Day: December 10, 2016

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The flawsome new teachers

A new Kind of spiritual teachers is showing up lately. And there´ll be many more of this category, just you might not recognize them from the very beginnings. They aren´t easy to spot when they start, cause they don´t fit into the spiritual teacher´s box.

Why? Well, all of them are somehow imperfect. What? Yes, I swear it!
And you know what? Beyond all their abilities, their imperfections might be their biggest gift. Cause they allow you to be imperfect also. What a release!

I´m someone who has never been impressed by titels and positions, but when I met some of these new teachers, the boxes in my mind, which I didn´t even knew I have, simply collapsed because of the mindsplit I had to face. All of these persons are outstanding in their quality of healing and teaching, but in many cases they don´t have any diploma or special education, as what they bring in didn´t exist in that form before and can´t be learned with concepts. Well and their personalities also don´t seem to fit together with their high frequencies they deliver. The word flawsome describes them best.

I´m sure there is intend behind it, cause all having this similar attribute of obvious imperfection for sure is no accident.
It´s interesting, cause in some cases I have been even suspicious if they might be real or a fake, because of their quirks. But no, I´m sensitive to energies and all of them have been outstanding in their fields. The point is: They are very real. That´s their attribute. They aren´t holy, but human. That is their blessing. So their students don´t have to feel bad because they are also still human.

You want examples? Ok, as I know they can stand it easily, as they are already famous and established, so I won´t harm them, by naming them: Matt Kahn and Eric Pearl. I´ve seen both of them in person this year and I am deeply impressed by their work, but not sure if I like the persons very much. And that is nothing but perfect. No running after images. No icons. Focus on their work and not on the person that is delivering these extraordinary teachings.
The era of gurus is over. No more mistaking the teacher for the lesson. No new cults and religions, but teachings that are absolutely profound.

And now I´m telling you a well hidden secret. The teachers have always been imperfect, but had been putted in boxes. The masses recieved what they had expected. But the masks have never shown the essence. That is the reason why a follower of Buddha could never reach enlightenment by imitation, when not understanding the Buddha´s nature.

And the role of the Guru became also a trap for the teacher, that had to suppress the own human nature and therefore fell over it, when scandals made clear they are still humans. Won´t happen this time.
And being flawsome will also bring a selection of their students. The ones that need to worship a holy icon will gosipp about the food the teacher has eaten, him using cuss words or being sometimes impatient, but that will sort out the students perfectly.
All is: Perfectly Imperfect.

Guilt is a most destructive force

Guilt is a horrible burden onto someones soul and the outcome is always destructive, as no one is able to carry guilt. Because people fear it, they run from that horrible feeling and therefore create more shitty stuff as they don´t recognize their creation. Or they blame the other and also recreate it, as they aren´t able to see it. Or they deny it, what will also create destructive outcomes.
Fight, flight and denial are very destructive survival technics out of the era of karma, as they repeat patterns endlessly, instead of finding solutions and to move forward.

Responsibility is the opposite of guilt. It comes in when we dare to face our actions. That might need bravery, but there exists no other way to end the suffering.

Fact is: we are mighty beings and responsible for our creations. Sometimes we don´t like them, as the outcome has been shitty, but we can´t change the past. We have to accept it, if we didn´t get the outcome we wanted.
All we´ve got is the present moment and we should make use out of it.
If we think, we might have made a mistake in our past, that is ok. We didn´t know better in this moment for whatever reasons. It is as it is.
By taking fully responsibility we look at our shortcommings and try to learn from them. The more we are aware of our actions and intends, the less likely it will be that we recreate that unwanted stuff.

To feel guilty means we are clinging on a past we can´t change. Insane. Responsibility is bringing us to the present moment, the only one available and the only one where we can change our destiny. By taking responsibility for our past, we are learning from it and enable us to built a brighter future.
In case we refuse that, the lesson will return, but in a hardened way. In case we feel guilty, we are building up resistance, what makes even the perpetrator a powerless victim. That´s a lie and no good for noone.

One reason why people have problems to take responsibility for their actions is that they struggle with the outcome of their words and actions. Be careful, that is where the sneeky thief guilt wants to grab you again. Never let guilt make you powerless.
In case you feel very sorry and wish you could have changed the outcome of the past, take a closer look if it is possible to really change that. That is a matter of balance. Don´t deny that you´ve created imbalance, for example in a relationship. From a higher perspective something like procecutor and victim don´t exist at all. But you are in duality and every healing here is created through balance. The reason why it feels bad is that you feel the imbalance.
It won´t help to deny, you´ve created that, cause you can feel it. The other side feels it also.

