Day: December 13, 2016

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Happy go lucky

Happy go lucky

Posted by Natalie Sun, August 28, 2016 17:48:03

December 6th, 2014 has been a remarkable day in my life. On that day I´ve been at a huge party in Berlin, initiated by the author and coach Veit Lindau. The idea behind that day was to bring together like-minded people, interested in evolving and cocreating a better future, whatever that meant to each and every single one of the crowd.

In the evening the party took place as a huge playground, where everyone played „as if“ they´d already achieved what they were looking for. For example: behave completely as if you are already the bestseller author or the happily married woman you wanna become. It´s been hilarious, watching all the people playing out their dreams! The brilliant idea behind „Fake it ´till you make it“ is to install the feeling, that will attract what you want.

On this day I had an important insight. Of course I would love to see my books on a bestseller-list or experience a happy love-relationship, but I´ve already experienced that success might be a stressful guest and a happy marriage can fail nevertheless. So I had decided to choose a feeling and let life deliver the rest. I simply chose to be „happy“ – and almost instantly exploded with light and joy. A bit later that day I met a Reiki master and she stayed by my side for the rest of the day, not able to take her eyes from me and repeating again and again “You are totally radiant, never seen such.“

This day changed my life, cause I had chosen wisely. Of course I am still recieving my share of tears, but they can´t harm me very long. Because I chose „happy“ life delivers me beautiful moments. People love spending time with me, I receive gifts, postcards, invitations, hugs and lucky circumstances again and again. But I am only able to receive all of that because of my choice.

I´m sure I would never have attracted the money to journey 2015 to Israel and 2016 to the States and Norway, all of that bringing in further change and much growth, if I wouldn´t be the happy person that I am.

As already mentioned I am still experiencing pain and grief. And I am giving space for that. When I´m sad, I allow myself to be sad, when tears show up, I let them clean the system. There is nothing to suppress, nothing to hide, nothing to fix. And there is no reason to not let the sun in again, also.

A month ago someone I really love cut me off without one word of explanation, letting me hanging loose with a business to build up. I had tons of work the last weeks and on my table are 3 tax declaritions to fill in. I´ve gained weight, in summer! And much worse I´ve recieved a few days ago a call that an uncle is in coma and about to die. When I wanted to phone my mother, telling her her brother is going to die, she refused to talk to me. Her millionandfirst time of abandonment in this lifetime.

Well, guess what? Here I am, enjoying a nice white coffee and being nothing but happy. Cause, as I am a happy woman, not loosing herself in grief, the last month brought also unbelievable beautiful moments with amazing female friends, filled with love, laughter and loyality. I recieved healing and initiation and found while a clean-up forgotten money to pay for it. I´ve recieved lots of compliments and encouragement and deep in my bones I feel there is way more to be attracted by this happy woman, that I´ve decided to be.

Life is what we choose!

Shine your light!

Another point of view on blockages

While an Initiation-Process in August I had an interesting insight about a blockage I brought into this lifetime and that is mirrored in my birthchart.
I realized it´s been installed for good reasons.

While the initiation took place I´ve observed pictures and feelings of suffering from other lifetimes. I saw how these blockages have been installed into my field.
I also realized they had to be installed and that my Soul had given permission to that.
In the past I had the idea my Soul did so, cause she is untouched by all the earthly pain´n vain. Nope! She agreed to go through these hard times, because she has got the greater picture. And the greater picture is always one of love!

In my case I needed the blockage, cause time wasn´t ripe for a loving, free spirit to show himself openly. But now it is and therefore I´ve received the healing at the perfect point in time.

And I needed these experiences as a preparing for my calling, bringing healing onto earth. How should I, when not knowing pain? And that is what a lot of us did. Only when you´ve lived it all by yourself, you´ll gain enough understanding and compassion to assist others.

And you know what made me grin? I understood my Inquisitor, torturing me and draggin´me to the pyre, has been a co-worker at least, while he installed blockages in his and my system with his actions.
These blockages made him and me walk our paths and these paths met again in this lifetime. Both are now on the same side, working for oneness and the change to come.

May this insight bring peace and acceptance to all bleeding hearts <3
In the end all is well and all is love <3

Shine your light!