Day: December 16, 2016

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Becoming spiritually invincible

Insights & PerspectivesPosted by Natalie Tue, October 04, 2016 17:16:10

The more we center ourselves, the more life is working for us, not against us.
The more you accept reality as it is, instead of going into opposition to it, the easier you´ll navigate through life.
And no, I won´t tell you there won´t occur obstacles and encounters any more. They will still show up, but you will feel and act about them in a totally changed way.

2016 has offered me a few experiences that would have literally hit me to the ground a few years ago. I would have felt miserable, unworthy, not loved and maybe would have went into deep depression.
But I didn´t. That stuff can´t harm me no more, but makes me wiser and stronger. I need time for my processes and might have some symptoms showing up, but I feel very calm, happy and blessed.

I welcome every hit I recieve, not happy, as I´d prefer other, but willingly. I love flowers and hugs more than betrayal and abandonment, but I know nothing can harm me. So I allow my enemies and haters to strenghten me. Their human self might want to hurt or fight me. But it´s just not possible.

I use all life serves me as a spiritual training, teaching me to love, to fully accept myself and to see clearly through the surface of humans and situations. I see their human self, I have compassion for their fear and pain, causing their dark actions and I see their soul-self, sharing the one love we are all part of. It remains untouched by the human games of distortion. My enemies are my co-workers, so how could they harm me?!

You decide who you are. You are the one giving meaning to situations. You choose your point of view. Decide to be a freakin´awesome god/dess!

Shine your light!

Why it is so hard to let go

Insights & PerspectivesPosted by Natalie Tue, October 04, 2016 11:03:40
Sometimes it is very clear, seen from the outside, that a person clings on something or someone, that isn´t good for this person.
Why do we do this? Why can´t we let go?

There are 3 reasons I witnessed quite often:

1. There is a hidden advantage for us that we don´t wanna loose.
Find out what this might be and try to get whatever it is in another, more healthy, way.

2. We are afraid of the unknown. Very often people prefer staying in a known hell over an unknown paradise.
Life is all about change. You´ve got to leave all persons and circumstances anyway, so if you love yourself you´ll do it in a loving way, before the universe makes circumstances change in a rough manner.

3. We hope for a miracle to change it.
I´ve experienced quite a few miracles. They all occured when I gave intend to change, asked for help and moved my ass in the direction I wanted to go. Heaven helps the ones brave enough to face reality and willing to become a co-worker with the divine forces.

Don´t pick on yourself when you are not ready to let go now. But prepare your escape anyway, one day you´ll free yourself and learn to fly.

Shine your light!

Love is the only strenght

Insights & PerspectivesPosted by Natalie Sat, October 01, 2016 10:36:36

Only a fearful person is looking for control and power. The ones looking for power are creating and believing in an illusion of strenght. They do so because they have a deep, deep (hidden) fear to be weak, vulnerable and inferior. Never forget this when you look at a dictator and manipulator. He´s a fearful little bunny in his core. You need to be really, really strong to be open, vulnerable and loving.

A person looking for power isn´t able to trust in a higher law, but thinks she has to control all in her surrounding. And that is nothing but insanity. No human will ever be able to do so. A butterfly in China might use his wings, create a storm and the whole controlled life is blown by the wind.

The human looking for power must have experienced itself as somehow vulnerable to uncontrollable forces. Might have been a parent getting really angry or experienced trauma through war or disasters. They experienced stuff that seemed to be „wrong“ somehow. Now this person wants to make sure everything is working properly, how it should be.
Just: No human out of a human perspective can know for sure how things should be!

The real „sin“ of Adam and Eve has been that they thought they have the knowledge, just like god, to know right from wrong. That is how they´ve lost paradise – through a judgemental mind. Not god sent them away, they´ve lost connection.
And their judgement about how to live and how to worship god correctly made them rise Kain and Abel.
Powerstruggle. Control over the environment, even by killing. But don´t oversee the fact that the „bad boy“ has been told a long time he isn´t doing right. His parents tried to control his behaviour and he suffered by not being accepted, that is how Kain went into darkness. If these parents wouldn´t have been eating the forbidden fruit, they would have innocently accepted that they´ve got two very different boys and no control and „being right“ would have seemed necessary. The idea of being wrong is bringing in the longing for making sure everything is under control.

