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News about Soulutions.OnePosted by Natalie Sat, September 10, 2016 00:03:42
This Blog got two new categories lately and for good reasons.
The last six weeks brought huge and sudden changes in my life. Well, I know I´m not alone with that, a lot people experienced rough waves the last month.

I knew from the first moment that Soulutions.One would not be a “normal business project”, but has been founded to bring really high energies to earth, to assist people that would bring in the energies of a new planet. The name Soulutions.One mirrored to me that the involved persons would be a tool of the “One Love”, that is living in all creation.
End of July the name became a totally other meaning, when Soulutions from one day to the other had only one CEO instead of two.

It´s been a hard moment when I realized that I´m alone. Well, but alone still sounded like all one. I didn´t know how to Keep on, as it felt too big for one human. So I asked for heavenly help and experienced a huge moment of grace when I realized that maybe heaven had already answered a prayer, even when bringing destruction. A few days ago I had given clear intend that I want truth and love. If being left alone was the answer of that prayer I had to accept that and trust that all is still perfect.

It is. Always. When we are able to hold the frequencies, no matter what happens. This already mirrors the first category. Last year when I´ve been at a lifechanging journey to Israel an awesome Lady, Peggy Phoenix Dubro, stated that I´m a manifestor. She had to repeat it twice more and look me deep in the eyes till I recieved the message. Of course it is true. I´m really good at that, just that I often had manifested from a point of sadness, while experiencing sad stuff. Well, there´s still a lot sad stuff happening, but I became better and better in holding high frequencies anyway. In August, like often the last years, I had to say thank you to some wonderful ladies. A huuuge lovewave goes to them, for being compassionate, loving uplifters. You made a difference <3
So as I became a great manifestor I´ll teach people to do likewise. Creation is an artform, that is made with the heart. And it fits perfectly with another speciality that I´ve got: abundance and money. Yeah, the new economy will be about plenty instead of lack. Whoohooo!!!

Well, at this point another grace came in. I got called by the Rose. The Rose is a high expression of the divine feminine, related to the planet Venus and the heart of Gaia. The mystics know about it. The woman around Jesus for example have been Roses. Woman that embodied these energies of love and compassion. Most of the times these woman stayed behind the scenes, they are unknown to the history books, but their work brought light into this world in the dark ages. I went through an Initiation process the last weeks that brought rememberance of other lifetimes, that had also been dedicated to the path as a healer.

Well, I´m sure I´ll discover a lot about the Rose on my path, but at the moment I know my hands have been vibrating most while the Initiation and I´ll express the Rose through writings and heart-healings. Touched by a Rose. It won´t be necessary to be touched by my physical hands, it´ll work with the quantum field, so you´ll be able to recieve your Rose-Touch everywhere.

So, you see, every imperfection might lead you perfectly. Keep your heads high and your hearts open.

Shine your light!

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