Tell someone you feel sorry, pay back stolen money. If someone you´ve done wrong refuses to speak to you or your fear is too big to face them, write a letter. If you have made mean remarks, explain why you did so and find something nice about this person and tell her. Show yourself freely and give love into the system. Be creative in this area. When someone confesses and says sorry (well and mean it), love and grace can come in to close the gap between these persons. And that is always possible, no matter how huge this gap seemed to be. Instand healing is always possible and I´ve seen unbelievable love and grace floating into the healing relationship. It´s magical.

On the other hand I´ve seen really nice people freakin´ out totally, when someone denies what he had done. That is way more cruel sometimes than the first act of imbalance. The first one might have been accidential or unconscious, but denial is an intential act of ignorance. Tell someone who has lost a loved one in a massacre, that it never happened. Or the spiritual advanced version: „You chose that. If you feel pain, that´s your problem.“ Well I´m responsible for my feeling, but you are responsible for your actions. If someone is bleeding the hell out of him, maybe someone stabbed him. Very simple.
To deny that is a sign of total lack of compassion. People lack compassion, cause their heart is frozen and closed, because they are afraid of the feeling of guilt and therefore they don´t take responsibility. Maybe they have once been manipulated through guilt and therefore closed their hearts. Like a child closing the eyes and pretending not to be there. Don´t do that, look your actions in the eye.

If it has been too huge, so you can´t bring back a balance, cause the person isn´t alive any more or you´ve taken a life and can´t bring it back, no matter how much responsibility you take, than just do your best: Help someone else, who is available. Do something good for humanity if you feel so, but don´t get excessive here (backdoor guilt), and than just let go. Divine grace is always working and you are a beloved child of god, no matter what you did. We all have been murderer, thiefs or cheaters in our many lifes.
Forgive yourself and ask for devine help, if you struggle with that. Your intend will bring in help.

Remember what Jesus said to the sinner: „Go and sin no more.“ In this sentence is all included. If someone sins no more, means he had taken responsibility, cause otherwise he would repeat it. He has learned from it. And he is still loved and still free.

Shine your light!


As guilt is a heavy and useless burden, we might need forgiveness to let go and free us. No matter what the issue, forgive as soon as you can. Others and yourself.
It´s of no use to cling on old wounds. Clean them and heal them as soon as possible. Don´t ignore them. If you feel anger or pain, process it as part of the cleansing, let the stuff out, to not let it get infectious. Than let go. We are all imperfect beings, all of us fail sometimes. That is just part of the human experience.

Sometimes I listen to elderly people that are angry at their siblings for stuff 50 or more years ago. Can you imagine that? 50 years, seasons coming and going, and not fully enjoying it, cause the injustice of the other, having taken a piece of chocolate or broken a toy, is still alive, while the persons are already on their way to the grave? That´s like running around day by day carrying a rock around. Who would want do that?

It´s the most beautiful form of forgiveness when both involved parts can talk to each other and let go together, but very often that is not possible.
So you can do that easily as an inside job. No matter if you forgive someone else or yourself. In most cases people find it way more harder to forgive themselves, but no matter what the issue might be, to not forgive just makes no sense. If you stay unhappy you will just make people around you unhappy also and that will ruin theirs and your life. So where is the point in that? More to feel bad about? More rocks to carry?

Some years ago a close friend did me really wrong and we cutted the contact. She lived 4 years with a heavy burden, thinking about her failure every day. Well, at this point in time I hardly ever thought of her at all, but lived a happy and free life, while the concept of guilt still had her in the greedy claws, totally useless und unnecessary.

She had lost first father and than mother in these 4 years and suffered, regretting that through own failure she had lost me also. Finally she saw in the internet that I seemed to live my dreams, had moved in another town and been writing books. That already made her feel better. She hadn´t ruined my life. So she took herself a heart and wrote me a letter. She was afraid of my reaction, but knew she had lost me already, so it couldn´t get much worse, if she would receive an angry answer or no answer at all. But of course she didn.´t. We found peace together.

Sometimes we can´t talk to the person we did wrong, but need to lighten our soul anyway. I guess that might have been a reason, why the idea of a confession box came up. To free the suffering soul from the burden and find forgiveness. Well, of course in the old energy also good ideas have been misused for control and power. The idea behind it stays good anyway. If you have a hard time forgiving yourself and need assistance, maybe you can find someone you trust and who would never judge you or misuse their knowledge.

If not, find other ways to process your thoughts and feelings. What often helps is to write it down. Afterwards you might even install a little ritual and give your „sin“ to a river or burn it in a fireplace. Or you might give it to mother earth and bury it. Whatever feels right to you, do it!
No matter what part you played in that scenery of pain, forgive the other or yourself to live a free and happy life.