All power is an illusion. We cling on it to feel safe. But the soul don´t even wants to be safe. The soul wants experiences and growth, so it will never create anything that stays the same all the time. And every change is making us fearful and unsure, cause we don´t trust in our soul and her intend to work for us. And as we don´t trust, we don´t let things unfold naturally, but insist to have things going our way. So the soul has to witness our crazy games trying to bring us still to the right place for the next step.
Truth is: Every single one of us has amazing, breathtaking potentials, but almost no one dares to reach out for them by going with the flow.

Yesterday I had to witness a close person recreating her loop of pain for the millionandfirst time. She still clings on power, as she could never accept for herself being wrong somehow. So everyone else is wrong. The ones that love and accept her no matter what, can´t reach her. She won´t let them. As it has not been possible to have a conversation with her, I just told her I wish her nothing but the best and said goodbye.

Later I connected her soul. It is always possible to get in contact to the soul-self, even when the human persona is deep down in darkness. I´ve recieved an interesting answer from her soul. The soul said this person needs to go to a place of deep despair and pain, to crack the armour around her heart open. But the moment that will happen, love´n light will flood the system and it´ll be unforgetable for this person, because of the contrast. Ain´t that astonishing? In this case love has to wait patentiently, while the human needs the suffering as a preparing to be crashed open.

No soul will ever get lost, no love is ever wasted. Just how long it´ll take depends on the free will. One can go with the flow or fight against love and light. The result will be the same, just the path will unfold in a way the person chooses by free will.

Well I choose as less suffering as possible, I have seen enough teaching through karma. I am asking for a path, filled with as much love and light as I can bear.
Dare to live your beautiful potentials.

Shine your light!

How to deal with Fear

Finding SoulutionsPosted by Natalie Mon, September 26, 2016 13:40:37

Sometimes people describe me as strong and brave. I am, but only because I used to be a really fearful Person.
You can only become brave, when you had fears and chose to face them.

So in case you should have to deal with fear, I can assure you that I feel for you. I am still having lots of fears. But I don´t allow them to imprison my life.

First of all: Don´t feel bad about having fears. If you feel bad about yourself you are taking away all your own strenght and power.That´s the opposite of what we want. Instead love yourself while you shiver and shake.

See fear for what it is. Your ability to imagine. People that have no fantasy hardly ever fear something. And your fear might arise out of bad experiences you made. To overcome your fears doesn´t mean you shouldn´t take care of yourself, it´s good to act carefully, but act anyway.
Two sentences helped me on my path and I´ll share them with you, hoping the´ll serve you well, also.

The first is a statement of my mum.
“The coward dies a hundred times every day, but the brave one only dies once in his life.”
This is nothing but true. I can only die one time in a lifetime. Well, that´s not sooo often. So all my fear, that feel like dying, can´t be true. This sentence gives me the strenght again and again to move forward. A while ago I climbed a stair, stating I´ve got fear of hights. I guess the other person didn´t believe me, cause he said my fear couldn´t be so big, otherwise I wouldn´t be able to do it.

No. He was wrong. I am terribly afraid of hights. But I wanted also to get to the rooftop, so I went there, trying to focus on my goal and not on my fear. If you are very afraid you can´t think very well and don´t see and hear good. I am using that, to move forward, while having almost no consciousness. Go for the things you adore, even when you piss your pants, cause you might change your pants…but no one can ever take away the triumph when reaching your goal. It´ll make you strong and brave. You´ll feel like the god/dess that you are.

The second quote comes from a friend.
She asked me “What is the worst that might happen?”
Well that brings in some perspective. Maybe I might have pissed pants when standing on the most beautiful rooftop of my life. Who cares?!
Or maybe someone laughs about ´me, well that´s great, one birthday card less to write.
Or a guy gives me a no. That´s great, no more wasted time daydreaming. Next!

