlessly of your soul-mate, that just doesn´t show up. And s/he won´t as long as you are in waiting and complaining mode, you´ve got to be in the receiving mode. Train yourself to realize small experiences of love (or whatever you are looking for), that are already available. Someone smiling at you, a child huggin´you or paiting a picture for you, a puppy coming along for a cuddle, a neighbor bringing cookies, a postcard of a friend…

That´s the reason why gratefulness is such a mighty tool when it comes to manifestations. It trains your awareness from lack to abundance, what changes your filters.

I´m sure it has to do with energetic frequencies also. You have to be an energetic match to receive things. That´s the reason why the woman in the bakery had the most trouble with her calmest client; her and my vibration have been galaxies apart. That´s the reason why she just couldn´t understand my order. Totally other energetic frequency.

The fotos below show the same picture, but seen with different filters. A simple one, with not many colors. But when you change shades and colors a bit, you receive a totally different picture, that creates a totally different feeling and experience.

Choose your filters wisely and shine your light!


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