Even if you know the other involved person really, really hates you still, forgive them anyway. Don´t give away your power, don´t allow anyones bad feelings to poison your life. Honestly, very often others don´t even need a reason to hate you. Their reason lays in their own person and point of view. You just reflect an inner feeling back to them, maybe their mum or whoever. Haters always find a reason to hate.

I made co-workers really hatefull just by not joining the complaining coir, but having a smile on my face. They really hated it when I came along and been happy, cause that made them suffer even more from their own darkness. Of course they just hated themselves and their way of living and working, but some might never get that. Should that make me feel bad? Should I feel guilty for being happy while they suffer? Or should I be angry at them, because they gosipp and make mean remarks? To me they are a perfect reminder to be even more happy to live a joyful life, untouched by them. Maybe one day their darkhouses are going to crash and they come out of it, cause it´s just more fun to be happy. But that is also none of my business.

We can´t change others and we can´t change the past. But we are in charge of our lifes and the now-moment is the one, where we are planting the seeds of our future. Let it be a free life and a happy future. You deserve it. Everyone deserves it. Who would run around carrying a heavy rock? Would look a bit strange. If you don´t forgive the other and yourself you are doing exactly that. Don´t! Be happy and free.

Shine your light!

Projections and Scapegoats

Projections and Scapegoats

Finding SoulutionsPosted by Natalie Tue, August 23, 2016 16:29:50

Projections and Scapegoats

I realized lately why it´s been said that Jesus died for our sins. He didn´t. Noone dies for sins, may it be own or others. There´ll never be enough scapegoats and crosses to heal the pain of this world. So this saying just shows that Jesus hang at the cross because others projected their stuff onto him. They did him wrong and he loved them anyway, cause love is an undying force, noone can kill. I understood it, cause it happened also quite often to me that people used me as a canvas for their pictures of destortion. I guess that´s quite normal for lightworkers to be blamed. The ones that attack just hope their sins may die or vanish with the scapegoat. Won´t happen, no matter how often I´m dragged to a pyre or struggled to squash me. Sometimes I am even kind of bored by all this repetitions and I feel that it´s high likely Jesus not even stopped for a splitsecond to love Judas. Didn´t help anybody anyway, I guess, cause all the drama took place nevertheless.

Being the scapegoat is no fun as we all might have experienced. Actually it´s been quite painful to me. As I´m an empath I suffered because of their attack plus because I feel sorry for them and their pain, that makes them act the way they act. But after all I finally accept noone can unban someone else. You can´t love someone enough that he leaves hell. Everyone has to let go of the own shadows and demons by own intend. I had yesterday a little family drama going on and realized how much one involved person suffered and invested to build up her story, that makes her good and me evil, while it´s been the bloodiest lie of all times. But she had to, cause she could never live with the truth. Actually she could, cause she suffers because the soul knows it anyway, but that part she don´t understand. Only truth could end the pain and make room for love and grace, but won´t happen in this lifetime that´s close to an end.

So what to do if someone projects their stuff onto you? Well, I used to fight because of the inequity, I used to argue because of the lies, but it is all absolutely useless. They project their stuff because they need to, to make their own pain bearable and to keep the own illusions alive. They´ll keep going and you can´t stop them, no matter what you say or do.

So, I decided to let them all project whatever they prefer. Free will is king on planet earth. I´m out, playing in the sun and having fun.

The inner storyteller sees only black and white


Everyone has a storyteller in his mind. As an author I am very aware of the fact that one story might be told in very, very different ways. But unknowingly there´s an author in all of us. Everything you experience he´s refering to from his own point of view. He´s relating to older stories, is making assumptions and suggestions, adding remarks and comments. Within a second we have a story instead of informations. And not two persons have the same story in their mind, even when they witness the same scenario.

We´ve got to be very aware. This inner storyteller is a huge divider. He divides the „I“, whos point of view is always correct and the other „I´s“ whom are all wrong. The „I“ can´t stand other points of view, as it identifies itself with his personal point of view. The other, wrong, stories have to be oppressed, fighted or even killed, just to be sure to be right.

Real, open, direct conversations would or could help to get a bigger picture. But most people aren´t really interested in a true communication, which could lead to a kind of communion with someone else. The „I“ has to be protected and separated. Therefore you could talk to someone in his I-solated story mind for hours, but never reach him. No matter what you say or do, and not even your pure love can reach this person, his filters wouldn´t let the message through. Chances are high, that you´d loose your balance also at this point. In the end you would only have two stupid ego-i-dentifications, each insisting to be right while the other is wrong. Been there, done that and seen it too often! It´s boring and destructive!

It´s way more interesting to open up for inspiration, new points of views, growth, change and exchange. Why recreate the same story again and again? Why not invite new points of view and listen to other impressions? We don´t loose our Identity when we connect with others, we are becoming richer. Instead of black and white, right or wrong, colors occur.