One of my biggest fears has been “You might be ending on a parkbench.” Well, I found out that I really, really love parkbenches. A hobby I share with Eckhard Tolle.
You see our biggest fears aren´t about dying, they are about living.

The biggest antidote for fear is love. I used to be afraid of all little animals like spiders or earthworms. But I had to save my daughter of the spiders and I had to save the earthworms on our way to the kindergarden, cause people might step onto them.
On that morning when I learned how strong love makes us, it took us 60 minutes instead of 10 to reach the kindergarden, cause there were so many earthworms on that path and it took me always a few seconds to be able to touch them and than it took my daughter a few seconds to confirm the place I brought them seemed safe enough. But I really love my daughter a lot. And she loved the earthworms, every single one of the 50 or so I had to save. I still prefer cats and dogs over spiders and earthworms, but I don´t fear them no more.

Did some of my fears come true? Of course. I am not brave because I never fail, but I experienced how strong we become while we give it a try.

Let love take your hand. Your love for yourself that drags you onto rooftops or on a journey or the love for someone else, that makes you become a hero/ine.

You´ll find out that your love makes you invincible.

The ability to love

Insights & PerspectivesPosted by Natalie Sat, September 24, 2016

If you are able to love you are connected with the biggest treasure of them all, source itself. Your heart is the door to this never ending richness. Never ever allow anybody to lock this door again, once it is opened.

Yesterday I´ve been sitting in a tram, thinking about the human perspective of one-sided love and suddenly started to grin and than giggle. I have had a moment of great clarity and every heartbreak in my life seemed absurd to me. I realised that no matter what someone did, noone has ever been able to take away my ability to love. Just the opposite. My connection to the source of all that is has never been clearer and stronger. I have a key to endless abundance. Neverending love.

So feeling sad for not being re-loved is as if you would cry, being very rich, because the other is bankrupt. And if you are a compassionate person and really love the other, maybe you do feel sorry for the other. I did.
But yesterday I started to laugh about it.
I am still endlessly abundant. My heart is connected to the source itself. Endless love.
The other also. But he has to find the key to his heart, to have access to his richness. The forgetful god, creating amnesia as a game, walking the earth as a beggar while owning the key to the heavens.

Well, I am the daughter of god/dess, the key to paradise is inside of me. Noone can take it from me. I am walking the earth, giving of the richness that I own to everyone touching my heart for some reason.

Do the same. Open your heart and love, no matter what. The ability to love is the key for heaven. Use it <3

Shine your light.

The Sunflower Teaching – Keep your head up

(T)HeArt of CreationPosted by Natalie Tue, September 20, 2016 13:20:03

It´s important to keep your head up (and your vibration high), no matter what.
We´ve all experienced it: We´ve been at a really good starting point, all seemed to work out well and suddenly something that we considered to be „bad“ happened.
My usual reaction has been to doubt myself, question my goal, the timing – whatever – but I always thought that something is not as it should be.
From a vibrational standpoint I used to got kicked off from the „high flying disc“, as Esther Hicks would name it. From a really high frequency I went to anger, or sadness or doubt, what is a much lower vibration. I guess we all experienced that.
And that happens because of a wrong conclusion. The thing that´s been wrong has not been the „bad“ experience, but our point of view. We just don´t know what we don´t know. The universe is always working in our favour. But when we lower our frequency we are not able to recieve the positive outcome, that´s been our intend and that´s been already prepared.

It´s almost funny, a kind of tragic-comedy. We are in a high frequency and ready to create something beautiful, but to reach that we need change, may it come as an illness, or to loose our job, mate or house or whatever the „bad“ thing might be. And as we can´t see, it is all part of the creation, leading us to a perfect outcome, we miss the goal again and again.
From a higher perspective nothing bad happened, but something really different.

A) You make a wish/choose a goal/ create a vibration

B) The universe creates circumstances, that lead to circumstances, that will

C) deliver what you´ve asked for.

But at point B we loose the vibration and can´t recieve the perfect outcome of C.

