Day: December 15, 2016

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Being better is leading nowhere

Insights & PerspectivesPosted by Natalie Sun, September 11, 2016 12:25:07
One of the biggest traps on our path to mastery is the need to “be better”.
There is no better.
When you express your true self, the way the divine is active and vibrant in you, there is no need to compete.
As long as you still play “Master and Servant” you can´t reach masterhood. May this contradiction serve you well.

The more we evolve the less arises the need to belittle others, to become greater, better and special.
The masters club isn´t reached by saying, knowing, fighting or pretending. No amount of “devoties” will bring you there. You can´t buy it, go there, fake it or win it.
Just be it.
No master would tell his deciples they are less. Master Yeshua told his followers they are able to do even better than him. He´s been washing their dirty, stinky feets and did it with grace to show them what real dignity is.
That´s the reason why I call him “The Master of Masters”, cause he seeded well.

No matter how many books you´ve read and how many workshop you´ve been at, if you still try to be better instead of being yourself or want to compete with others, you don´t love yourself and others truly. Love is the masters path.

And if you are not on it, that is also absolute fine, cause you´ll walk this path, we all do it, sooner or later. No being is left behind or judged for his own way to reach this. All is well.

Just: Don´t belittle yourself and don´t make yourself greater.

Just be.
Perfectly Imperfect.
What a joy and release <3

Shine your light!

The HeArt of Creation – Touched by a Rose

News about Soulutions.OnePosted by Natalie Sat, September 10, 2016 00:03:42
This Blog got two new categories lately and for good reasons.
The last six weeks brought huge and sudden changes in my life. Well, I know I´m not alone with that, a lot people experienced rough waves the last month.

I knew from the first moment that Soulutions.One would not be a “normal business project”, but has been founded to bring really high energies to earth, to assist people that would bring in the energies of a new planet. The name Soulutions.One mirrored to me that the involved persons would be a tool of the “One Love”, that is living in all creation.
End of July the name became a totally other meaning, when Soulutions from one day to the other had only one CEO instead of two.

It´s been a hard moment when I realized that I´m alone. Well, but alone still sounded like all one. I didn´t know how to Keep on, as it felt too big for one human. So I asked for heavenly help and experienced a huge moment of grace when I realized that maybe heaven had already answered a prayer, even when bringing destruction. A few days ago I had given clear intend that I want truth and love. If being left alone was the answer of that prayer I had to accept that and trust that all is still perfect.

It is. Always. When we are able to hold the frequencies, no matter what happens. This already mirrors the first category. Last year when I´ve been at a lifechanging journey to Israel an awesome Lady, Peggy Phoenix Dubro, stated that I´m a manifestor. She had to repeat it twice more and look me deep in the eyes till I recieved the message. Of course it is true. I´m really good at that, just that I often had manifested from a point of sadness, while experiencing sad stuff. Well, there´s still a lot sad stuff happening, but I became better and better in holding high frequencies anyway. In August, like often the last years, I had to say thank you to some wonderful ladies. A huuuge lovewave goes to them, for being compassionate, loving uplifters. You made a difference <3
So as I became a great manifestor I´ll teach people to do likewise. Creation is an artform, that is made with the heart. And it fits perfectly with another speciality that I´ve got: abundance and money. Yeah, the new economy will be about plenty instead of lack. Whoohooo!!!

Well, at this point another grace came in. I got called by the Rose. The Rose is a high expression of the divine feminine, related to the planet Venus and the heart of Gaia. The mystics know about it. The woman around Jesus for example have been Roses. Woman that embodied these energies of love and compassion. Most of the times these woman stayed behind the scenes, they are unknown to the history books, but their work brought light into this world in the dark ages. I went through an Initiation process the last weeks that brought rememberance of other lifetimes, that had also been dedicated to the path as a healer.

Well, I´m sure I´ll discover a lot about the Rose on my path, but at the moment I know my hands have been vibrating most while the Initiation and I´ll express the Rose through writings and heart-healings. Touched by a Rose. It won´t be necessary to be touched by my physical hands, it´ll work with the quantum field, so you´ll be able to recieve your Rose-Touch everywhere.

So, you see, every imperfection might lead you perfectly. Keep your heads high and your hearts open.

Shine your light!

