Day: December 20, 2016

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Celebrate the light

To me this is the most beautiful time of the year. Once in the year people behave in a way that feels normal to me. They are loving, kind, generous, joyful and thoughtful (or at least they try).

I am starting my celebrations always at the solstice. My shamanic and witchy akash can´t help it, but loves the symbolism of holding the light and trusting in its strenght. Blessed Yule, dear ones!

Than the joy continues with christmas. The day when I was supposed to arrive on earth and the reason for my first firstname. Well with this name I am destined to love the christmas spirit totally, that represents my natur quite well (although I missed my first x-mas party, cause I came in with a little delay).

Than comes the new year with a big party and all the optimism and enthusiasm. Fits also very much with me, cause I love new beginnings. And when the rest of the world is already back to normal I celebrate my birthday as the last point of rebellion against the grey, boring, uninspired normal on this planet. But this year I´ve got a crazy idea: I´ll try to not stop to celebrate, but find endless more reasons…to celebrate and shine the light endlessly.

Have a blessed holiday seasons dear ones and enjoy life for whatever reason you may find to celebrate.