I really wonder how often we almost won the lottery, met the love of our life or found the perfect house.
Realising this and knowing the universe will create endless new opportunities, we may now change our behaviour and try to keep our good mood.
But don´t pick on yourself, when you should loose your balance. We are programmed this way so it might take quite a bit time to unprogramm us. So if something happens, that you percieve as being „bad“, that´s just normal. Just try to go consciously through the process to regain stability and balance.

These 3 steps might make it more easy and comfortable for you:

1) Accept your feeling.

Whatever arises, may it be anger, sadness, doubt, just accept it, give room for it. Cause when you try to suppress it, the engergies will stay with you and lower your vibration. Let it all out.

2) Let go!

The reason why we cling on persons, things or circumstances is, that we think we know what is best. And that is just not true. We don´t know, what we don´t know. I´m a stubborn capricorn, so that lesson took me while, believe me 😉

Don´t insist on your idea of the perfect way or circumstances. Might be things seem to become worse for a while, but all is still well. Just stay calm, breath and be relaxed, that will help best.
Universe has the cosmic GPS and always knows the perfect way to reach the goal.

3) Trust.

That´s not easy, as we all made not so nice experiences and therefore try to control our reality to avoid this, but that is action out of fear and will never bring positive outcomes. You have to unlearn fear and the idea of control. I know, that´s really not easy.

No. 2 and 3 go hand in hand.

Trust comes when we learn to let go and have positive outcomes. And if we trust, it is easier to let go. If you struggle with this a lot you might even start to practise with little things in your daily life to be more relaxed when a huge challenge shows up next time.
But it is worth it, life can be so magical when we leave our old patterns.

Keep your head up and shine your light!

Inner values create outer values

Insights & PerspectivesPosted by Natalie Tue, September 13, 2016 10:08:23

Values is an old-fashioned word, but maybe that is one reason why the world is in debt. „Values“ make us think of rigid, stubborn people insisting in right behaviours, But that is not what values are about.

When I´ve been really young and in the very beginnings of my spiritual studies I started with Edgar Cayce and he stated that going inwards and find something that is of great value to you is important for the individual. Everyone has to find its own ideal that is of value to him. And than use it to navigate through life. It´ll serve you well. He´s been right and that´s why I recommend it.

Might be sometimes you´ll have to change your point of view, cause there are no absolutes. What might be right from one perspective, might be wrong from another. Therefore: Never argue about your values and don´t convince others to see things your way. You feel what is right for you, but that is just your perspective in this moment. A value shall give you stability, but not become a prison. It helps you to find out what is right and wrong for you and to create integrety. And integrety is something that is really important for your spiritual path. But, funny enough, it might have great influence on your bank account also, as outer value often mirrors what your inner values are. If you dislike money for example it won´t come to you. If you are corrupt you might get bankrupt and so on.

In my case I chose Love as my highest value. Well, freedom and truth are also very important to me. So when I´ve got to make a decision, these values help me navigate. Might seem that love may collide sometimes with freedom or truth, but no actually this never happened.

I tell the truth, unless I feel love is here more important, to not hurt someone. But I might also chose to hurt someone, cause to stay in illusions and to suffer is not what helps him. Love has always the last word in difficult cases.
If a partnership doesn´t work and me or the other wants to be free, love says it might be for the greater good to leave as long there is still love and respect.

To chose this value is making decisions much easier, but it also means we will often have to choose the seemingly harder way. Cause what is never working is to tell you´ve got a value and act other. In case you´d try it you´d find out, that life might get quite uncomfortable. And no, you can´t stay a fraud by not choosing a value. Your soul knows your value already. Actually you don´t choose a value, it already exists in you. Question is if you are aware of it.

Some people that seem to have something like „bad luck“ just aren´t aware of their souls value and therefore work against their own path. That might become quite stressful and exhausting.
When I look back in my own life I made a seemingly crazy decision 5 years ago. I gave up a well-payd and good reputated job in public service that I could have kept the rest of my life, a nice and cheap apartment and left the area where I´ve been living my whole life to start with almost nothing completely new.
I´ve never been more happy in my life. I chose to live my love, my freedom and my truth. I´ve been very close to a burnout or depression before, cause my old life didn´t mirror my inner values. Noone on the outside can say what is right for you, you´ve got to feel it inside of you. If so, you might never get lost and even if, you´ll always find the right path again. May your path be easy and joyful.