Never let „negative“ stuff make you doubt your path

We got some things really wrong, when it comes to the Law of Attraction. We think, if we stay positive only positive things happen to us. If we experience something unpleasant, we doubt ourselves. Maybe we are still not god enough. Don´t buy that shit, others wanna sell you to feel more advanced and holy themselves. A spiritual ego stays an ego and is fed by belitteling others. Don´t let them!
I had to face some ugly stuff in my life, although I´m a joyful, loving person. Doesn´t seem to fit into the Law of Attraction, cause we think we might have some shitty stuff inside to attract it on the outside. Nope. We are living in duality. Us being peaceful, don´t make the haters stop hating. I´ve experienced me being around them, brings the shitty stuff out even more. That´s duality. So maybe on the long run, me being loving, changes the environment through a cleansing, when they are fed up by their creations, but that is their decission alone.

If someone steals your money or your mate cheats on you, that doesn´t say you are on the wrong path or that you aren´t truly honest yourself. If something like that happens, it just says there are a lot of frauds out there. Don´t let it bring you down. That would be the worst that could happen. You can´t change it when a storm runs through your area, but if you stay calm, you might be in the eye of the storm, remaining almost untouched.

It´s true, I´ve experienced that quite often. Once it´s been literally a storm I came in. While it happened I would have been normally on my way home, but instead sat with a handsome guy at a chimney and had a glas of wine and an interesting conversation. When I finally made my way home, no trains were able to drive, but my daughter phoned me, she´ll just picked me up, cause coincidentely she´s been at my home instead of 300 Kilometers away. And coincidentely the tree that closed our street had been removed just the minute she started the car. So I sat on a bench waiting for her, watching the crazy scenery, until she showed up. Around me people yelled and fighted for a taxi and didn´t even stop when we asked, if we might take someone with us. Totally drama-driven madness, while I had a really comfortable, relaxed way home, through unbelievable synchronicities, while others totally in panic missed every opportunity to get home easily.

Don´t feel bad when a storm shows up, that´s just life. But how you react, will make the difference.

So focus on your own center, no matter what and shine your light!

Letting go is important to manifest

To become a creator we have to let go of everything, that isn´t serving us. How do we know it´s not serving us?

1. We feel bad about it.

Anything that feels bad to you lowers your vibration. So don´t stay with things that make you feel bad. No, don´t dismiss your mate just for insisting it´s up to you doing the dishes 😉

You are always having opportunities to deal with the little unpleasant tasks : Pay someone to do the dishes or decide to do it yourself, singing and dancing and happy to save money.

Another example: Feeling bad having to fill in the tax declaration.

You might pay someone doing it for you or you might fill it in now, having a nice cuppa tea and taking yourself to the restaurant afterwards. Sometimes we just can´t escape things we don´t like, than do it in the quickest and nicest way possible.

But staying in a relationship with someone who makes us feel miserable, staying 20 more years in the unwanted job or going every sunday to lunch with the mother in law, that we hate, doesn´t serve us. That is no good to keep in your life. Change all that makes you feel bad, cause you will never be able to become a good manifestor when your frequencies are low and your lifestyle mirrors you don´t give your well-being enough importance.

2. It runs from us

When you think you wanna stay with this mate and he says he wanna leave, let him. Even when you think you love him and wanna keep him. If a guy don´t wanna be with you, he´s not your vibrational match. You don´t have to convince anything that is your vibrational match to stay with you, might it be pets, jobs, mates or friends. Believe me. things that are yours stay or return. Nothing can keep them away. It is as if we all have little magnets inside of us. What we love is what we are dragged to. We attract that. Who and what is not attracted, let it be. You don´t know what you don´t know. Loosing this house, job or mate means something is on your way that is a better vibrational match. So make sure you´re in a high vibration to get some awesome deliveries.

3. The outcome is harming us.

If we have a bad manner, eating too much chocolate, drinking too often wine, spending too much time in the internet, 1. and 2. aren´t working. Cause it stays with us and we feel good when we do it. Our husband knows when to buy flowers and makes us feel comfortable, but is just boring. Stay or leave?

We need distance to see that. If we aren´t sure if it harms us, we might ask us, where it will lead to if we keep that lifestyle? Who are we going to be in 5 years or in 10 when we keep going in that direction? If that picture scares you, than change this direction you are heading to.

You deserve to be happy!

Shine your light!