You can´t change others perception

Insights & PerspectivesPosted by Natalie Tue, December 06, 2016 08:33:00
As it´s the holiday season and we meet family, with their mostly very different point of view, especially as 2016 is the year of the clean-ups, here´s something I´d like to share:
Most people have a very, very different perception of reality than a lightworker has. And as you may be able to see the others reality, cause you were raised that way, you might not really understand that they just cannot see yours. What is obvious to you remains invisible for them. There´s no need to share your point of view, especially not with words. You won´t reach them and they will turn anything against you, as they defend their way of living. So don´t make them feel they have to defend who they are. Just stay in your own truth.

Sometimes it may be hard, as you might see how someone struggles and you might want to help them, but that might not be possible.
If you see someone having issues with their job, as they don´t do what they are really good at and feel unhappy in their working-situation, you may realize he is shaky with his self-worth. You may understand that this person is afraid to show the own abilities and therefore doesn´t thrive as much as he could, as his “normal” job won´t make him happy. Well, you may try to encourage this person and she will like it for a moment. But as she isn´t ready she might feel pushed than. And even when you don´t say anything, just stay centered and be yourself, this person will still feel challenged by your attitude. She would like to be that way, but doesn´t feel she can and so she will accuse you being arrogant and high-toned. You might be loving and kind, but still represent the shadow of this person.

I´ve got a relative that is very ill, has a lot of physical and emotional pain inside herself and all of her mindset is of the old earth. A world where you have to prove your worth with your income. your position, influence and willpower. Behind it is a huge idea of unworthyness, so she has to be “better” or “right” to not feel totally worthless, what feels like hell to her.
You cannot reach a person like that. If you try to help her on a physical level, she thinks you to be weak, as she thinks she may rule over you. If you don´t help her, she will accuse you to be a heartless being. You cannot do it right, cause she needs you to be “wrong”. In both cases she “won” in her mindset. Just like in the song of Depeche Mode “Master and servant” domination is the name of the game. And you can´t change the game someone else is playing.

We shoudn´t interfere with someone elses game, but stay focused on our own. If you get attacked for your way of living and your point of view, just don´t let them hurt you. All of that has nothing to do with you at all.
If you know and feel with all that you are, that you live the way that is yours, you don´t have to justify it, just be it.
And you don´t have to convince someone else, that their path is wrong. It isn´t. They might need all the pain and suffering they can bare. Don´t distract them. They´ll find out themselves, if they want. Free will is king.

Nevertheless we have to live our own truth. Very often we have been sitting with others, cause “we have to, it´s christmas”. No, we don´t.
If you can stand their flaws and still enjoy the day, come together with family and let them be as they are. But if all of it is a nightmare and it feels as if you are watching a horror-movie: Don´t do that to yourself. Than speak your truth, without attacking or blaming them. Say that you´ve decided you want to spend your day in your own way. Yes, they will gossipp about you, they will blame you, but they´ll do it anyway and there´s no need for sacrifice. Maybe not showing up to other´s games, will show you´re having fun with yours.

Shine your light!

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