Day: December 9, 2016

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Emotional Environment Protection

More and more we are becoming aware that we poison us, our children and grandchildren when we use herbicides and throw away plastic stuff.

But how about our poisonous emotions, causing mean words and actions?

As an empath it´s often been really stressful and painful to me to live on this planet, cause I could sense very clearly what´s going on, while people have been acting out their inner garbage. Your emotions have an impact on your environment. That´s been how that happened quite often: When your boss yells at you, you than make a mean remark to your partner, who is treating the kids badly and they torture the dog. Everyone in this scenario is responsible for giving forth the pain. Each of them could have broken the painchain by a conscious decision. Trouble is to bring awareness into the situation and to re/act in a more conscious way.

When I am suffering I try to stay on my own until I´m ready to let go of the shitty stuff. I try to talk only to persons with a high level of awareness, cause they are the only ones that might help me out of my imbalance instead of making it worse.

It´s a decision we have to make consciously to not give forth what might have hurt us. But most people just want to act out their drama, as it is a kind of release to them, creating emotional turmoil and violent actions until their whole environment is infected with this poinonous stuff.

It´s very normal and human to get angry, upset etc. And if so, we shouldn´t oppress our feelings, but we might take responsibility for our waste, even the emotional one.

Love yourself enough to emotionally clean-up yourself and love this world enough to offer love, compassion and healing.

Things that might help to process painful, destructive emotions are: meditation, prayer, all kinds of arts, humor, nature and sports. Make contact with your emotions and than make them move: e(nergy in) motion.

Shine your light, beloved ones!

Pay forward

We all know what payback means. Someone gave you something and now you owe it to this specific person. That´s been the old system. It´s a traders mind and we even used it in our intimite relationships. “I love you and now you owe to love me back.”

Dare to change that.

Start to pay forward. Give something unconditionally to someone else and not want it back. If this person can´t believe it, tell them that in case the day occurs they have more than enough, they might do this to someone else.

It doesn´t matter how big or small it is that you give, just that you give it with an intent of freedom and love. It´s a gift. Don´t care about what the other does with it. That´s none of your business.

Try it. That´s the new earth. The planet where everyone is abundant on all levels.