Shine your light.

Love the present moment and stop chasing dreams

(T)HeArt of CreationPosted by Natalie Sun, September 11, 2016 16:11:57

One really big obstacle when it comes to reality creation is reality. You are not in the reality you want and therefore you chase it. Won´t work. If you are in „Chasing-Dreams-Reality“, you´ll stay there. disliking the present moment and never living the dream. You´ll be so caught by the hunting that you will miss your chances or screw them up totally.

You have to make peace with the present moment to create a good vibration. If you are happy, life and opportunities will chase you.
I really mean it.

Whatever is your reality mirrors what is real. And that is your playground. Have an awfull job? Don´t take him too serious, you don´t wanna keep him for the rest of your life, so there is no reason to get a burnout there. Relax. Have fun, here and now.

Do this job good enough to not get fired, cause he pays your rent while you keep your eyes open for a better job. But guess what? If you are happy in an unpleasant job, the next one will be freaking awesome.

People that chase their goals, never truly get anywhere.

I´ve seen it my whole life , especially in the relationship area. I don´t believe in lack when it comes to men and I never experienced it. So many woman try to get a husband, while I don´t even believe in marriage.
Guess who´s been married 20 years and got 5 and a half proposals? If you don´t chase the ring, the ring will chase you. That goes to everything you want to attract. Having the vibration of chasing will deliver more to hunt. But you´ll never recieve while staying in that vibration.

Lately I met while a lunch-break two co-workers, one is in her twenties, the other in her fifties. Both are paying lots of money for cosmetics and dresses, exercising really hard and starving the hell out of them, so they are both really good-looking, but also really bad vibrating.
They were complaining: „There are no men.“ It´s been a sunny summerday, we were standing in the center of the town with 200 000 inhabitants, plus it is full with tourists. So I laughed and said: „Well, look around there are plenty. There´s no shortage of men, half of mankind are male.“ They starred at me; I´m their very opposite: Doing almost no sports, and if so, just for fun, almost no make-up, casual clothings, 47 years old and really overweight. How could I dare not to worry about men? So finely the elderly stated: „Yes, but not the right one.“ I still smiled and said: „Well, here I would agree. But until he shows up, even the wrong ones are the right ones to practise.“ I laughed and went further. I´m sure they hate me, but I don´t care. They hate their reality, I am enjoying mine.

Well, see, both are divorced and so am I, but how could I say 20 years of my life had been wrong? How could I feel bad about any experiences I made? No, even failed partnerships help us to find out what is working and what not. I´m sure these Ladies would have plenty of opportunities, if they would relax a bit. They didn´t get the message the universe delivered with me comming along and they don´t see their opportunities, cause they are living in a reality which they hate, always chasing their dreams.

If we want something very much, we create a pressure, that moves it away from us. We all know that when we fall in love and want the other to like us, we are falling over our own feet and behave totally insane, make him/her think we might be crazy. And the more you try to be cool, the worse it gets.

Stop all of that. Don´t do it. Change it now with 3 steps:

1. Your first step is to totally let go. Don´t even move one step in the direction of your dream. You scare the hell out of the people you meet. Do something totally different to relax. Play, go in nature, create arts. Do all that gets the pressure out of the system.

2. Accept reality as it is. Your job pays your bills and being single has a lot of positive side-effects. Look out what might be positive about the current situation and maybe write it down, so you don´t forget it and have an anchor the next time you´ve got the blues.

3. Behave as if you are already happy, rich, in love or whatever you are longin´for. Cause your inner feeling brings the outer experience. And you might get even more than you´ve expected.

So don´t come running to my door when 3 guys wanna be your mate or you´ve gotta choose between 3 jobs offered to you. It´s the way I experienced it again and again. The moment I´ve relaxed opportunities came my way quite easily. Give it a try and just be happy!

Shine your light!