Attracting the unusual

(T)HeArt of CreationPosted by Natalie Sat, November 19, 2016 22:53:17
We all experience coincidences. We think about someone we haven´t seen for years, enter a grocery store…and there s/he is.
You think about a movie you´ve seen and next to you a couple starts talking about it.
I am so often experiencing stuff that is against all odds, that the unusual became a normal part of my life. Although I´m a writer, I could never write about my own life, cause nobody would believe it…not even as a fiction.

So I contemplated about the fact why so much serendipity is happening to me, and I found 5 explanations for it, that may inspire you to increase your good luck.

1) I love to think about unusual things. I love to stretch my mind and change perspectives. My mind is playfully strolling in the galaxies, while me feets are wellgrounded on earth. That seem to make it easy to bring heaven on earth.

2) Although the unusual is quiete normal to me, I´m never getting used to it. I´m still amazed every time such stuff happens. A little bit like a child´s mind. Makes me stay open and therefore I seem to enjoy christmas once a week or even more often.

3) Awareness. People that aren´t present oversee the miracles in their life.

4) Being joyful. Maybe the angels love to play tricks on me, cause they love it when their work is appreciated. Or maybe the vibration of joy attracts joyful events. Don´t know why, but joy is increasing the miracle-factor in my life a lot.

5) I´m sure we are all connected through an Inner Net. Persons that are very close and dear to us, seem to have a direct line, although that´s not happening in our conscious mind.

Here´s a nice story, that happened this week:
I didn´t talk very much to my daughter lately as she is very busy in her job and in her freetime also. She needs action and been traveling a lot lately while I´ve been quite busy with other stuff. In the middle of the week I saw rainbow-roses in the internet, that made me think of my daughter, as she has a tatoo with these colors. I ordered these flowers for her to be delivered at the weekend. Well a few hours later my daughter sended me a message that a package is on it´s way to me, that should be delivered for the weekend. I read it with a huge grin on my face. Both miles apart, quite busy with very different things, but thinking at each other at the same time.

Well, what my daughter surely couldn´t know is that I am much occupied the last days with
a) making plans for my businesses, like moving this blog to wordpress, what I should have done from the beginning, thinking about interview partners for the end of my actually book project and having another book project started these days and much, much more
b) being focused on a daily routine for manifestation, to make these things happen smooth and easily

Well, when the parcel arrived I have been writing an article in a facebook-group, taking my daughter as an example that we don´t have to fear the future as the new generation has all that is needed. It´s been a love-declaration for the young ones. The very moment I sended the post, my bell was ringing and the parcel arirved. When I opened it, I starred at what my daughter had sended to me:
There was a pillow in it, saying “Dream bigger.” and an advent calendar saying “Expect miracles”. That is not what my daughter would message normally, these are words I would use, not she. That´s already a miracle in itself. Even when this is not her mindset, she´s for sure very much in tune with me <3

I guess coincidents are created with the heart <3

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