This year I chose to spend christmas al(l)one for the first time in my life. Had to do with some circumstances and so I saw it as a kind of research. Experience is the way I find out about life, cause there´s a huge difference between an idea, an assumption and the lived experience.

So what did I find out?

  1. The biggest present is being present. At many family meetings noone is. And if you are the only one who is present, that might be a lonesome day. Better being totally on your own than lonely in a crowd. If the present of your presence isn´t appreciated you shouldn´t give it. That´s a matter of self-respect.
  2. Very often the presents are way more important than the persons, that gave them. If so, you might question giving presents and presence.
  3. Being one genetic family doesn´t mean you have much in common. That´s nobodys faulth, but doesn´t require repetitions christmas after christmas after christmas. Sometimes it´s a present to not spend time together…at least for one self.
  4. Open communication can safe the party.  Well, or it might make that christmas unforgetable ^_^ Depends on the directness. But you should give your family the chance to know you, before you decide to no longer meet them.
  5. Christmas isn´t a tree. It isn´t the songs, the food, the candles. Christmas is about love, when there is no love, there is no real christmas. Love is the ultimate present.
  6. I´m connected through the inner net of hearts. It´s not possible for me to be alone, even if I try. I am Love and I am dearly loved.
  7. I love modern media. Receiving lovely pics  and calls from my daughter and son-in-law, messages from friends all over the world…plus having a hannukah christmas celebration via skype with my beloved Rose Sister in Israel. Nothing can keep real family apart.
  8. Giving to others not what we owe (nothing!), but what we can give easily and freely, as it is given and received with joy. An elderly aunt might be very happy about a little card or a short phone call.
  9. The unknown makes us search for connection. A friend that is spending christmas in an orphanage in Asia is messaging me 10 times more than when she´s at home…cause being connected feels like home.
  10.  Christmas may also bring up sad feelings, cause we might miss someone. Allowing all feelings is also a present we might give ourselves.

You´ve got to be energetically present to be a present present. Give yourself fully and shine your light! Happy holy days!

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